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Граматичні вправи за темою: «Infinitive»з дисципліни "Іноземна мова(за професійним спрямуванням)"

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Опис документу:
Граматичні вправи за темою: «Infinitive»з дисципліни "Іноземна мова(за професійним спрямуванням)" студентів ІІ - ІІІ курсів закладів передвищої освіти. Підготувала: Павлова Г.В., викладач ДонДКТУ м. Торецька
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Граматичні вправи:

Exercise 1

Translate into Ukrainian paying attention to the Infinitive.

1. The buyers want to know our terms of payment.

2. This is for you to decide.

3. The plan of our work will be discussed at the meeting to be held on May 25.

4. To walk in the garden was a pleasure.

5. Jane remembered to have been told a lot about Mr. Smith.

6. I felt him put his hand on my shoulder.

7. This writer is said to have written a new novel.

8. She seems to be having a good time at the seaside.

9. They watched the boy cross the street.

10. To advertise in magazines is very expensive.

11. He proved to be one of the cleverest students at our Institute.

12. He knew himself to be strong enough to take part in the expedition.

13. To see is to believe.

14. He is sure to enjoy himself at the disco.

15. To tell you the truth, this company has a very stable position in the market.

16. I called every morning to see if there was any news.

17. We stopped to have a smoke.

18. He came here to speak to me, not to you.

19. The car was waiting at the door to take them to the station.

20. To explain the problem he drew diagrams all over the blackboard.

21. The steamship ―Minsk was chartered to carry a cargo of timber from St.Petersburg to Hull.

22. Under clause 35 the charterers were to supply the steamer with icebreaker assistance to enable her to enter or to leave the port of loading.

23. To meet the increased demand for industrial goods, a great number of new shops have been opened in the towns.

24. The first lot is ready for shipment, but to economize on freight we have decided to ship it together with the second lot.

25. Please send us your instructions at once to enable us to ship the machines by the 20th of May.

Exercise 2

Put “to” before the infinitive where it is necessary.

1. My son asked me ______let him ______ go to the club.

2. You must make him ______ practice an hour a day.

3. She was made ______ repeat the song.

4. He is not sure that it can ______ be done, but he is willing ______ try.

5. Let me ______ help you with your work.

6. She asked me ______ read the letter carefully and ______ write an answer.

7. You ought ______ take care of your health.

8. I looked for the book everywhere but could not ______ find it.

9. He was seen ______ leave the house.

10. We had ______ put on our overcoats because it was cold.

11. The man told me not ______ walk on the grass.

12. Have you heard him ______ play the piano?

13. You had better ______ go there at once.

14. I would rather not ______ tell them about it.

15. We shall take a taxi so as not ______ miss the train.

Exercise 3

Use the appropriate form of the infinitive.

1. They want (to take) to the concert by their father.

2. I am glad (to do) all the homework yesterday.

3. This plant is known (to produce) tractors.

4. He wants his son (to become) a lawyer.

5. The enemy army was reported (to overthrow) the defense lines and (to advance) towards the suburbs of the city.

6. He seems (to know) French very well: he is said (to spend) his youth in Paris.

7. You had better (to call) our distributors at once.

8. We are happy (to invite) to the party.

9. That firm is reported (to conduct) negotiations for the purchase of sugar.

10. It seemed (to snow) heavily since early morning: the ground was covered with a deep layer of snow.

11. He didn‘t hear me (to knock) at the door.

12. I want (to inform) of her arrival.

13. Our sportsmen are proud (to win) the cup.

14. He is known (to work) on the problem for many years.

15. The representative of the firm asked for the documents (to send) by air mail.

Exercise 4

Complete the following choosing a suitable infinitive from the list below.

1. The students seemed … the lecturer attentively.

2. I hope … you on Monday.

3. We were sorry … about your failure at exams.

4. Don‘t you think I‘m old enough … the problem myself.

5. Well, … , he wrote to me at the beginning of last month and said he was ready …work again.

6. The Browns are happy … in London for 5 years.

7. He wants … to the University.

8. … one must work hard.

9. Her dream was … a teacher of the Ukrainian language.

10. This is an article … in our magazine.

11. There was nothing interesting at the exhibition … our attention.

12. I shan‘t be able to finish the translation today.

13. They are lucky … the novel in the original.

14. You were very kind … me that advice.

15. They made a list of articles … for the seminar.

a) to be looked through

b) to have given

c) to read

d) to tell you the truth

e) to have been living in London

f) to be accepted

g) to master the speciality

h) to become

i) to be published

j) to attract

k) to be listening to

l) to see

m) to have heard

n) to solve

o) to cut a long story short

p) to start

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