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Paper Angel Chain


Fold and cut paper to make a chain of angels. Decorate the paper angels to give each of them a distinct character.

Safety Tips

Young kids (3 to 8 years) should use child-safe scissors.

Watch out for this sign . It means adult help is needed for the particular step.





Crayons or colored pencils


Scotch tape or masking tape

Star sequins or paper shapes (optional)

Steps 1. Print out this angel template on A4 or Letter size paper.

2. Choose from either of the two templates and cut out the rectangular frame around the angel.

3. Align the template along the left edge of your paper. Tape the top and bottom edges of the template onto the paper.

4. Using the template's width as a pattern, fold your paper accordion-style (back and forth folding). The template will divide an A4 or Letter size paper into 6 equal folded sections. A larger sheet of paper can be folded into 8 or more even number of sections.

5. If there's an excess area of paper after your last fold, you may either trim off or fold that small section of paper.

Photo inset shows the side view of an accordion-style fold.

6. Cut the folded paper following the outlines of the angel template.

7. Don't forget to cut out the small area inside the halo.

8. Gently open up the folded paper to reveal a chain of angels.

9. Trim off any excess paper after the last angel. You may also round out the corners of the first and last angel's gown.

10. Draw a face on each angel and mark out the main lines for the gowns. You may also give each angel a different hairstyle.

11. Trim the edges of the new hairstyles.

12. Color the angels with crayons, colored pencils or oil pastels.

13. You may apply glitter glue onto the halo and along the hems of the angels' gowns.

14. When the glitter glue has dried, you may stick your paper angel chain onto background paper or put them up on the wall. Connect the children's chain of angels to make an angel garland for your classroom or home.

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