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Контрольна робота з англійської мови за підручником "Real Life"

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Task I. Choose the correct form of the verb:

1. When I______it______yesterday.

a)wake up, was raining; b)woke up, rained; c)woke up, was raining; d) 've woken up, was raining

2. When they …………. at the cinema, the film ………… already ………….

a) came, had begun; b) come, has begun; c) will came, had begun; d) are coming, is beginning

3. Last night I______home at 11. I______supper and then______to bed.

a) have come, had, went; b) came, had, went; c) came, have had, went; d) came, had, have gone

4. We ……….. …………….. in the country since Saturday.

a) has been; b) will be; c) had been; d) have been

5. They______for 20 minutes when his mother came in.

a) talked; b) were talking; c) have talked; d) had been talking


1. The pupils … (translate) the text by the end of the lesson.

2. He …. (buy) a present a week ago.

3. I … (watch) TV at 3 o’clock yesterday.

4. While I … (work) in the garden I … (find) a puppy.

5. When they came, the party … (begin) already.

Task III. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.

  1. Gina never _________(wear) jeans to work.

  2. My best friend ______ (have) two cats and one dog.

  3. At 11 p.m. on Friday night Tim _________(work) on his project.

  4. Can you hear that? Our neighbours ________ (have) an argument again.

  5. I'm sorry I __________(not remember) to bring your book yesterday.

  6. When I _________(open) the door, all the guests _________(dance).

Task IV. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense:

1. The film contained some very violent scenes/editing/scripts.

2. Have you seen any publicity/cartoon/adverts for flat screen TVs? I'd really like to

buy a new one.

3. Yesterday somebody stole a computer from our neighbour's house.

Vandalism/Burglary/ Robbery is a crime which is increasing in our town.

4. Did you watch that fantasy/historical drama/horror movie about the French

revolution yesterday? It was really good.


I. Choose the correct form of the verb

1. His grandfather______from his job a year ago.

a) has retired; b) was retiring; c) retires; d) retired

2. We______from her since June.

a) have heard; b) haven't heard; c) had heard; d) weren't hearing

3.______he______about the opera before?

a) had spoken; b) was speaking; c) has spoken; d) did speak

4.What ………… you ……………at 7 o’clock yesterday?

a) did, do; b) are, doing; c) were, doing; d) have, done

5. …………. you often ……….. with your friends?

a) Do, argue; b) Will, argue; c) Have, argued; d) Are, argued


1. She … (go) home by 5 p.m. yesterday.

2. We … (dance) a lot at the disco last Saturday.

3. It … (snow) all day yesterday.

4. When the teacher … (come) into the classroom, Steven … (make) fun of Ann.

5. She couldn’t phone her because he … (forget) her phone number.

Task III. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.

  1. My sister never _________ (watch TV) before school.

  2. Please, don't talk to me at the moment. I _______ (do) my homework.

  3. We _________(not ask) the teacher about our homework questions yesterday.

  4. Maria ________(have) a twin sister and a younger brother.

  5. At 5 p.m. yesterday I _________(watch) a film.

  6. When I ________(come) into the classroom, all my classmates _______ (write) something in their notebooks.

Task IV. Choose the correct word(s) to complete the sentence:

1. Have you thought of writing your own novel/ blog/poetry?

It helps you make friends online and communicate with people all over the world.

2. Did you watch the quiz show/reality show/soap opera yesterday? The questions

were easy.

3. I read a newspaper/a short story/a magazine every day - I want to know what's

happening in the world.

4. Last week two men stole money from the till. There are a lot of

burglaries/robberies/people who shoplift in this area.

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