Урок "Going shopping" ("Ідемо по покупки")

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Для кого: 6 Клас
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урок подання нового матеріалу з англійської мови на тему "Going shopping" ("Ідемо по покупки") для учнів шостого класу загальноосвітньої школи за підручником Оксани Карпюк "Англійська мова", Астон, 2016
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- to develop students’ reading comprehension;

- to develop students’ listening to authentic spoken English;

- to enlarge the students’ vocabulary;

- to develop the students’ pair communicative skills;

- to stimulate the students’ interest in the language.

- to develop the chief traits of a person’s character: tact, politeness, tolerance.

Materials and equipments: board, pupil’s book, computer, overhead projector (OHP), crossword sheet.


  1. The beginning of the lesson.

  1. Greetings. (2 min.) Teacher (T): Good morning, children! I am happy to meet you at our English lesson. How are you today? Well, sit down, please. Are you ready to work? Let’s get started.

First, I’d like to know, what is the day today? What is the date today? And what is the month now? Write down the date to your copybooks, please.

2. Aim.

Today we start/continue to speak about one of the important topic in our life. We are going to find out some information about it. During the lesson you will practice in speaking, reading, listening and writing.

3. Warming up activity. (5 min.)

Let’s start our lesson with revising the names of food. Look at the screen, read, listen to me and repeat after me. (Phonetic exercise). (slide 1)

But what are we going to speak about? I have a riddle for you to help you organize yourselves. Let’s train our tongues once more time, read the rhyme, listen and think (slide 2)

A bear and bunny
Have much money.
They go to the shop
For carrots and honey.
When the bear and the bunny
Ask for some carrots and honey,
The man in the shop
Says, "Where is your money?"
How strange and funny!
They really have money -
And that's how they buy
Their carrots and honey.

And now repeat after me every line and think what are we going to speak about? Think: what do we do in a special place? What can’t we do without money?

Of course, you are right: today we are going to talk about shops and shoppings.

II. The main part of the lesson.

  1. Presentation of new vocabulary and vocabulary practice (10 min.)

T: Now children, let’s know what kinds of shops there are. You can see the pictures of some kinds of shops. Look at the pictures, listen to me, repeat after me and write down the words to your copybooks.

(The presentation of the slides, slide 3).

  1. Reading activity. Children read the ex. 1 (7 min.)

T: And now open your books, please, on page 110, find ex. 1, look at the pictures and read below, what we can buy at these shops.

  1. Speaking activity.

T: Look at the blackboard and match the two halves (slide 4):

  1. Newsagent’s a) butter, cheese, milk

  2. Baker’s b) shoes, boots, sandals

  3. Butcher’s c) bread, buns, rolls

  4. Chemist’s d) meat, sausages, chicken

  5. Greengrocer’s e) toothpaste, shampoo, medicines

  6. Footwear shop f) tomatoes, potatoes, apples

  7. Dairy shop g) magazines, pens, newspapers

T: And now have a look at the page 111, find ex. 4 and try to guess what they sell and what you can buy at these shops.

(Children say)

  1. Pair work (5 min.)

T: Now let’s imagine that you are at the shop. What kind of shop is it? Let’s read, translate and then act out the dialogue (slide 5)

Customer: Good morning!

Shop assistant: Good morning!

Customer: I would like some apples, please.

Shop assistant: What apples would you like: green, red or yellow?

Customer: Green, please.

Shop assistant: How many apples would you like?

Customer: Can I have five apples?

Shop assistant: Of course.

  1. Listening activity.

T: And now let’s watch a short cartoon (video “Peppa Pig. Shopping”) (5+1 min.)


  1. Watching a video “Shopping”.

  2. Post-watching activity.

T: Answer my questions:

  1. Did you like a cartoon?

  2. What is the name of the cartoon?

  3. Where is Peppa and her family?

  4. What products did they buy?

III. Conclusion.

T: Well, our lesson is going to an end soon. And to revise the words, let’s do a crossword. It will help you to learn vocabulary better.

(Children do a crossword)(9 min.)


ACROSS: 1. We can buy meat at the… (butcher’s)

2. We can buy fruit and vegetables at the… (greengrocer’s)

3. We can buy shoes, boots at the… (footwear)

4. We can buy copybooks, magazines at the… (newsagent’s)

DOWN: 5. We can buy milk, butter at the… (dairy)

6. We can buy bread at the… (baker’s)

7. We can buy medicines at the… (chemist’s)

8. We can buy different food at the… (supermarket)

9. A very big shop (store).

IV. The end of the lesson. Summarizing (1 min.)

T. So, our lesson is coming to the end. You’ve worked hard. Did you like a lesson? Thank you for the lesson.

1. Homework.

T: Open your day-books and write down your home task for the next lesson. Your home task is to read a dialogue on p. 125, ex. 3 (dialogue 2).

The lesson is over. See you!

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Для кого: 6 Клас