Test in Writing: Present Perfect Tense

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Контрольна робота з письма (Present Perfect Tense)

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Test in Writing


  1. Make up the sentences using Present Perfect Tense.

  1. Her mother ______just _______(to make) a new skirt.

  2. I ________(to open) a box of chocolates recently.

  3. They ________just ________(to talk) about it.

  4. My friend ________(to tell) me an interesting story lately.

  5. We ________just _______(to write) an exercise.

  6. My father _______just _______(to read) a newspaper.

  7. His grandmother ________(to make) a tasty cake lately.

  8. My pupils ________already ________(to learn) a lot of English words.

  9. My little sister _______just _________(to have) lunch.

10) I ________never ________(to be) to London.

II. Chose the right form.

1) ______ Steven like to go to the cinema with us?

a) Is b) Does c) Would

2) I don't think _______ money is really important.

a) the b) – c) a

3) I don't mind _______ this exercise again.

a) doing b) to do c) do

4) _______ you allowed to wear jewellery at school?

a) Did b) Could c) Were

5) Joanna decided ________ Art at the Art Academy.

a) to study b) studying c) study

6) I start work at 6.30 a.m. so I _______ get up very early.

a) mustn't b) have to c) shouldn't

7) When I was a teenager I _____ tidy up my room.

a) should b) had to c) could

8) My friend is ________ at English than me.

a) as good b) the best c) better

1 c, 2 b, 3 a, 4 c, 5 a, 6 b 7) b 8) c

Test in Writing


  1. Make up the sentences using Present Perfect Tense.

  1. I _______never ________(to eat) caviar.

  2. We ________(to be) to Spain yet.

  3. She ________ (not to write) to me since last summer.

  4. My friend and I __________ (to see) an interesting film recently.

  5. They __________ (not to have) a holiday this year.

  6. My elder sister ___________ just __________ (to come) back.

  7. My father __________ already __________ (to read) these magazines.

  8. The pupils ___________ (not to do) Exercise 5 yet.

  9. His mother ________ never ________ (to translate) such difficult articles.

10) I __________ (to call) him several times this week.

II. Chose the right form.

1) I like _______ strawberries very much.

a) the b) - c) a

2) You _______ smoke in public places. It's not allowed.

a) shouldn't b) mustn't c) don't have to.

3) When he was 17, he______to come home after11 p.m.

a) must b) could c) was allowed

4) I don't really want _______ to this party.

a) to go b) go c) going

5) I've _______ finished my essay. How about you?

a) already b) yet c) still

6)I think Robert is ________ at Maths than you.

a) worse b) the worst c) as bad

7) I bought her a book ________ was very interesting.

a) who b) which c) where

8) I don't mind _______ this film again.

a) to watch b) watching c) watch

1 b, 2 b, 3 c, 4 a, 5 a, 6 a, 7 b, 8 b

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