Моніторинг знань з англійської мови 10 клас

Англійська мова

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Опис документу:

Цю контрольну роботу можна використати як діагностичну на початку навчального року, так і в кінці, як моніторингову. Контрольна робота містить 5 завдань, серед них і завдання з розгорнутою відповіддю.

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Моніторинг якості знань учнів 10 класів

Variant 1

І. Reading Comprehension

1. Read the texts below. Match choices (A-H) to (1-5). There are three choices you do not need to use. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.

1. If you don’t know how to drive but enjoy travelling,

then this service is definitely for you!

Select everything from a sedan to a jeep and

go wherever you want in the world!

Price: S360 per day!

Additional fee is for petrol.

Go to our website

2. You feel stressed, worn out and irritated!

Nothing makes you happy?

We know how to help you!

A nice massage, facial procedures, a warm

swimming pool and steam tubs will return you

to a balanced life!

Book on +1-678-098-2311

Email us at

3. Tasty and healthy food, caring nannies and

professional teachers, who develop small

learners through games and entertainments –

our childcare centre is the best place for your


We provide 24/7 support to create comfort for

you and your family!

Visit our Parents’ Day

July, 13th

45, Farmland Str.

4. No idea for presents or some of them are too

expensive or of poor quality?

Check out our new online stock, where you

May buy goods at wholesale prices!

Free shipping if you order three items at once!

We save your time and money!

5. Dancing is your passion!

You start moving once you hear music!

Then join our team of professionals and

make it your lifestyle!

We are hiring now a talented dance

instructor with a year of teaching


Send application forms to

Which of the advertisements refers to:


A a spa salon

B a shopping website

C a car rent

D a house rent

E a job vacancy

F a kindergarten

G a hospital

H a sport centre

2. Read about Jake returning to his hometown after being abroad for ten years. Then answer T (true) or F (false) to the questions.

I have returned to my hometown of Wilson Creek after an absence of 10 years.

So many things have changed around here. When I left Wilson Creek, there was a small pond on the right as you left town. They have filled in this pond and they have built a large shopping mall there. A new post office has also been built just across from my old school.

There is a baseball stadium on the outskirts of Wilson Creek which has been changed completely. They have now added a new stand where probably a few thousand people could sit. It looks really great.

The biggest changes have taken place in the downtown area. They have pedestrianised the centre and you can't drive there anymore. A European-style fountain has been built and some benches have also been added along with a grassy area and a new street cafe.

My street looks just the same as it always has but a public library has been built in the next street along. There used to be a great park there but they have cut down all the trees which is a pity. The library now has a large green area in front of it but it's not the same as when the park was there.

Another improvement is the number of new restaurants that have opened in Wilson Creek. A Chinese and an Italian restaurant have opened in the town centre and a Mexican restaurant has opened near my home. Which is where I am going tonight!

6. Jake's school doesn't exist anymore.

7. They have improved the baseball stadium.

8. The buildings in the centre of the town look European.

9. He is sad about the park being ruined.

10. There is a baseball stadium in the city centre.

3. Read the article and for questions (11-15), choose the best answer, A, B, C or D.


Film stars are everyone's favourite subject. People love to talk about what they're wearing, who they're dating, and how much money they make. But have you ever wondered about what they eat?

Chefs on film sets have the answers. "Every actor has different eating habits," says chef John Sharp. "Some stars love meat, while others are strict vegetarians who don't eat meat, eggs, or fish. Some stars love junk food, while others are constantly on a diet and eat only healthy foods."

Ninety-nine per cent of the time, actresses are on a diet and insist on eating only low-fat foods. During the filming of Now and Then, Demi Moore ate nothing but Basmati rice, steamed baby spinach, green beans with lemon, and turkey sandwiches. During the filming of Twister, Helen Hunt only ate low-calorie foods, including poached eggs, dry toast, and steamed brown rice with vegetables.

Other stars love to eat junk food, and never count calories during their meals. Eddie Murphy's favourite food is Kentucky Fried Chicken. Whoopi Goldberg doesn't worry about how healthy her diet is, and loves fatty bacon sandwiches with lettuce, mayonnaise and lots of butter.

One thing for sure is that cooking for the stars is never easy, because they are often fussy eaters. "They want food fixed exactly the way they like it and always have something to complain about," says caterer Susan Tate. Bill Murray won't eat watermelon with seeds in it, and Mickey Rourke insists on freshly-squeezed carrot juice twice a day, but he won't drink it if it sits for more than six minutes.

Cooking for the stars is hard work, but few of these caterers ever think about changing jobs. "I love my work," says Susan Tate. "Where else can I see what Michelle Pfeiffer eats for breakfast or what Al Pacino has for a snack?

11. Vegetarians don’t eat…

    1. junk food

    2. vegetables

    3. meat

    4. healthy foods

  1. Who likes junk food?

    1. Eddie Murphy

    2. Demi Moore

    3. Susan Tate

    4. Bill Murray

  2. Cooking for the stars is…

    1. boring

    2. difficult

    3. easy

    4. scary

  3. doesn't worry about how healthy her diet is.

    1. Eddie Murphy

    2. Demi Moore

    3. Susan Tate

    4. Whoopi Goldberg.

  4. Ninety-nine per cent of the time, actresses are

    1. on a diet

    2. hungry

    3. angry

    4. fussy eaters.

4. Завдання на заповнення пропусків у тексті (№16-20).

Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space. For each question, mark the letter next to the correct word – A, B, C or D on your answer sheet.

What Happens if You Get COVID -19?

Most people who catch COVID -19 get (16) _____, and their illness is usually mild. And actually, (17) _____ kids have even been effected.

But if you do catch COVID -19, you (18) _____ have a dry cough, a fever, and shortness of breath. It’s just like when you’ve had a cold , the best treatment is to stay in (19) _______ bed – and away from anyone who might catch it from you. (Like your grandparents! Older people are more at risk for catching COVID -19.) You might also not even know you have it, so keep (20) ______ your hands, just in case.

  1. A good B better C the better D the best

  2. A lots B much C few D a little

  3. A might B must C need D cannot

  4. A a B an C the D -

  5. A wash B to wash C washing D washed

5. Завдання з розгорнутою відповіддю (№21).


You have an English friend called Lee. You are both going to another friend’s birthday party next week.

Write an e-mail to Lee. In your e-mail, you should

  • say how you will get there

  • suggest you go together

  • ask him for advice about a present

Write 50-80 words on your answer sheet.

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