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«Реалізація професійної діяльності та розвиток цифрової компетентності педагога через обмін методичними матеріалами в цифрових бібліотеках»

Граматичні вправи за темою: «The Conditional Mood» з дисципліни "Іноземна мова(за професійним спрямуванням)"

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Опис документу:
Граматичні вправи за темою: «The Conditional Mood» з дисципліни "Іноземна мова(за професійним спрямуванням)" студентів ІІ - ІІІ курсів закладів передвищої освіти. Підготувала: Павлова Г.В., викладач ДонДКТУ м. Торецька
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Виконання граматичних вправ.

ІV. Практичні завдання

1.Conditional exercise (first / second / third conditionals)*

1. (First conditional) If we __________________ (not / work) harder, we

__________________ (not pass) the exam.

2. (Third conditional) If the students __________________ (not be) late for the exam, they __________________ (pass).

3. (Third conditional) If the weather __________________ (not be) so cold, we

__________________ (go) to the beach.

4. (Second conditional) If she __________________ (have) her laptop with her, she__________________ (email) me.

5. (First conditional) If she __________________ (not go) to the meeting, I

__________________ (not go) either.

6. (Third conditional) If the baby __________________ (sleep) better last night, I

__________________ (not be) so tired.

7. (First conditional) If the teacher __________________ (give) us lots of homework this weekend, I __________________ (not be) happy.

8. (Second conditional) If Lucy __________________ (have) enough time, she

__________________ (travel) more.

9. (First conditional) If the children __________________ (not eat) soon, they

__________________ (be) grumpy.

10. (First conditional) If I __________________ (not go) to bed soon, I

__________________ (be) tired in the morning.

11. (Second conditional) If I __________________ (want) a new car, I

__________________ (buy) one.

12. (Second conditional) If José __________________ (not speak) good French, he__________________ (not move) to Paris.

13. (First conditional) If John __________________ (drink) too much coffee, he

__________________ (get) ill.

14. (Third conditional) If we __________________ (tidy) our flat, we

__________________ (not lose) our keys.

15. (Third conditional) If Luke __________________ (not send) flowers to his mother, she __________________ (not be) happy.

16. (Second conditional) If the children __________________ (be) in bed, I

__________________ (be able to) have a bath.

17. (Second conditional) If you __________________ (not be) so stubborn, we

__________________ (not have) so many arguments!

18. (Third conditional) If Julie __________________ (not go) to Sweden, she

__________________ (go) to Germany.

19. (First conditional) If she __________________ (go) to the library, she

__________________ (study) more.

20. (Third conditional) If we __________________ (not have) an argument, we

__________________ (not be) late.

21. (Second conditional) If you __________________ (arrive) early, it

__________________ (be) less stressful.

22. (Third conditional) If I __________________ (not go) to the party, I

__________________ (not meet) Amanda.

23. (Second conditional) If Julie __________________ (like) chocolate, I

__________________ (give) her some.

24. (Second conditional) If Luke __________________ (live) in the UK, I

__________________ (see) him more often.

25. (Third conditional) If the children __________________ (not eat) all that chocolate, they __________________ (feel) sick.

26. (First conditional) If they __________________ (not / arrive) soon, we

__________________ (be) late.

27. (Third conditional) If she __________________ (study) Mandarin, she

__________________ (go) to Beijing.

28. (Second conditional) If we __________________ (not be) so tired, we

__________________ (go) out.

29. (First conditional) If you __________________ (buy) the present, I

__________________ (wrap) it up.

30. (First conditional) If Lucy __________________ (not quit) her job soon, she

__________________ (go) crazy.

Ex. 2.Complete the sentences with the correct tense forms of the verbs in brackets.

1. If you don’t put up (not/put up) this shelf, you won’t have anywhere to put

your books.

2. If I were you, I ... (tell) her how you feel.

3. Even if he ... (ask) them, they wouldn’t have agreed to come.

4. Unless you ... (feel) any better, you can take the rest of the day off.

5. If she ... (not/threaten) him, he wouldn’t have left.

6. He ... (not/go) with her if he had known she would behave so irresponsibly.

7. I wouldn’t have been able to do it unless she .... (help) me.

8. Sometimes if you ... (take) a chance, it pays off.

9. Keep you voice down in case he ... (overhear) us.

10. If she ... (be) more experienced, she would be more likely to get the job.

11. If the food ... (not/be) so bad, we wouldn’t have complained.

12. Sales will increase provided that the advertising campaign ... (be) successful.

13. If you ... (spend) less on clothes, you would be able to save some money.

14. You had a very narrow escape. If your payments (fall) into arrears, your house

(be) sold to pay off the debt.

15. I think I was right to decide against this investment. If there (be) some potential for my capital to grow I (invest) in that area.

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