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Урок : Захист навколишнього середовища

Англійська мова

Для кого: 9 Клас





Опис документу:
Мета уроку сприяти розвитку вміння спілкуватися про охорону і захисту довкілля складати умовні речення про охорону довкілля, активізувати вміння аналізувати причини проблем і генерувати ідеї для їх розв’язання , екологічно мислити
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Form 9

Topic : Захист навколишнього середовища

The objectives of the lesson: сприяти розвитку вміння спілкуватися про охорону довкілля; сприяти вдосконалення техніки читання; сприяти розвитку вміння сприймання на мовних здібностей і на слух; сприяти вихованню розуміння важливості захисту довкілля

Компетентності : вміння читати або слухати й розміти текст про захист довкілля, в якому вживаються умовні речення1-го типу, складати умовні речення про охорону довкілля, ключові : вміння аналізувати причини проблем і генерувати ідеї для їх розв’язання , екологічно мислити (екологічна грамотність і здорове життя)

Equipment: мультимедійна дошка, відео, робочий зошит, роздатковий матеріал , Internet resource: www.youtube.com.

At the end of the lessons students will be able to:

  • знати більше про екологічні організації

  • посилити словниковий запас, пов’язаний із темою;

  • розвивати навички слухання;

  • розмовляти англійською мовою, використовуючи підготовлену та непідготовлену мову;

  • вдосконалити навички презентації;


  1. Introduction

T: The trees of the forest,

The flowers in the lee,

The birds on the branches,

The fish of the sea;

The rocks and the mountains,

The rivers that blow,

The rain and the sunshine,

The ice and the snow.

Its all for you

"Nature is full of wonders, all you have to do is listen, listen to your soul, in order to discover all of its infinite beauty..." -Joëlle Laurencin- We live in a magic world. The world is full of wonderful things. It is our nature. Nature gives us life. Nature is our best and kindest friend. Nature teaches us to be kind and clever, attentive and creative. It teaches us to understand the world around us. We see the blue sky and the grey rain, the black night and the shiny stars, green mountains, seas and sunshine. Nature presents us with beautiful songs. They are the songs of the woods, the songs of the wind, the songs of birds, the songs of the rain. Nature shows us wonderful pictures of different colours: the blue sky and the green grass, the white snow and the black night, the red poppy and the yellow sunflower.

Today we”ll speak about problems of environmental protection. We all know that our planet is in danger. Ecological problems have become global nowadays. So it’s important to increase our knowledge of environmental needs if we can be active participants in the protection and rebuilding of our environment. And the first task of modern people is to save the planet from pollution, contamination and destruction. At the lesson you won't be just students, but ecologists. We will discuss such problems as air and water pollution, health problems and others


T: Look at the slides. There are three quotations. Let's discuss them and make short comments. (Student's coments)

  1. Main part

Video discussion (slide 6)

T: Now you are going to watch two different videos. Your task is to fill in the boxes

You must write what you can hear, feel and see while watching these videos. And then I’d like you to share your feelings and emotions with your mates.

What did you hear?

What did you feel?

What did you see?

What colours dominated?

The Breathtaking Beauty of Nature _ HD.mp4

One Earth - Environmental Short Film.mp4

T: What could you hear, feel and see?

Vocabulary practice

T|: The planet Earth is in great danger. It is suffering from many environmental problems. Have a look at these pictures. What problems do these pictures relate to?

P1: This picture relates to the problem of deforestation because the man is planting trees.

P2: This picture relates to the problem of pollution because the beach is covered with litter.

P3: This picture relates to the problem of resources in short supply because the man is recycling.

P4: This picture relates to the problem of energy crisis because wind is an alternative source of energy



T: Look at the picture. Match the words with their definitions.


T: What possible solutions can you suggest to these environmental problems?

What can we reuse, recycle and reduce?

T: So, how can we solve the rubbish problem? We can recycle. And now take out an item from this bin and tell us how it can be recycled.

P1: We can cover books with nice gift wrap.

P2: We can use old clothes for working in the garden, for cleaning.

P3: We can return glass bottles to the shop.

P4: We can use waste paper to make recycled paper.

P5: We can use plastic bags to take out the rubbish.

T: Now let`s watch video about the problem the problem of ecology in Ukraine (slide 12).

Fill in the table and discuss the problems, causes and solutions. (handout 5)

Dear Ellen,

the problem of ecology is very urgent in Ukraine. During the last 50 years a great deal of forests in the Carpathians have been cut down either for firewood or for timber products. Deforest ration has led to changes in local climate. That's why we have so much trouble with in this region.

Air pollution can also cause water pollution called "acid rain". Then this acid rain water runs into rivers, fakes. They become so dirty that fish cannot survive. Some factories produce liquid wastes that run into rivers. These wastes contain poisons.

One more example of making the environment unhealthy by human activities is the application of pesticides which enable farmers to control weeds. At first bumper crops seemed guaranteed. But then things went wrong. Weeds and insects proved resistant to the pesticides that were poisoning the insect natural predators, the wildlife and even man himself.

Environmental degradation of our planet is a great threat to our future.

Speaking about our country / couldn't but mention1 about Chernobyl nuclear break-down.

Radiation has become one of the most urgent problems because it may cause changes in human genes.

These are only some of the serious ecological problems in Ukraine. Nothing on the earth is more important to our survival than the air we breath, the food we eat, the water we drink. That's why we need to take measures to change the environmental situation.

Sincerely Yours, Iryna




e.g Water pollution is caused by people`s activity. I think we should … to solve this problem.

Grammar Revision

T: Imagine, you are the leader of your country. What will you do?

If I am the leader of the country,

I will…

  1. Summing-up

T: Our lesson is coming to an end. Did you like it? What can we do to keep the Earth clean and green? Yes, we must be friends to her. The key to a greener planet is in your hands (slide 20)

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