Відкритий урок з англійської мови у 6 класі на тему: "My favorite day"

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Конспект уроку з англійської мови для учнів 6 класу на тему : "My favorite day". Урок спрямований на засвоєння нового лексичного матеріалу, тренування учнів в аудіюванні та розширенні своїх знань з даної теми
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«My favorite day»






Practical: to speak about their favourite day, using Present Simple; to learn about writing words with the capital letters; to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills


White board and a laptop, a book “Access 2” by Virginia Evans-Jenny Dooley , interactive Whiteboard software, some pieces of paper and felt pens, pictures





  1. Greeting and warming up

3 min.

Game “I know 5 words in the category...”

Good afternoon! To start with, go to the board and make a circle. Put your right hand over your friend’s hand and your left one – under your friend’s hand. Say the words “I know 5 words in the category”..., clapping your right hand. Choose the category. Start.

Do you like the activity? Was it easy for you? What was difficult?

  1. Explaining the objectives of the lesson

1 min.

T- the whole class

Today we’re going to speak about your favourite day and activities you like; we’ll learn the rules about writing with capital letters and practice Present Simple.

  1. The main part.

2 min.


Your favourite day… What day can it be?

Can it be the day when the weather is fine?/when you have a good mark/ you are on excursion? Why/Why not?

So, sometimes we use this phrase to show our admireness, success of the day or it was full of positive emotions and fun.

Can Monday be your favourite day? Why/Why not?

  1. Writing

5 min.

Doing an ex.3 p. 16

Do you know that the days of the week in English are written with the capital letters?

What other words are written with the capital letters?

Open your SB on p. 16 ex. 3. Read the rules. Do the ex. You have only 1 min. After clapping,we’ll check the exercise.

  1. Speaking

10 min.

Onion discussion

Work in pairs.

Now count from one to two.

Number one, stand up and form the inner circle. Number two form an outer circle.

Your task is to discuss the questions on the board. Number two read them and ask N 1. When I clap, you stop speaking and N2 go clockwise/ N1 one stand still

  1. What days of the week are your favourite? Why?

  2. What do you usually do on your favourite day?

  3. Do you go for a walk with friends on that day?what do you like to do?

  4. Do you like to spend your favourite day with your mobile phone? Why?

  5. Describe your ideal favourite day.

What are your emotions? Do you like the discussion? What are your friends’ favourite days? What unusual or funny things have you heard from your classmates? What do they do on their favourite day? Is a mobile phone a necessary thing during the day?Why?

  1. Listening and reading

5 min.

10 min.

Listen and read the text 2 p. 16

  1. Pre-reading activities

  1. Post –reading activities

Look at the text on p/ 16. Who writes it?

What’s her favourite day? Which activities does she do on Sunday?

Listen and read to label the pictures.

Let’s check.

Choose a colored card and split into groups.

Red group is here, yellow group is sitting here, blue one – is here. The task is:

read the article once again and write down the activities:

red group – Amy does in the morning

yellow group – in the afternoon

blue group – in the evening

then one person from each group must present your work, speaking about Amy’s favourite day. I ‘ ll give you 5 min.to prepare

  1. Reflection

2 min.

Sharing the ideas

Now write on the sheets of paper

3 things you’ve learned at the lesson

2 things you found interesting

1 question I still have

And stick on the board

  1. Home assignment

1 min.

Write a short article about your favourite day ex. 5 p. 16 SB and be ready to speak about it

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