The Day of Independence

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The Day of Independence

Americans celebrate the Day of Independence on July 4th. People celebrate this holiday with parade, shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires and firework displays.

Every July 4th, Americans have a holiday from work. Communities have day-long picnics with favourite food like hot dogs, hamburgers or buffalo burgers, potato salads and baked beans. There is always a jazz band playing lively music. The afternoon activities would not be complete without a friendly baseball game and a pie-eating or watermelon-eating contests. There is also a traditional rodeo contest in some parts of the USA.

People usually do a lot of shopping a few weeks before the holiday. They buy presents for their relatives and decorations for their houses. On the day of the holiday many of the Americans wear clothes in the colours of their flag: red, white and blue.

In the evening people in towns and cities gather to watch the fireworks display. Wherever Americans are around the globe, they will get together for a traditional 4th of July celebration!

3.Read the statements and mark them T (true) or F (false).

1. People have picnics.

2. People perform their traditional dances.

3. People watch the rodeo competition everywhere in the USA.

4. People eat their traditional food.

5. People meet their relatives.

6. People who live in capital cities watch the firework display.

7. People wear clothes in the colours of their flag: red, white and blue.

4.Read and complete the sentences with the correct tense form of the verbs in brackets.

The Town of Hampton

The town of Hampton is a centre for fishing. One day Saral _____ (to meet) Kingston Winget there. He is in charge of the local history museum. MrWinget ______ (to offer) to show Sara around. He ______(to tell) Sarah that the houses she saw _______(to be) made of young trees and reeds woven together. He also _____________(to show) her a garden. "Now we _________(to grow) the same kinds оf food the Indians ________(to grow) many years ago," said MrWinget.

Inside the museum Sarah _________(to learn) that Hampton іn one of the oldest cities in the United States. English settler ____________(to begin) the city in 1610. "The English ________(to force) the Indians to leave," said MrWinget. "Then they ________(to build) their town in the place the Indians _________(to live)."

Sarah ________(to see) many old drawings and maps that _________(to show) what Hampton looked like long ago. She also ________(to see) things that people made long ago. The museum ________(to have) dishes, teapots, glasses and other things used by the earl people in Hampton.

Guess what symbol you are talking about.

1. It is the official symbol of the USA. You can see this bird many national parks.

2. You can see it on the Presidential Flag and on some coins. This symbol represents an eagle with wings outspread. It holds a bi die of rods in the left claw and an olive twig in the right claw.

3. This is a living symbol of America. It stands for the past, present and the future of the country. The stripes remind us the 13 original colonies. The stars stand for the 50 states bound together as one country.

Indians Were the First Americans

The first people in North America were the people we now usually call American Indians or Native Americans. A native is a person who was born in a place. The Native Americans were the first people on the continent. They came to the continent through a bridge between Siberia and Alaska.

There are many different groups of Indian people. Indian people lived in tribes. Each tribe once spoke a different language. The different Indian groups were different in other ways, too. They had different beliefs and customs. They had different ways of meeting their basic needs. Indian groups had different cultures. All people have a culture. The food we eat and the clothing we wear are part of our culture. The language and the things people believe in are part of their culture, too.

3.Work in pairs. Take turns to ask and answer the questions to the text.

1. Who were the first people in North America?

2. What person is called a native?

3. Are there many groups of Indian people?

4. What was their way of life?

5. How did Indians meet their basic needs?

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