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Miss Mouse

After Michaela Muntean

Every first of April Miss Mouse plants a garden in neat and tidy rows. A little row of carrots, a little row of tomatoes, and then another little row of lovely cucumbers.

But this year when she started to plant her little rows, she stopped and said quite suddenly, “This bores me to my toes! I know what I will do! I’ll plant the biggest garden ever seen by any mouse!”

First she had to plant the seeds. It took her all day long. While she planted, she sang a planting song:

Plant a little of this,

and a little of that.

Cover the seed,

and give it a pat!

Soon green plants started growing. They grew and grew and grew. And everyone in Mouseville came to aah and ooh. “Oh, what lovely carrots!” they cried. Reporters took Miss Mouse’s picture for the Mouseville Times. The garden grew much bigger, and then it grew some more. It covered all the windows, it covered the front door!

That garden was enormous, and the plants were very high. The mailman left her letters on the pumpkin.

Miss Mouse proudly laughed and said: “Isn’t my garden fine!”

Then one day she woke to find five mushrooms on her sheet, ten cucumbers on her pillow and six peppers at her feet!

There were tomatoes on the wall. There were pumpkins in the hall! Carrots in the bathroom!

Onion on a chair, and cabbage everywhere!

“Oh, my goodness!” cried Miss Mouse. “My garden’s grown too much!”

She knew she had to call for help, but couldn’t find the phone. Then finally she found it where some peppers grew. She called her best friend Field Mouse. She asked him to come quick.

“Bring everyone you know!” she cried. “There are vegetables to pick!”

So everyone in Mouseville rushed out to help

Miss Mouse. “Where are you?” they cried helplessly.

“We cannot see your house!”

“My garden’s growing everywhere!” she shouted.

“Please, start picking vegetables because I cannot get out!”

And so they started picking fruit and vegetables.

They picked more kinds of vegetables than you can see in any shop.

When finally they found Miss Mouse, she cried, “How could I know that THIS would happen when things began to grow!”

Don’t worry,” Field Mouse told her. “It isn’t that bad. We’ll make the biggest salad that we have ever had!”

All day they made that salad. Then they had a garden party on Mouseville’s football field.

Good-bye and thank you,” said Miss Mouse when all her friends were going. “Next year I’ll keep my garden small!”

1. “This bores me to my toes!” means:

a) “It’s not interesting to do the same every year!”

b) “It’s easier to plant with my toes!”

c) “It’s difficult to plant a garden!”

2. What did Miss Mouse change in her garden?

a) she planted cucumbers

b) she planted more plants than she usually did

c) she planted all the plants in rows

3. “And everyone in Mouseville came to aah and ooh.” ‘to aah and ooh’ means:

a) to show that they are scared

b) to show that they like the garden

c) to show that they don’t like the garden

4. What happened when the garden became big?

a) Nobody in Mouseville liked her big garden

b) She stopped getting letters

c) Miss Mouse became popular in her town

5. “It covered all the windows, it covered the front door!” ‘It’ means:

a) Miss Mouse’s picture

b) the garden

c) a pumpkin

6. When did Miss Mouse understand that her garden was too big?

a) when she found letters on the pumpkin

b) when she found her pictures in the newspaper

c) when she found vegetables growing in her house

7. Why did Miss Mouse call her friend?

a) she needed help to make salad

b) she needed help to find the phone

c) she needed help to pick the vegetables

8. Where was Miss Mouse when the mice started picking her vegetables?

a) in the house

b) in the garden

c) in the shop

9. What did mice do in the football field at the end of the story?

a) they played football

b) they had a salad party

c) they congratulated Miss Mouse

10. What will Miss Mouse do next year?

a) she’ll plant a small garden

b) she’ll make a garden party

c) she’ll plant her garden in the football field

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