Знавці англійської мови

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Знавці англійської мови, для учнів 5-7 класів.

1. Say if the sentences are true or false.

1. In the USA and some other countries parents sometimes take a role of teachers and teach their children at home.

2. Teenagers must spend long hours at the computer.

3. Pupils must use their mobile phones in schools/

4. Children must study harder to get better marks.

5. Kyiv is the capital of Canada.

6. Big Ben is the name of the Clock tower.

7. Kievo-Pecherska Lavra has got a lot of caves.

8. February is the summer month.

9. Volodymyr the Great built the Paton Bridge.

10. The Olympic Games take place every 5 years.

11. Harry Potter was written be Ahata Cristi.

12. We usually boil sausages in a frying pan.

2. Spell the words.

beautiful easy tropical

wonderful idea weather

favourite insect children

dangerous sledge sometimes

daughter jungle chemical

3. Choose the correct answer.

1. Are there two computers in the new classroom? 1. No, there isn’t.

2. Where are you from? 2. Nazar.

3. Who is absent today? 3. Yes, you may.

4. May I go out? 4. Exercise 5.

5. What have you got for homework? 5. No, there aren’t.

6. What is your favourite lesson? 6. Bajkivtsi.

7. Is there any cake? 7. English.

4. Say the sentences about yourself.

I learn English because I want to...

5. Match the sentences.

1. I like outdoor activities. 1. I like fried eggs better.

2. My favourite lesson is Maths. 2. I want to travel.

3. I learn English because … 3. … is the capital of Ukraine.

4. My mother is hardworking. 4. I like to do sums.

5. Kyiv… 5. She likes cooking too.

6. I don’t like boiled eggs, 6. Football is my favourite game.

6. Match the words to make simile.

1. as like as a. a bee

2. as silent as b. the grave

3. as hungry as c. two peas

4. as busy as d. the day

5. as clear as e. snow

6. as white as f. the hills

7. as old as g. gold

8. as good as h. a bear

7. What do this letters stand for? Guess and Match.

USA 1. The United Kingdom.

NY 2. disk jockey

PC 3. The United States of America.

UK 4. compact disk

SOS 5. personal computer

DJ 6. New York

CD 7. Save our souls!

8. Put the dialogue in the correct order.

- Yes, here you are.

- Hello, what are you doing?

- Who is Ann?

- Have you got a photo of her?

- She is my e-mail friend.

- Who are the other people in the photo?

- She is from Italy.

- I’m writing a letter to Ann.

- They are Ann’s family.

- Oh, where is she from?

9.Devide the words into topics( fruit, weather, school).

Paints, sky, strawberries, globe, cloud, felt pens, plump, microscope, ice, coursebook, blackberries, apples, lightning, colourful dough, hurricane, scissors, glue, frost, watermelon, wind, puddle, bananas, map, coconut, desk, sun, rain, crayons, oranges.

10. Find pairs in both column to make 4 correct sentences.

do a walk

watch in an after-school activity

play the Net

go to playing an instrument

take part films

practice TV

shoot computer games

ride sports

go for the cinema

surf a bike

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