Збірник граматичних вправ з англійської мови "Winter Homework" (5-7 classes)

Опис документу:
Збірник граматичних вправ з англійської мови "Winter Homework" (додаткове завдання на зимові канікули) розроблений для учнів 7 класу, які навчаються за українськими програмами для загальноосвітніх шкіл та учнів 5-6 класів, які навчаються за програмами поглибленого вивчення англійської мови у спеціалізованих школах.

Відображення документу є орієнтовним і призначене для ознайомлення із змістом, та може відрізнятися від вигляду завантаженого документу. Щоб завантажити документ, прогорніть сторінку до кінця

Отримати код


Exercise 1

Прочитай телефонну розмову подруг; розкрий дужки і запиши слова у правильній формі (Present Simple або Present Continuous).

Samantha: Hello!

Susan: Hello! It’s Susan. What _____________ (you / to do) now?

Samantha: Good morning, Susan! Now I _____________ (to watch) TV. And

what about you?

Susan: Oh, I _____________ (to have) a cup of coffee

and _____________ (to read) newspapers.

_____________ (to be) your sister at home?

Samantha: Yes, she _____________ (to sleep) now.

But usually she _____________ (to get up) early.

Susan: I see. My brother _____________ (not to sleep)

at the moment. He _____________ (play) with our dog

at the living room. Listen! The dog _____________ (to bark).

Samantha: Yes, I hear. What _______________________ (your brother / usually / to do) on weekends?

Susan: Oh, sometimes he _____________ (to read) books, sometimes _____________ (to go) for a walk with his friend. But we always _____________ (to have) breakfast together. After breakfast I _____________ (to go) for a walk with our dog.

Samantha: I’ m sorry, the doorbell _____________ (to ring). I’ll call you later. Bye!

Susan: Bye!

Exercise 2

Прочитай телефонну розмову друзів; розкрий дужки і запиши слова у правильній формі (Past Simple або Past Continuous).

John: Hello! I heard you have been to the USA, haven’t you?

Bob: Oh, yes, I _____________ (to fly) to New York last week. This trip _____________ (to be) fantastic! We _____________ (to spend) in New York three day and _____________ (to visit) many museums and theatres.

John: We?

Bob: Yes, my sister Nicole, _____________ (to fly) with me.

John: Tell me about our trip!

Bob: We _____________ (to arrive) to New York on Monday. The whole day we _____________ (to walk) on streets and _____________ (to take) photos. From 7 till 9 pm we _____________ (to watch) the performance at the theatre.

John: What _____________ (you / to do) on Tuesday?

Bob: On Tuesday we _____________ (to visit) Empire State Building. It’s great! And on Wednesday we _____________ (to visit) the Statue of Liberty. It _____________ (to be) wonderful trip!

John: I see. Oh, I get e-mail letter. I must read it. I I’ll call you later. Bye!

Bob: OK. Bye!

Exercise 3

Постав дієслова, подані у дужках, у форму Present Perfect Simple і запиши речення.

1. I (just / to meet) our teacher. _________________________________________________________________

2. (you / ever / to see) the eruption of a volcano? _________________________________________________________________

3. Look at my new dress! I (to make) it myself. _________________________________________________________________

4. (you / to see) Kelly since 2009? _________________________________________________________________

5. We (to live) in New York since 2010. __________________________________________________________________

Exercise 4

Склади і запиши із поданих слів речення (Present Perfect Simple).

1. Susan / already / do / her homework


2. Concert / not begin / yet


3. The pupils / already / write / a dictation __________________________________________________________________

4. We / just / learn / a poem __________________________________________________________________

5. She / tell / them / an interesting story __________________________________________________________________

Exercise 5

A. Прочитай і переклади (усно) розповідь про Великий Каньон.

Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon in Arizona is one of the most wonderful places on the Earth. It became one of the Seven Natural Wonders and became a United States national park in 1919. The park covers an area of nearly 5,000 km².

Grand Canyon formed by the Colorado River. It eroded the Colorado Plateau for million years. Today the Colorado River continues to erode the canyon and create amazing landscapes.

The Grand Canyon is 277 miles (446 km) long, up to 18 miles (29 km) wide and attains a depth of over a mile (1,800 metres).

There are many waterfalls in the Grand Canyon. The most popular are Havasu Falls, Mooney Falls and Beaver Falls.

The Grand Canyon is really amazing and wonderful place.

to erode – руйнувати, розмивати

to cover – охоплювати

to continue – продовжувати

The Grand Canyon

Havasu Falls

B. Постав слова, подані у дужках, у форму Present Perfect Simple або Past Simple.

1. My friends … (visit) the Grand Canyon National Park last year.

2. I … (be / never) to Grand Canyon National Park.

3. But I … (see) lots of wonderful photos.

4. And yesterday I … (buy) a book about the Grand Canyon.

5. I … (read / already) 30 pages. It’s really interesting!






Exercise 6

Прочитай діалог; постав слова, подані у дужках, у форму Present Perfect Simple або Past Simple.

Mother: ‘I want to cook dinner. _____________ (you / to wash) the dishes yet?’

Daughter: ‘I _____________ (to wash) the dishes yesterday, but I _____________ (not / to have) the time yet to do it today.’

Mother:_____________ (you / to do / already) your homework?’

Daughter: ‘No, I _____________ (to come / just) home from school.’

Mother: ‘You _____________ (to come) home from school two hours ago!’

Daughter: ‘Well, but my friend Lucy _____________ (to call) when an hour ago and I _____________ (to finish / just) the phone call.’

Exercise 7

Постав слова, подані у дужках, у форму Present Perfect Simple або Past Simple.

1. I … (just / to finish) my homework.

2. Nancy … (already / to write) five letters.

3. Tom … (to move) to this town in 1994.

4. Last week Kelly and Paul … (to go) to the cinema.

5. … (you / ever / to be) to New Zealand?

6. Amanda … (to ring / just) her friend.

7. James and Sue … (to clean) their house last Sunday.

8. Bob … (to come / just) back from Italy.











Exercise 8

Склади і запиши 5 речень, вживаючи Present Perfect Simple.






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