Завдання з читання. Виконання тестових вправ. 10 клас. 'The great painters'

Опис документу:
Завдання з читання містять 3 тексти: Vincent Van Gogh, John Constable, Claude Monet. До тексту про Ван Гога є 3 завдання: обрати правільну відповідь, true/false, поставити запитання до тексту. До інших текстів є запитання.

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The great painter. Vincent Van Gogh form 10

Vincent Van Gogh was an outstanding painter of the 19the century. He was born in 1853 in

Holland, but he lived much of his life in France. He was a very emotional man, and there was

much suffering in his life.

‘Van Gogh did not start painting until he was twenty –seven, ten years before he died.

Before becoming a painter, he was a teacher, and art dealer and a church preacher.

However, Van Gogh was mentally ill. During one of his fits of madness he attacked his

friend, the artist Paul Gauguin. In another fit of madness, Van Gogh cut off part of his own ear. Eventually he went into a mental hospital but he did not get any better.

Finally, in 1890 Vincent Van Gogh shot himself. His last words were “La tristesse

durera’. (The sadness will continue)

His style of painting was very different from classical art. He painted pictures of the

sunny, hot regions of France. Nobody has ever painted cornfields or sunflowers like Van Gogh.

His paintings are full of color and sunlight. He looked for interesting shapes and exciting

colors. He liked to work freely and quickly. Today his paintings are worth millions of pounds

but in his lifetime he only sold one.

There is fast movement in many of his paintings. Sometimes the trees look like fire. The

sun, the moon, and stars move rapidly in the sky. He also painted pictures of people. Like his

life, his art was always unusual and very emotional.

I. Match the correct variant:

1. How old was Van Gogh when he started


a) 27 b) 37

c) 17 d)26

4. How did he die?

a) his heart was broken

b) He was shot by his brother.

c) He had a strong heart attack.

d) He shot himself.

2. What was he before becoming a painter?

a) a teacher and a sailor

b) a preacher, a teacher and a doctor

c) a teacher, a dealer and a preacher

d) a dealer, a farmer

5. What was his style of painting?

a) classical,

b) modern

c) different from classical art

d) extraordinary

3. What was wrong with him?

a) He was mentally ill

b) He was emotional

c) He was disabled

d) He was left-handed.

6. How many pictures did he sell in his


a) one b) many c) none d) 21

II. true/false

1. Van Gogh was an outstanding actor of the 19th century.

2. Van Gogh was born in 1853 in Holland.

3. Van Gogh started painting when he was 17.

4. before becoming a painter Van Gogh was an accountant.

5. his paintings are full of colour and sunlight.

6. he liked to work slowly.

III. Make questions for the answers:

1. In France

2. His friend

3. In 1890.

4. Millions of pounds

5. Freely and quickly.

6. Unusual and very emotional.


John Constable was a painter. He was born in a small town. The name of this town in Suffolk.

It is situated in the south of England. His father was not a poor man. He was a miller. He had a

water mill. When John was a little boy he liked to draw, his father took a teacher for him. John’s teacher was a landscape painter. John painted well. His landscapes were good, that’s why his

father sent him to London to study. During two years John Constable was in London and

studied there. But John’s father asked the young man to return home. He wanted him to help at

the mill. John Constable liked to paint, he decided to take up painting as a profession. He

entered the Royal Academy school in London. There was an exhibition at the Academy. It was i

in 1802. The president of this Academy liked John Constable’s landscapes and he advised

Constable to continue to study art. In 1811 John Constable gave a large landscape for the

Academy exhibition. Many lovers of art saw the painter and his landscapes. In 1824 some of his landscapes were a great success at the exhibition in Paris. In 1829 Constable became a member

of the Academy. He died in 1837. In 1838 all his works were sold. His children bought many

of his pictures and left them to England.

answer the questions:

1. Where was John Constable born?

2. What was his father?

3. when did Constable begin to work?

4. Where did Constable study art?

5. Did Constable like to paint?

6. When was his exhibition in Paris?

7. Have you real anything about Constable?

8. When did constable become a member of the academy?

9. Have you seen his paintings?

Claude Monet

Claude Monet was born in 1840 on November 14 in Paris. He grew up in Le Haver, near the sea. Even when he was young he was a very good artist. His pictures were so good that an art supply store let him hang his pictures in their window.

Monet’s parents did not want him to become an artist because they thought he would not make

a good living. That did not stop him though. When he was 20, he studied art at an inexpensive

art school in Paris.

Monet often went on trips around France to paint. Sometimes, his friend Camille came along. Camille later became Monet’s wife. They had two cons, Jean and Michel. In 1878, Camille got

sick and died. A few years later, Monet got married again t a woman named Alice.

Later, Monet and his family moved to Giverny, a small town near Paris. This is where he

painted his Impressionist wheat stack and cathedral paintings that became very famous. Their

house also had a wonderful garden with a lily pond that had a Japanese bridge across it. These

were his favorite things to paint.

Monet died in 1926 in Giverny. Many people came to his funeral. Unlike many artists, he was famous even before he died. Now his house in Giverny is a museum that is visited by many people.hes famous works are “Morning Haze”, “Poppies Blooming”, “Lily Pond”.

1. When was Claude Monet born?

2. Where was he born?

3.Why didn’t Monet’s parents want him to become an artist?

4. Where did he study art?

5. Was he married? How many times?

6.. What style did he represent?

7. Where did he like to paint?

8. What are his famous works?

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