Travelling. Means of transport.

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План-конспект уроку з англійської мови на тему: "Travelling. Means of transport" з використанням презентації Power Point. Методична розробка уроку має на меті закріпити вживання лексичних одиниць по темі "Подорож. Види транспорту" в усному мовленні, усного продукування по темі, навчанню аудіювання, вмінню працювати учнів в парах та групах.
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Lesson plan

Grade: 6

Topic: Travelling. Means of transport.

Suggested level-А2


- to practice vocabulary and structures on the topic;

- to develop pupils’ reading, speaking and listening skills using active vocabulary on the topic;

- to stimulate pupils’ interest in the culture of another countries;

- to practice group work ;

- to motivate English study.

Learning Outcomes. By the end of the lesson students will be able to:

-talk about means of transport;

- talk about means of transport in London, its advantages and disadvantages;

-use vocabulary on the related topic.

Equipment: a multimedia projector, a computer, a screen, flash cards, course book To the Top 2 (MM Publications) , multimedia presentation, a tape recorder


I . Introduction Time

1.Greeting and Aim. 1 min

T. Good morning boys and girls! Take your seats. You look so nice today! I hope you are fine. Today we have unusual lesson, we have got some guests. Let’s greet them:

P. Welcome to our school!

2. Warming up. 2 min

-And today’s lesson I’d like to start with a proverb:

East or West home is best

-Can you translate it ?

-How do you understand this proverb?

-And today we are going to speak about travelling and means of transport.

II Main part.

1.Brainstorming (мозковий шторм) 1 min

Mind map.

-How can people travel?

-Look we’ve got a spidergram.

2. Discussion. 2 min

-What means of transport can we use when you travel by land?( by bus, on foot)

- What means of transport can we use when you travel by air?

-What means of transport can we use when you travel by sea?( ?

-Why do people travel?(to learn more about people’s traditions, to visit new cities, for pleasure, on business, to enjoy nature.)

3. Vocabulary Practice. 5 min

a)Match the pairs. Find the Ukrainian equivalents of the words.

To miss the train літати

Route запізнитись на поїзд

To fly маршрут

On foot пересідати на інший трамвай

To change the tram пішки

To go by bus подорожувати у справах

To travel on business їхати автобусом

b)work in groups

- Let’s split into 3 groups. Each group has a piece of paper. On this paper there is a text about one of means of transport. Each group have to look throught the text and guess what means of transport is this. But don’t tell what means of transport is this. Then each group read the text to the class . Another groups have to guess what means of transport is this.

- You can make some notes, while each group is reading.

-Let’s start.

1. It is the fastest way of traveling/ It can take you from one town to the other one in time. The seats are comfortable. That is a pity but sometimes you can see very little from the windows. The things are too small to see them. When the weather is rainy or foggy you can not travel by it.

( by plane)

2.This way of traveling is fast. You can stop at any place you like and

go where you like. You need no tickets. Usually families go by it.

(by car) )

3.This is the slowest way of traveling. Both young and old people like it. You need not worry about the tickets. The only thing you need is a rucksack. You can visit many places in such away.

(by bike) )

4.This way of traveling is fast. The carriages are comfortable. It is so pleasant to travel in them. You can see a lot of interesting things from carriage windows. You can make a long journey on land by it.

(by train) )

4. Listening comprehension. 6 min

a) watching a film

-So, do you like travelling? What is the capital of Great Britain? Have you ever been to London? Now we’ve got a chance to visit London.

- Now, pupils, look at the screen, you’ll see a short film about the most interesting sights of London .Your task is to watch a film and try to remember what means of transport are in the film. What famous sights did people see? You can make some notes while you are watching a film.

-Did you like your journey? It was Emily’s family.

-Do they live in London? (No, they don’t. They went sightseeings.)

- What means of transport were in the film?( train, double-decker bus, wheel, boat, underground or tube)

-Did they go by taxi? (No, they didn’t. That’s right. But we’ve seen a taxi in the film)

-What famous sights did people see? )

-Put these means of transport in the order as in a film.

-What sights did they see while they were going by double-decker bus? (Oxford Street, Picadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace, Nelson’s Column Trafalgar Square)

-What did they see from the London Eye? (Big Ben, Green Park)

-They went by boat. What did they see? (London Bridge, the Tower of London)

5. Reading comprehension 13 min

-Open your books at page…You can see London transport again. Read the paragraphs and guess what means of transport is this.

a)(Reading texts by pupils)

P; I think it’s a…

b) True or false sentence.

c) Answer the questions.

6.Vocabulary Practice 8 min

Тhe words in these sentences have been pushed together. Find out what they are by separating then again.

  1. Iusuallygotoworkbycar.

  2. Thebusstopisatthesupermarketintown.

  3. Travellivgisverypopularnowadays.

  4. Manypeopleliketotravellbycar.


Закінчити наступні речення.

Finish the sentences.

a) The fastest way of traveling is (by plane)

b) Traveling by train is slower than (by plane)

c) When traveling by car you can make your own time- (table)

d) There are many ways of getting about the (town)


Прочитати речення і позначити вірні та невірні твердження.

Read the sentences and noticed if the sentences are true or false.



1. Travelling is not popular nowadays.

2. We can not imagine our life without transport.

3. We must cross the street when the light is green.

4. Trams, trolley-buses and buses do not stop at special stops.

5. The metro is the fastest way to get about town.

ІІІ.Summing up.

1.Home assignment. 1 min

2.Summarizing. 3 min

What topic have we spoken about at the lesson? Do you like to travel? What’s your favourite means of travelling? What lesson activities did you like most of all ?

- Did you like the lesson?

Please, mark your answers in the card


Boring card


3.Evaluation 1 min

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