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Конспект уроку "Gap year"

Англійська мова

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Опис документу:
Конспект уроку в старшій школі, що має на меті розвиток вмінь слухового сприйняття. Тема уроку є актульною для учнів випускних класів, які замислюються над планами на майбутнє та можливостями працевлаштування. До конспекту додається роздатковий матеріал та аудіофайл.
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Teacher’s name

Tetiana Khodakivska



Lesson length

45 min



Lesson aims(s)

Main aim:

To develop gist and intensive listening skills in the context of gap year opportunities, especially volunteering.

Subsidiary aim:

To develop spoken fluency in the context of useful ways of spending time before starting university.


The lesson is from our coursebook Gateway B2. The Unit 2 is about Job opportnities. The topic of choosing a future job is actual for senior secondary students. They should be interested in discussing new job opportunities as well as in getting new ideas.

Materials (referenced)

  • Worksheets based on Gateway B2 Workbook p.15

  • Audio Track 03 Unit 2 from accompanying CD


Stage aim



Lead in

To get learners interested in the lesson and personalise.

T writes the definition of a “gap year” on the board and asks them to decide if they found it interesting.

(Gap year – a period of time during which a student takes a break from studying after they have finished school and before they start college or university)

T nominates Ss to justify their opinions

(Example answers: I think a gap year sounds interesting because you can get a break and relax. / I think a gap year is a bad thing because many people get out of the habit of studying)

Pair work

Whole class


To clarify key vocabulary to help learners prepare for listening

By asking personal questions T tries to lead students to the idea that volunteering can be a chance to get experience, to travel and do something useful at the same time.T asks Ss to write the words (project names) from ex.1 under appropriate picture. Explain some words if necessary.

Whole class


To develop gist listening (listening for general information) skills

To develop intensive listening (listening for specific information) skills

T asks Ss to read the task to ex.1. How many speakers are you going to listen? How many projects have you got to choose from?

Ss listen to the text, do the task individually, and then check in pairs.

T conducts brief feedback nominating Ss to give answers.

T asks Ss to read the information from ex.2 and tell them that they are going to listen again and match each speaker to the correct statements. Encourage Ss to ask for help if they don’t understand something.

Ss listen to the track again, made their choice and compare answers in pairs.

At feedback stage, T nominate the Ss read out their answers and ask to explain their choice .If there are any difficulties in explanations, T plays the recording one more time, pausing after the sentences with key words.

Whole class

Individual and pair work

Individual and pair work


To develop spoken


To allow Ss to

personalize the topic and

express their opinion

T asks Ss to choose one project they would like to do (from mentioned in the text or using their own ideas) and explain reasons to their partners (better if they are more than one)

Pair work


To praise learners for good language and correct some errors.

Ss report what they have known about their partners’ opinions and vote for the most popular projects. T corrects errors on the spot.

Whole class

5 min

Отримати код
  1. Write the names of volunteering projects under the pictures:







Key words :

tourism journalism teaching sport archaeology conservation work disaster relief

  1. Listen to five students talking about gap year volunteering experiences. Match the speaker with the project (a-f) from ex. 1. There is one option that you do not need.

Speaker 1 ____ Speaker 2 ____ Speaker 3 ____ Speaker 4 _____ Speaker 5 _____

  1. Listen again. Choose the best statement (A-F) for each person. There is one extra option.

A I really enjoy the work I did. B Life in this place was more difficult than I expected.

C I found the work very hard. D I choose a project related to my hobby.

E I think the experience will help me in my career. F It didn’t help me in my job, but I loved it.

Speaker 1 ____ Speaker 2 ____ Speaker 3 ____ Speaker 4 _____ Speaker 5 _____

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