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Розробка діалогів до конкурсу "Світ без кордонів"

Англійська мова

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Опис документу:
Авторська розробка діалогів за певними ситуаціями. Діалоги можна використовувати як додатковий матеріал на уроках, а також у позакласній діяльності (факультатив). Теми діалогів наступні: "Подорожі", "Корисна їжа", "Вивчення мов" та "Книжки".
Отримати код

Situation #1

A: Hello, my dear! How are you there?

B: We are great but a little tired. The journey was exhausting but it is worth trying.

A: I’m pleased to hear that. Daddy wants to hear your voice too.

C: Hello, boys! Does London still exist after your arriving? I’m joking! Where have you stayed?

B: We’ve stayed in the London Bridge Hotel.

C: Can you pass the phone to Tim? Mommy is asking if you are not hungry.

D: Hi, mum! Glad to hear you. Don’t worry. We are full and ready for new adventures.

A: Ok, just don’t forget to take an umbrella with you. It’s often rainy there.

D: Oh, don’t worry! It’s sunny today. We are going to have a rest and then visit the most interesting landmarks of London. First of all, we’d like to see Michael Jackson’s wax sculpture in Madame Tussaud’s Museum.

C: Have a good and interesting time in London! Take good photos and don’t forget about your parents! We miss you! Bye – bye!

Situation #2

A: Welcome to our show “What’s on your plate?” Today we are going to speak about healthy food. And our first guest is Mr_________.

B: Good morning, everyone. I’m very pleased to be here. Our life is so busy today and many people prefer eating fast food during the breaks.

A: Mr _______we have some questions for you.

C: What is the key to a healthy diet?

B: Eat a wide range of food and drink more water.

C: Teenagers have many lessons a day and no time for lunch. What helps to be active all day?

B: Don’t skip breakfast – this meal is very important!

A: Mr ____ we have a story from our young expert _______.

D: Hello, everyone. I’m happy that I changed my life completely. No junk food! I used to eat French fries and lots of sweets. Soon I became overweight and it had problems with health.

C: Who inspired you to change yourself?

D: My friend. I saw her in the gym. She was full of energy. I thought only sport can do magic. Not only. She told me her secret.

A: Now I think most of our viewer are looking into their fridges and throwing their products away! I’m joking! Thanks for coming and have a nice day.

Situation # 3

A: _______, what are you doing?

B: I’m revising the words. They are so difficult!

C: But where are the words? I see only symbols. What language is it?

B: It’s Chinese. It’s a real challenge for me.

D: Why do you study this language?

B: It’s very popular nowadays.

A: And the expression “Made in China” is everywhere. I think English is enough.

C: I don’t agree with you. “The more languages you know, the more you are human.”

D: And also you can find many friends.

B: Who is your teacher of Chinese?

D: Native speaker. His name is Chen. He’s very clever and has a very good sense of humour.

A: Do you understand him? How does he teach you?

D: He speaks English and also he knows Japanese, Spanish and French.

C: Wow! That’s amazing! Can you tell us something you’ve already learnt?

D: 再见[zài jiàn] Цзайцзиень! It means “Good bye”. Sorry but I have a lesson in 10 minutes.

Situation # 5

A: Hi,____! How are you there? What’s new?

B: Hi, ____. We are great but still miss you.

A: So why don’t you come to us? London is waiting for you.

B: Thanks for inviting. Can I take my sister with me? She’s never been to London.

A: Yes, of course. It’s perfect time for you to come. There will be Easter soon. Do you have any traditions on this day?

B: Yes, we do. People paint eggs in bright colours, bake special Easter cakes and go to the church. And …

C: Oh, and don’t forget about our game! People often take eggs and beat each other to see who is the strongest. _______told me you have another traditions. Can you pass the phone to _______.

D: Hi! Your tradition is unusual for us. But our tradition is also interesting. Children in our country roll eggs down a hill or go on eggs hunt! We also eat chocolate bunnies. I’m sure you will like it!

C:Great! And I’ve heard you have another rolling tradition. What’s this?

D: Cheese rolling is an unusual British tradition when a crowd is willing to chase a ball of cheese for fun. By the way, it’s also in spring. What about you? Do you roll something?

C: No, we don’t. But we celebrate New Year twice. On the Old New Year young people walk around people’s houses, sing songs and act out small Christmas plays.

D: Old New Year? Sounds strange but I really want to visit Ukraine in winter and celebrate it. But first see you in London. Bye!

Situation # 10

A: Hi! Where are you rushing to with a large bundle of books?

B: Hi! I’m going to our school library to return these books.

A: Are you a book worm?

B: No, I’m not. I’m a book lover. My mum says “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader”! Reading gives me a good understanding of other countries. What about you? Do you like reading?

A: No, I don’t. I think it’s just wasting of time! I never read long stories because then makes me bored.

B: “The man who never reads lives only one” they say. I think you should try reading detectives. They are full of adventures and can open some secrets! Something like Sherlock Holmes.

A: I’ve watched that film recently! It was really exciting and interesting!

C: Reading is better than watching films. You can create your own images and see the story as the author.

D: Yes, the books are the living spirits of great men. Once you are with them you can’t leave them.

C: And also they help to understand people and stop feeling lonely. As for me I prefer reading fantasy. I have lots of e-books on my phone. I can read them anytime and everywhere! And I don’t have to return them to the library…

D: It’s great! But most teenagers don’t think reading is cool. Learning to Read is important it helps to develop the mind before computers were around many many years ago.

C: I think ebooks and printed books aren't opponents at all. I do not think they will completely disappear. Not all books are available online. Many books are beautiful objects to look at as well as to read. 

D: Great writers often begin their careers as great readers. Maybe some of us will be famous writer one day… Let’ go to the library!!!

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