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“The Earth does not belong to us – we belong to the Earth”

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Слайд № 1

The apple as the symbol of the Earth

Слайд № 2

“The Earth does not belong to us we belong to the Earth”

Слайд № 3

Beauty, fresh, wildlife. And the next task is to think about the things that can’t exist without each other. Example: People can’t live without plants, animals, sunshine, water….   Association Game

Слайд № 4

Louis Armstrong

Слайд № 5

I see ____ of green, red _____ too I see them ____ for me and for you And I think to myself what a wonderful world.   I see _____ of blue and _______of white Bright ____day, dark sacred night And I think to myself what a wonderful world.   The _____of a rainbow so pretty in the sky Are also on the ______of people going by I see friends shaking hands saying “How do you do?” They're really saying I ____ you.   I hear _____cry I watch them grow They'll _____much more, than I'll never know And I think to myself what a wonderful world What a wonderful world

Слайд № 6

Match the following English words with their Ukrainians equivalents 1 pollution 2 environment 3 heritage 4 diversity 5 forestry 6 waste 7 generation 8 soil 9 discharge 10 acid rains 11 ozone layer 12 greenhouse effect 13 species 14 threat 15 damage A спадщина B покоління C відходи D забруднення середовища E довкілля F охорона лісів G різноманітність H види тварин I шкода J загроза K викиди L грунт M кислотні дощі N парниковий ефект O озоновий шар

Слайд № 7

“Crosses & Naughts” to endanger, environment,to pollute, nuclear,rainforest, destruction,global warming, pollution, to survive,weapon,waste, poison, to poison, to contaminate, to cause, acid rain

Слайд № 8

.   1 endangered species 6 nuclear waste 10 greenhouse gases 2 acid rain 7 conservation areas 11 plant trees 3 factory emissions 8 thick smog 12 recycle household waste 4 oil spills 5 national parks 9 forest fires 13 illegal fishing

Слайд № 9

It’s time for fun   Guess the hidden words. 1) Try to plant...near your house (e t e r s ). 2) Use less washing up... (i l d i u q). 3) Join the...organization.(e n G e r p c a e e). 4) Don't drop rubbish in the...(e t s s e t r). 5) Use waste...(n s i b). 6) Take some of your… (i b b u r h s) into a recycling center.

Слайд № 10

In 1986 Chornobyl disaster showed that nuclear energy is extremely dangerous. Wastes from the factories contaminate plants, soil and water. Today the greatest problem for humanity is pollution. Group work

Слайд № 11

Our Earth is a wonderful planet. Now people all over the world think about our planet. We know that air and water pollution are the most important problems on our planet. And what do you think what we can do to save our planet from air and water pollution? We can walk or use a bicycle instead of going by car. We must remove rubbish from lakes and rivers. I don’t throw litter in public places. I plant a tree in the garden every year. I never break glass bottles. I don’t cut wild flowers. I take part in a clean-up once a month. Use your own eco-friendly bag when you go shopping. If there are no plants in a city, many people will be affected because cars and factories produce gases which are harmful to humans. Translate the sentences into Ukrainian.

Слайд № 12

Example:If we create more parks, we will have more oxygen. We leave a fire - we destroy the forest. We pollute the air - we change the climate. we throw away plastic bottles - we damage nature. We not recycle paper -we cut down trees to make new paper. IF + PRESENT SIMPLE, + FUTURE SIMPLE

Слайд № 13

Native land Attractive fields Treasure forests Unique places Rare plants Entire paradise.

Слайд № 14

«A rainbow mood» The lesson was interesting (pink colour) The lesson set thinking (green colour) You changed your attitude to the environment (yellow colour) The lesson left you indifferent (blue colour) Reflection

Слайд № 15

Thank you for your hard work

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Опис документу:
Урок – лекція у 10 класі по темі: “The Earth does not belong to us – we belong to the Earth”
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    Англійська мова
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    10 Клас, 11 Клас
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