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Граматичні вправи за темою: «Gerund and Participle» з дисципліни "Іноземна мова(за професійним спрямуванням)"

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Опис документу:
Граматичні вправи за темою: «Gerund and Participle» з дисципліни "Іноземна мова(за професійним спрямуванням)" студентів ІІ - ІІІ курсів закладів передвищої освіти. Підготувала: Павлова Г.В., викладач ДонДКТУ м. Торецька
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Вправи за темою:«Gerund and Participle»

Ex. 1. Translate the sentences into Ukrainian paying attention to Verb+_ing forms.

1. Reading English books is very useful for improving your knowledge of the language. 2. His favorite occupation is playing computer games. 3. One of my hobbies is collecting music CDs. 4. Our aim is mastering English in the shortest possible time. 5. Speaking without thinking is shooting without aim. 6. Heating the gas increases the speed of molecules. 7. Paton's having devoted all his life to the progress of science is known to everybody. 8. Increasing the supply of heat only increases the rate at which bubbles are formed so long as any liquid remains. 9. Putting the discovery to use sometimes requires more efforts than making it. 10. Pointing out their mistakes to some people is often quite difficult. 11. Confining the attention to one problem the scientist will surely achieve its solution much sooner. 12. Establishing relationship between the phenomena of Universe is a major task of theory.

Ex. 2. Complete the sentences. Translate into Ukrainian.

1. He liked to do things without disturbing anyone or being disturbed. 2. After having discovered the secret of the atom scientists began looking for the ways of applying atomic energy for industrial purposes. 3. In solving the problem…4. On obtaining some data… 5. Upon considering the properties of… 6. By applying this novel technique … 7. Without making necessary calculations…

Ex. 3. Identify Participles and Gerunds in the sentences and translate them into Ukrainian.

1. Sailing across the Arctic seas is very difficult. 2. Ice_breakers consuming more fuel than any other type of ship have to be supported by several other vessels for the purpose of supplying them with fuel. 3. After having discovered the secret of the atom scientists began looking for ways of applying atomic energy for industrial purposes. 4. The atomic icebreaker is equipped with an atomic installation, its capacity being 44.000 h.p. 5. The reactor of the icebreaker will be able to operate without refueling for at least a year. 6. Besides being used for the purpose of convoying ships the atomic icebreaker will at the same time be an Arctic research laboratory. 7. The icebreaker will be capable of sailing even to the North Pole, consuming negligible quantities of nuclear fuel. 8. We know of the atomic reactor being fed with powdered uranium oxide 238, the latter being enriched by the isotope of uranium 235. 9. Nuclear fuel will be used in the reactor after its having been compressed in the form of cods. 10. An ordinary icebreaker can remain at sea for less than month, the length of time it can sail depending on the quantity of fuel consumed. 11. Reliable means of protection having been created, people are not

They achieved good results by experimenting. Вони отримали хороші результати (за допомогою експеримента) шляхом експериментування.

They could not start a new experiment without verifying the previous data. Вони не могли почати новий експеримент, не перевіривши отримані раніше дані. affected by radioactive radiation. 12. Investigations being carried on in the field of nuclear physics, new possibilities for applying atomic energy open up. 13. Recognizing a problem the scientist makes the first step to its solution. 14. At this stage innovation becomes a group and not individual activity, involving both a sophisticated body of information and a sophisticated technology. 15. Some people have been so scared reading about harmful effects of smoking that they gave up reading. 16. Due tothe ice-breaker being equipped with up-to-date navigation and radiolocation devices, it will be able to sail in any weather. 17. To find out more about the space scientists sent satellites circling in orbits above the moon.

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