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What do we need to eat to be...

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Healthy lifestyle

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Objective: practical: to develop free speaking using personal experience and knowledge on the topic; to form pupil’s habits of communication according to the given situations; to organize pupils’ creative work; to develop pupils’ speaking, reading, listening skills through various activities; educational: to develop creative imaginations and logical thinking; to get acquainted with the different aspects of healthy life; cultural: to widen pupils’ knowledge about healthy way of life, to broaden pupils’ interest to English.

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Do you know these famous people? Freddy Mercury

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Is it useful for us to be a vegetarian? We have explored to be a vegetarian is very good for our health but many people don’t like eat only vegetarian food.

Слайд № 7

Peanut Butter Americans love to eat peanut butter. But what is peanut butter? It is a thick, creamy paste. You buy it in a jar at the grocery store. Manufacturers roast peanuts and take off the skin. Then they grind them into a thick paste — that's peanut butter! The peanut is not really a nut, but a pea. It is a strange pea because it grows underground. But peanut plants also have green vines with yellow flowers. These vines or stems grow above the ground. Peanuts are very healthy for you. They have more protein than a steak and they have many vitamins. The peanut comes from South America, but peanut butter is a food that is truly "American". Peanut butter started in 1890 in St. Louis. A doctor made some peanut butter. He gave it to patients who could not eat regular food. Later, peanut butter was popular as a health food. Peanut butter is very popular with children in the United States. Perhaps their favourite way to eat it is a sandwich. Many children add jelly to their peanut butter sandwiches. This makes a favourite snack or lunchtime meal.

Слайд № 8

Peanut Butter I. Choose the right variant. 1. Peanut butter is... a) a thick, creamy paste;   b) jelly in a jar; c) a sandwich. 2. The peanut is a... a) nut; b) pea; c) kind of steak. 3. Peanut butter started... a) in South America; b) underground; c) in 1890, in St. Louis.

Слайд № 9

Only one word in each sentence is not correct. Write the correct one.  You buy peanut butter in a nut.  Peanut butter started in 1980.  Peanuts are very bad for you.  Peanut butter is a nut that is truly "American".  Manufacturers grind peanuts into a thick jelly.

Слайд № 10

Food and food- related words. Lemons taste a) salty b) sour c) crunchy d ) bitter e) bland 2. Potato chips are not a) crisps b) salty c) crunchy d) juicy e) junk food 3. Sweet foods do not include a) cake b) pickles c) ice cream d) candy e) strawberry 4. If milk is sour, it is a) delicious b) too old c) too fresh d) from a goat e) from a coconut 5. Spicy food includes a) milk b) lemons c) chili pepper d) bananas e) hamburgers

Слайд № 11

Do you know the food phrasal verbs ? 1.To eat food very quickly is to a) bolt it down b) pig out c) whip it up 2. If you only eat a small amount of a meal, you a) gnaw it b) bolt it down c) pick at it 3.To eat a lot of food is to a) pig out b) roll out c) wear up 4. To eat less of something to improve your health is to -------- on it a) strip down b) cut back c) run 5. To heat food again that has already been cooked is to a) ruffle it up b) warm it up c) pick it up

Слайд № 12

FISH AND CHIPS Fish and chips is the traditional take away (1)--------------- of England, long before McDonalds’ the British had the fish- and – chip shop. Fresh cod is the most common (2) ---------------- for our traditional fish and chips, other types of fish used include haddock, huss and plaice. The fresh fish is dipped in flour and then dipped in batter and deep fried it is then ( 3) ------------ with chips ( fresh not frozen ) and usually you will be asked if you want salt and vinegar added. Sometimes people will order ( 4 ) ------------------ sauce ( yellow sauce that tastes nothing like real curry), mushy ( 5 ) ----------------- ( well , it’s green anyway) or pickled eggs ( yes, pickled). Traditionally fish and chips were served up ( 6) ----------------- in old newspaper. Nowadays 9 thanks to hygiene laws ) they are wrapped in greaseproof paper and sometimes paper that has been specially printed to look like newspaper. You often get a small wooden or plastic ( 7) --------------- to eat them with too, although it is quite ok to use your fingers. 1. A. drink B. food C. dessert D. seasoning 2. A. fish B. meat C. fruit D. vegetables 3. A. served B. stewed C. boiled D. salted 4. A. gravy B. tomato C. white D. curry 5. A. peace B. piece C. peas D. pies 6. A. wrap B. wrapped C. wrapping D. wrapper 7. A. spoon B. tea spoon C. fork D . knife.

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Слайд № 14

Arrange the rhyme into the correct order On top of spаghetti all covered with cheese On top of spaghetti It rolled of the table and onto the floor I lost my poor meatballs when somebody sneezed And then my poor meatballs rolled right out the door.

Слайд № 15

Take a cup of kindness, Add a dash of charity, Mix with understanding, Top it off with patience, Sprinkle liberally with cheer, Serve generously to everyone You meet the next day

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