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Тексти для читання та аудіювання з англійської мови призначені для учнів 5 – 6 класів. Їх використання у навчальному процесі допоможе учням засвоїти лексичний матеріал та поглибити знання з іноземної мови, збагатити лексичний запас учнів.

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Read the text


English families like to spend their holidays and weekends in the countryside. The English countryside is like a carpet of many flowers in every season. In spring and summer the fields, the meadows and the forests are light green and dark green, and the gardens are red, blue, yellow and white with flowers. In autumn the leaves on the trees change their colour from green to yellow, brown and red.

The English summer is never very hot and in winter it is not cold. Spring and autumn are cool. There is little snow in winter, and it never stays on the ground for long. But there is much rain in England all the year round. The weather is very changeable.

The grass in the mountains is green all the year round, that's why you can see many cows and sheep in the meadows of the mountains.

English children like to play football very much.

Complete the sentences according to the text above.

1. English families like to spend their holidays in

2. In summer the gardens are red

3. In spring and summer the fields and forests are

4. In autumn the leaves on the trees

5. The English summer is

  1. Spring and autumn are

  2. The weather in England is

  3. It often

  4. The grass in the mountains is

Read the story.

Every day there are more and more people living on the Earth. All these people need room to live. So, they move into places that are already homes for plants and animals. Forests are cut down, and wild areas are filled with houses and stores. When people move into a new land the plants and animals that live there can become endangered and begin to disappear. Some even become extinct — which means that they all die and go from the Earth forever. We enjoy pictures and stories about the dinosaurs who lived on the Earth many millions of years ago. They are extinct now. That could happen to elephants, zebras, redwood trees, frogs, butterflies, robins, or goldfish, or another animals if we're not careful. Let's keep the Earth green and healthy and full of millions of wonderful creatures.

Are the statements true (+) or false (-)?

  1. There are more and more people living on the Earth.

  2. People need more places to live

  3. People want animals' homes to live in.

  4. People cut down forests and build houses and stores.

  5. When people move into a new land many plants and animals disappear.

  6. To become extinct means that animals or plants move into new lands.

  7. Dinosaurs lived on the Earth ten hundred years ago.

  8. If we're not careful animals and plants could disappear like dinosaurs.

  9. People should keep the Earth healthy and full of wonderful creatures.

Read the text.


One day a traveller in Africa went for a walk. When he was far from home, he saw a lion. The lion saw him at the same time and began to go after him. When the traveller walked quickly, the lion walked quickly, too. When he stopped, the lion also stopped. The man thought, "The lion is going to jump at me when it is dark. I cannot run away, so I must think of something." He looked round and saw a large stone. It was near the river which the lion could not see. The man came to the stone and sat behind it. Then he took a stick, put his coat and his hat on it and put the stick out above the stone.

Soon the lion came nearer. He saw the coat and the hat and jumped at them. He jumped straight over the place where the man sat and fell into the river. It was his last jump, and the traveller went home.

Answer the questions.

  1. Where did a traveller in Africa go one day?

  2. Whom did he see when he was far from home?

  3. What did the lion do?

  4. How did the man walk?

5. What did the traveller think?

6. What did the traveller see near the river/?

7. What did he decide to do?

8. What did the traveller put on a stick?

9. Where did the traveller put out the stick?

10. Why did the lion jump at the stick?

11. What happened with the lion?

12. What did the traveller do after that?

Read the text.


I live in Kharkiv. Kharkiv is a very big city in Ukraine, but it is not the capital. Kharkiv is not very old; it is 350 years old.

There are a lot of beautiful large and high buildings, big shops, offices, museums, monuments, theatres, cinemas and hotels in the city. In the streets and squares of Kharkiv you can see many cars, buses, trolley-buses, trams and taxis. We have an underground in Kharkiv, too. It is very quick.

The streets and squares are green with trees and flowers. Sumska Street is very long. It is the main street in Kharkiv. You can see many hospitals, schools, institutes, universities, factories and big plants in my city.

More than a million people live in Kharkiv.

I love my native city very much.

Answer the questions.

  1. Is Kharkiv a big city?

  2. Is Kharkiv the capital of Ukraine?

3. Is Kharkiv a Ukrainian or Russian city?

4. How old is Kharkiv?

5. What can you see in the streets of Kharkiv?

6. Is there an underground in Kharkiv?

7. Why are the streets and squares in Kharkiv green?

8. What is the main street in Kharkiv?

9. Is the main street long?

10. Are there many schools, institutes, hospitals and shops in Kharkiv?

11. How many people live in Kharkiv?

12. Do the people of Kharkiv love their native city?

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