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Тексти для домашнього читання з англійської мови 6 клас. Додаток до уроку.

Англійська мова

Для кого: 6 Клас





Опис документу:

Це передрукований матеріал частини книги для домашнього читання "READ ME BOOK”(RB), Lesson 1. Books Are Cool." для учнів 6 класу. Матеріал є додатком до раніше опублікованого уроку домашнього читання.

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6 клас Урок домашнього читання Read Me Book”(RB), Lesson 1. Books Are Cool.

The Guess My Book Quiz

Joe: Hello, everyone, and welcome to our Guess My Book Quiz. I’m going to describe a book,

and you choose the correct answer. Are you ready?

Sam and Cindy: Yes, we are.

Joe: Good luck. Sam, you first. This is a story about a little duckling that is not like his brother:

he’s big, clumsy and grey. He’s lonely and he can’t find friends. He’s very sad, but at the end

he sees his reflection in the water: he’s a beautiful swan. is this story called: a) Sleeping

Beauty, b) The Ugly Swan, or c) The Ugly Duckling?

Sam: The Ugly Duckling.

Joe: Good answer. One point for you. Here is the second book. This is a story of a young baby

fawn that lives in the forest. After hunters kill its mother, its life is very difficult because there

are a lot of dangers in the forest. But the young animal learns fast and is very brave. In the end

it grows up and has its own children. Is this story called: a) The Brave Baby Deer, b) The

Jungle Book, or c) Bambi?

Cindy: It’s Bambi, of course.

Joe: Yes, that’s right. The third question: There are lots of names and numbers in this book. It’s

about unusual people who can do unusual things. Some records are strange, some are funny

and some are really cool. For some people this book is boring, but some people think it’s

interesting and just can’t stop reading it. Is this book called: a) The Unusual People Around Us,

b) The Guinness Book of Records, or c) Funny Records?

Cindy: Well, I think it’s The Guinness Book of Records.

Joe: Well done, Cindy! And the last question: This time we have a famous nursery rhyme about an

egg. It goes like this: HUMPTY DUMPTY SAT ON THE WALL.





Is the name of the rhyme: a) An Egg on the Wall, b) Humpty Dumpty, or c) King’s Horses?

Sam: Ugh, I’m not good at rhymes. I’m not sure. Maybe it’s called An Egg on the Wall.

Joe: Sorry, but that is not the correct answer. The correct answer is Humpty Dumpty. So, the winner

of the quiz is … Cindy. Bravo, Cindy! Thank you and goodbye, everyone.

This is a story about a girl who follows a rabbit and falls into a strange world: she becomes very big, she swims in the sea of her tears. In this world of wonders she also meets a lot of strange people and animals who can do a lot of unusual things. At the end, she wakes up at a picnic with her sister.

This story is called:

a) Alice in Wonderland

b) Tom Sawyer

c) Alice and Strange People

This is a story about a boy who goes to Berlin but on the train a dangerous thief steals his money. The boy, his friend Gustaf and 24 children who are called “detectives” help the police to catch the dangerous thief.

This story is called:

a) Koko and the Detectives

b) Emil and the Detectives

c) 26 Detectives

This is a story about a man who, after a shipwreck, ends up on an island. Life on the island is not easy. But the man learns fast, so very soon he can do a lot of things. “ he can fish, he can hunt and he can make a house or a boat. But he must be very careful because there are cannibals around. He has a friend called Friday. At the end, he comes back home.

This book is called:

a) Treasure Island

b) Robinson Crusoe

c) The Magic Island

This is a story about a boy who works in a shoe workshop. When the bad Black Rat steals the boots, the boy’s master is angry with the boy so he and his dog go away to find the Black Rat and bring back the boots. They travel and meet some interesting people. One of them is Gita, a girl from a circus who is looking for her parents. At the end, the boy finds the boots, goes back to his master and Gita finds her parents.

The boy is called:




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