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Змагання з англійської мови

Відображення документу є орієнтовним і призначене для ознайомлення із змістом, та може відрізнятися від вигляду завантаженого документу

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Конкурс з англійської мови

між учнями 5 – 6 класів

The cleverest”



1.     Показати, що учні засвоїли з англійської мови за час навчання.

2.     Розвивати мовленнєві здібності та вміння працювати в команді.

3.     Сприяти переходу лексики з пасивного запасу до активного.

4.     Розвивати пізнавальний інтерес учнів.

5.     Формувати культуру спілкування.

6.     Виховувати почуття самостійності та вміння долати труднощі.

7.     Виховувати інтерес та любов до вивчення англійської мови.


Хід заходу

T: Dear pupils and guests! I’m very glad to see you. Welcome to our contest for young experts of the English language. Our contest is called ”The Cleverest”. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Two teams are welcome to our contest. But first, let me introduce our jury. They are…. They will judge today’s contest. They’ll give 1 point for each correct answer. We are very glad to see you.

And now I want to introduce you our participants. The first team is called ”Pussy Cats”( team of the 5th – you are welcome!), the second team – ”Cool Flowers”( team of the 6th – you are welcome!).

Our contest consists of seven rounds: Teams’ Presentation, Home Task, Lexical Round,  Captains’ Competition, Grammar, The Best Emblem, The Best Poster!

We wish every of the team good luck.

Each team is supposed to have their particular features – I mean the name and the motto. So, let’s get acquainted with them.

Team 1. Hi, everybody! ”We are Pussy Cats”. We are very glad to see you and to take part in today’s contest.

                                       We are pretty little pussy cats,

                                        Sitting there upon the mat,

                                       Show me how you arch your back,

                                        Pretty little pussy cat.


My Cat Pit

I have a cat,                     Each day I bring him             And on my knee

His name is Pit;               A dish of milk,                       He likes to sit.

And by the fire                And smooth his coat              ‘Cause Pit loves me,

He likes to sit.                 That shines like silk.               And I love Pit.


    Team 2. Hi, everybody! We are ”Cool Flowers” and we are together to take part in the contest.

A little yellow cup,

A little yellow frill,

A little yellow star,

  And that's a daffodil.

Roses are red,

 and violets are blue,

 The love that we share,

 is honest and true.

Little White Lily

 Smells very sweet;

 On her head sunshine,

 Rain at her feet.

 Thanks to the sunshine,

 Thanks to the rain,

 Little White Lily

 Is happy today.

Modest little Violet

 Was her loving Mother’s pet;

 Didn’t care to go and play,

 Rather stay at home all day.

My love is like a red ,red rose

 That’s newly sprung in June;

 My love is like the melody

 That’s sweetly played in tune.


Round 1. Home Task.

Your home task was to learn the dialogues. We would like to listen to them.


Round 2. Lexical Round.

This round has  three   tasks. The first task is called ”Odd Word Out”. Each team will have the card with words. You have to write out the word that is different.

The second task is called ”The Hidden Question”. You have to change the letters and make up a new word.

The third task is called ”The Secret Picture”. There are eight objects in the picture. What are they? Write down the names of clothes.


Round 3. Understand me.

It’s a famous kind of a competition and four members of each team can try their abilities in miming. Take a card with a word on it and mime it to another team. Their task is to recognize the word correctly. For each correct word you’ll get a point.


1.     Flying                           1. Smiling                             1. Running

2.     Flower                          2. Tennis                               2. Table

3.     Watching TV               3. Playing computer games   3. Playing volleyball

4.     Apple                           4. Orange                               4. Banana


Round 4. Captains’ Competition.

   There is one task for captains. To name the odd word.


1.     Spring, winter, January, summer.

2.     Red, blue, big, pink.

3.     Desk, chair, table, room.

4.     Juice, tea, milk, salad.

5.     Sunday, Wednesday, October, Saturday.

6.     English, Ukrainian, Italy, French.

7.     Mother, father, teacher, sister.

8.     April, May, Sunday, December.

9.     Blouse, Bag, Skirt, Dress.


Round 5.  Grammar. Parts of animals’ bodies.

    You are given a picture with an animal, which has a strange body. You task is to say: ”It has got…”


Round 6. What do you know about the animal world? A quiz.

1.     Can penguins fly?

2.     Do snakes eat meat?

3.     What colour are foxes?

4.     Do elephants eat meat?

5.     Can monkeys swim?

6.     What colour are crocodiles?

7.     Can bears climb trees?

8.     Do penguins eat meat?

9.     Do rhinos eat fish?

10.   Can tigers climb trees?

11.   Do monkeys eat fruit?

12.   Can parrots fly?


 Round 7. The Best Emblem/ Poster.

Jury chooses the best emblem and poster.

T: Now we have finished all the tasks and it’s time to announce the winner. And while our jury is summing up the results, we are going to sing the final song ” Time for school”.

According to the scores and juries’ decision we can congratulate the team of the 5th “ ” with the victory.

I hope you have enjoyed the English party. Thank you very much for taking an active part in our contest. Best wishes to you. Good-bye!

Опис документу:
Даний матеріал дозволить показати знання учні з англійської мови, сприятиме формуванню культури спілкування, розвитку пізнавального інтересу учнів та вихованню інтересу до вивчення англійської мови.

Зверніть увагу, свідоцтва знаходяться в Вашому особистому кабінеті в розділі «Досягнення»

Курс:«Організація ефективної діяльності практичного психолога в закладі освіти»
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