Тест для 10 класу

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Даний тест містить завдання для перевірки навичок читання та письма. Частина Reading подана у формі тесту множинного вибору, частина Writing спрямована на перевірку граматичних навичок учнів та вміння писати informal letter.
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Test. Form 10

Variant I


Read and complete the text below. For each of the empty spaces ( 1-12) choose the correct answer ( A,B,C or D).


Most journeys in Britain and the USA are made by road. Some of these are made on (1)___________transport but most are by private car.

In Britain many people rely on their car for daily local activities, e.g. getting to work, (2)__________the shopping, and visiting friends. People living in urban areas may use buses, trains or, in London, the underground, to get to city centers, mainly because traffic is often (3)____________and it is difficult to find anywhere to park a car. Some places in the country may have a bus only two or three times a week so people living there have no (4)___________but to rely on their cars. In the US large cities have good public transportation systems. The railroad in Chicago and the underground system in New York, Boston, San Francisco and Washington, DC are heavily used. Elsewhere , most Americans (5)___________to use their cars. Families often have two cars and, outside major cities, have to (6)____________fairly long distance to schools, offices, shops, banks, etc. Many college and even high-school students have their own cars.

Long-distance travel in Britain is also mainly by road,( 7)_________railways link most towns and cities. Most places are linked by motorways or other fast roads and many people prefer to drive at their own (8)______________rather than use a train, even though they may get (9)____________in a traffic jam. Long-distance coach/buses services are usually a cheaper (10)___________to trains, but they take longer and may be less comfortable. Some long-distance travel, especially that undertaken for business(11)____________, may be by air. There are (12)_____flights between regional airports, as well as to and from London.


A universal

B civil

C public

D common


A making

B doing

C performing

D preferring


A heavy

B large

C full

D big


A variety

B selection

C idea

D choice


A agree

B object

C prefer

D refuse


A ride

B drive

C move

D transfer


A but

B thus

C though

D and


A convenience

B usefulness

C suitability

D availability


A stuck

B used

C fixed

D puzzled


A replace

B substitute

C alternative

D choice


A schemes

B procedures

C ideas

D reasons


A typical

B regular

C ordinary

D normal


  1. Complete the sentences by circling the correct prepositions.

  1. The mat is a small carpet placed at/near the door.

  2. He jumped in/into the river and swam to the opposite bank.

  3. We rented the apartment in/at Number 3 Maple Street.

  4. Houses in/at the suburbs are in great demand now.

  5. If you want some peaches, you’ll have to climb up/down the tree.

  6. Children like hiding under/above the bed.

  7. I can’t get used to living at/on the 15th floor.

  1. Complete the sentences using the necessary forms of the verbs.

  1. If I have time, I__________________( write) to him.

  2. If today__________________(be) Sunday, we could go to the beach.

  3. If I didn’t have to study, we__________________( go out) tonight.

  4. If it hadn’t snowed, we______________________( leave) yesterday.

  5. If you are in Paris, ____________________( call) me.

  6. She would have sold the house, if she _________________( find) the right buyer.

  7. If I____________(be) you, I__________________(spend) the week-end in London.

  1. Your penfriend writes that he/she would like to have a dog but his/her parents don’t let him/her to have one. He/she complains that his/her parents don’t understand him. Write a letter to your frend in which advise him/her :

  • To try and understand that having a dog is a great responsibility

  • To act so as to prove to the parents that he/she is a responsible person

  • To talk to the parents to find out their reasons for refusal

  • To start with having a smaller pet.

Write a letter of at least 100 words.

Test. Form 10

Variant II


Read and complete the text below. For each of the empty spaces ( 1-12) choose the correct answer ( A,B,C or D).


In Britain, works of art are (1)__________in art galleries and, especially outside London, in museums. Shop that sell paintings are also(2) ________galleries. In the US public art collections are displayed in art museums , and a gallery is a place where people go to buy works of art.

Many galleries and museums in Britain and the US receive limited financial (3)__________from national or local government. Some galleries obtain money through sponsorship. Works of art are often expensive and galleries can rarely buy them without organizing a public appeal or, in Britain,(4)__________money from the National Art Collections Fund.

Visiting an art gallery is a popular leisure activity for a large number of British people. Galleries and museums are friendlier places than they used to be. Many try to (5)_______children’s interest in art by (6)________school visits. Most Americans make their first (7)________to an art museum with their school class, but when they are older, they usually only visit museums when they travel on vacation.

The most popular galleries in Britain, all London, are the National Gallery, which(8)________over 4 million visitors a year, the Tate Gallery, which specializes in the work of British artists. Important art museums in the Us include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Galleries sometimes mount exhibitions of the paintings of the paintings of one artist, e.g. Turner, that are brought together from all over the world. People are (9)___________to queue for a long time to see them. Many people admire old masters, famous works by great artists, but have little interest in modern art. New works receive (10)__________in the media only when they are unusual or likely to shock people. Galleries and museums try to encourage a more positive(11)_______
to modern art but many people(12)___________doubtful.


A presented

B seen

C displayed

D shown


A said

B called

C known

D proclaimed


A defense

B money

C protection

D support


A asking

B asking for

C begging

D demanding


A encourage

B start

C begin

D bring


A arranging

B doing

C making

D realizing


A arranging

B trip

C journey

D tour


A voyage

B bears

C obtains

D experiences


A glad

B prepared

C happy

D willing


A fame

B celebrity

C reputation

D publicity


A attitude

B position

C survey

D meaning


A continue

B go

C remain

D rest


  1. Complete the sentences by circling the correct prepositions.

  1. They decided to places the armchair between/among the sofa and fireplace.

  2. I dream to spend a couple of days in/at Venice.

  3. Walt kissed me on/in the cheek.

  4. Teenagers seldom stay in/at home in the evening.

  5. Between/Among my friends there are a lot of students.

  6. We met in/on the plane to Brazil.

  7. Ann is a shy girl and prefers keeping in/at the back.

  1. Complete the sentences using the necessary forms of the verbs.

  1. If you___________(miss) the beginning of the film, you would have enjoyed it better.

  2. I________________( change) my mind if you had told me about everything honestly.

  3. If I were as clever as Francis I___________( be) a millionaire already.

  4. If they had known him, they_____________( talk) to him.

  5. We would have arrived sooner, if we_____________(lose) our way.

  6. We could go for a drive if today____________(be) Friday.

  7. If I had seen the movie, I__________(tell) you about it last night.

  1. Some days ago you went to a concert of your favorite group. Write a letter to your friend in which:

  • Tell him/her about your tastes in music

  • Describe the place where the concert took place and how you got there

  • Comment on the feelings the concert inspired in you

  • Say why attending live performances is more enjoyable then watching some TV.

Write a letter of at least 100 words.

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