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  • Тест з англійської мови на тему: "Use of English". У тесті використано лексичний матеріал: (в тому числі, фразеологічних та стійких словосполучень, фразових дієслів, прийменникових конструкцій) в контексті.

Тест з англійської мови на тему: "Use of English". У тесті використано лексичний матеріал: (в тому числі, фразеологічних та стійких словосполучень, фразових дієслів, прийменникових конструкцій) в контексті.

Відображення документу є орієнтовним і призначене для ознайомлення із змістом, та може відрізнятися від вигляду завантаженого документу

Отримати код Поділитися

Use of English

1. We ______ in love in the school disco.

Fell Ran

2. It was love _____ the first sight.

At from

3. We are head _______ heels in love.

Over under

4. It only took her two weeks to fall in love ______ me.

With to

5. I think we need to split _____

Out up

6. My younger daughter takes _____ her granny.

For after

7. Do you take ______ notes during classes?

Down on

8. I am looking ______ New Year presents in the shopping mall now.

For up

9. Do you look _____ to your parents?

Up down

10. I always look ________ a sunny weather.

For forward to

11. I like giving presents ______ New Year Day.

On in

12. I was cross ______ my friends.

Up with

13. He is interested ______ music.

In at

14. I am a fan ____ rock music.

Of in

15. She is keen ____ sport.

At on

16. They are mad ______ playing tennis.

About at

17. My parent’s house is in the _________ of the countryside.

Head heart

18. Her work is in the middle of _______

Nothing nowhere

19. I ______ my alarm every day.

Set give

20. You should _______ attention to every detail.

Give pay

21. I always get ___ well with most of my classmates.

In on

22. My sister devoted her life _____ work.

In to

23. You need to focus ____ this exercise.

At on

24. My sister looks _____ her ill mother.

Into after

25. You should take care ________ elderly people.

For of

26. My mood depends ______ the weather.

In on

27. I am fed up ____ this boring job.

At with

28. We are run out _____ sugar. Let’s buy some.

For of

29. When I’m abroad, I always keep in touch ____ my parents.

At with


She has a husband, but she fiddle _____ her colleague.

With up

31. They get ______ together again.

Up back

32. My sisters often argue, but today they made _____ with each other again.

Out up

33. She wants to tie the ______ this year.

Treat knot

34. You should go ______ darker colours because they are more slimming.

For in

35. If you take _____ sport, you’ll get slim very quickly.

Up in

36. I really need to go _____ a diet before holidays.

For on

37. I’ve put ______ a lot of weight and can’t do _____ my jeans.

On, up up, on

38. I must cut _____ on the number of chocolate bars I eat every day.

Down up

39. She is good _____ English.

On at

40. _______ my opinion, she is a reliable person.

To in

41. _______ my mind, it’s better to study than miss classes.

To in

42. I agree with her. We have a common _________.

Opinion ground

43. If you want to get a lot of money, you have to stick_____ the rules.

For to

44. She is a successful businessman. She earns a ______.

Fortune money

45. Your negative behavior can lead ______ serious problems.

For to

46. Are you really afraid ____ spiders?

At of

47. My sister belongs ______ a famous sport club.

For to

48. My dream is to succeed ______ my life.

On in

49. You can always count ______ me.

At on

50. I suddenly bump ______ a strange man.

In into

51. Why are you staring _____ me?

For at

52. My parents often are wrapped up _____ their work.

On in

53. You have to ______ more efforts to succeed.

Do make

54. You are brilliant. You really______ a progress.

Do make

55. Starting _____ your own business can involve a lot of hard work.

On up

56. Why are you going ______ strike?

In on

57. It’s a good idea to check ______ a company before your interview.

Up out

58. I want to apply ____ a job today.

To for

59. I hate people who talk about me____ my back.

Behind after

60. I couldn’t wish _____ better parents. They are great/

About for

61. My parents tell me _____ for my bad behavior.

In off

62. I’m crazy _____ cooking.

At about

63. It’s sometimes difficult for me to _______ a decision.

Do make

64. I’m scared ______ snakes.

About of

65. Vegetables are good ______ you.

At for

Опис документу:
Тест на знання фразових дієслів, сталих виразів та фраз. Мета тесту - перевірити словниковий запас учнів. Тест орієнтований на учнів 10-11 класів, які мають знати даний матеріал перед ЗНО. Крім того, лексичний матеріал допомагає студентам розвинути необхідні навички для успішного складання іспитів.

Зверніть увагу, свідоцтва знаходяться в Вашому особистому кабінеті в розділі «Досягнення»

Курс:«Протидія шкільному насильству»
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