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Тема: Україна – наша Батьківщина.

Англійська мова

Для кого: 8 Клас





Опис документу:

Конспект уроку " Україна - наша Батьківщина". Мета цього конспекту : активізувати навички й уміння усного мовлення; виховувати любов до рідної країни та культуру мовлення; вчити учнів сприймати та відтворювати отриману інформацію; розвивати навички читання, говоріння та письма.

Отримати код

Theme: Ukraine

Ukraine is our Motherland


  1. to revise the main language points on the topic;

  2. to develop students` fluency in using English, use and further development of patterns and expressions to the topic “Ukraine”;

  3. to teach students to respect our native country;

  4. to develop students` skills in listening comprehension

Materials needed: pictures, photos of different places in our country, a map of Ukraine; words on the board, cards for matching and making the sentences

Procedure of the Lesson

I Greeting

II Purpose: Introduction of the theme

T.: First of all look at the blackboard and match the first of the phrase with the second one to make up a proverb

East or west …

own nest

Every bird likes its …

home is best

It is a dirty place …

that fouls its own nest

Home-keeping hearts …

like home

There is no place …

are the happiest

Geographical Quiz

Say what it is

  1. A large town (city)

  2. The most important town in a country (capital)

  3. The number of people who live in a place (population)

  4. A large stream of water that flows across the land (river)

  5. A big piece of water with land around (lake)

  6. The weather that a place has (climate)

  7. A rounded and raised land form, not as high as a mountain (hill)

  8. Low ground between hills(valley)

III Vocabulary practice

Revising vocabulary

T.: Read the words, word-combinations and sentences with their translation (Ex. 25, p. 11), cover the left side of the page and translate the words, word-combinations and sentences into English in 35 seconds


Make up sentences, using these words and word-combinations:

sovereignty, independence, to proclaim, our flag, the , in the centre of Europe, state

Language work

Put as many questions as you can get more information.

Ukraine is a sovereign state

IV Rest Minute

T.: Let`s sing the song “Kyiv of Mine” (Music by Ihor Shamo, Lyrics by Dmytro Lutscenko). Does it express your feeling to our country, to Kyiv?

V Talk show: Our Motherland

T.: As you know the word “Motherland” has two meanings. First, it is the place you were born in. then it means the whole country. For some people their Motherland begins in the house they were born and grew up. For other people it is their native village or town. Usually this place is the best one in the world. They say, “There is no place like home”. And our Motherland is Ukraine. It`s so beautiful and her people are so generous, good-natured, hospitable and talented.

If you enjoy the beauty of your mother tongue, you love your native land. If you admire the Ukrainian landscape, you certainly love it. Love your dear land with whole heart as Taras Shevchenko, Volodymyr Sosura did!

Ann is a TV presenter and she`s going to have a talk with you.

Ann : - There are a lot of wonderful songs, poems about love of Motherland. Do you know any proverbs about it?

  • As you know the word “Motherland” has two meanings. What are they?

  • What does your Motherland begin with?

  • Tell about culture and science in Ukraine

Use the following word-combinations and sentences as a plan:

  1. To achieve great success

  2. To make a valuable contribution into science

  3. To be known all over the world

  4. A noted space designer

  5. Welding in space

  6. Electric welding

  7. Literature and arts are developing very successfully

  8. Ukrainian books are translated into many languages

VI Summary of the lesson

VII Marks commentary

VIII Home Assignment

Your homework for the next lesson will be to write a composition on the topic “Culture and Science in Ukraine”

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