Сценарій позакласного заходу з англійської мови для учнів 5-7 класів на тему: "Хелловін"

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Цей сценарій стане в пригоді вчителям англійської мови, які прагнуть ознайомити учнів з традиціями проведення свята "Хелловін" та зацікавити учнів у вивченні англійської мови.Сценарій містить опис змагань та теоретичний матеріал.

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Мета проведення

  1. Ознайомити учнів з традиціями Англії та Америки на прикладі святкування Halloween (31 жовтня) та зацікавити учнів у вивченні англійської мови.

Teacher: Hello everybody! We've gathered together for our Halloween Party. We want all of you to enjoy the party, to be merry and jolly. Today is October, 31.

Teacher: Let’s remember Halloween’s traditions.

Pupil 1: On Halloween children dress up in costumes and go from door to door at dusk gleefully calling"Trick or Treat!" The holiday got its name from "All Hallows Evening" or the evening before All Saints Day, November 1, according to the western European Christian church calendar. However, its traditions date back to pre-Christian Celtic beliefs once prevalent in what is now known as Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. Irish immigrants brought these customs with them to the United States.

Pupil 2: October 31 was the eve of the Celtic new year, a time when ghosts or evil spirits walked the earth andmingled mischievously with the living. Costumes and jack-o'-lanterns were thought to protectpeople from any harm they might cause. A jack-o'-lantern is a face carved into one side of a hollowed out pumpkin in which a lighted candle has been placed. This gives it an inviting yellow and orangeglow on a dark autumn night. This is why the Halloween colours are orange and black. Even today small children are told that any house with a jack-o-lantern burning in the window is a safe place to go trick-or-treating. The custom of trick or treating comes from when children dressed in costumes on All Souls' Day and went from house to house for soul cakes.

Pupil 3: Children still go begging for treats. However, over the last few years, school, church and neighbourhood parties are replacing the custom of trick or treating from house to house. More and more adults are also celebrating Halloween with masquerade parties in which they dress up like political and historical figures, or just plain old scary fellows from recent horror films like ghosts, vampires, goblins, Frankenstein, etc. Witches flying on broomsticks with black cats, skeletons, spiders and haunted houses are other symbols of Halloween.

Pupil 4: Another popular activity at Halloween parties is bobbing for apples. One person at a time must get an apple out of a tub of water without using his hands and only by sinking his or her face into the water and biting the apple. The party may start or end with a Halloween costume parade, wherein those with the best or scariest costumes receive prizes. Telling scary stories or "ghost" stories whilehuddledtogether by candlelight or around a fire outside is one of the highlights of Halloween night. Any story will do, but it must be spoken in a low, tense voice and reach a startling climax.

Teacher: Dear pupils, as you know, in a week's time we are going to have a Halloween Party. And now we have to decide who will be who and what shall we do. In this part pupils from the 5 till 10 forms party will take. What are your suggestions?

P1: We should have a contest of posters.

T: It's a good idea! What else?

P2: To make a lot of pumpkins with terrible grins and lights in then.

T: Of course, we will.

P3: To draw monster pictures to frighten the little ones.

T: Just don't frighten them to death.

All pupils: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha...

T: Any other ideas?

P4: Why not make a dress-up parade? I'll be a vampire.

P5: I'll be a witch.

P6: Me too.

P1: I'll be a demon.

P2, P3: We'll be evil spirits.

P7: I'll be a monster.

P8: I'll be a black cat.

T: OK, OK. Wait, Wait... A large carnival procession. Well, and then make your costumes. And don't forget, we should write and send out invitations to our party.

Next time we'll talk about when Halloween was first celebrated and why a pumpkin is a symbol of this festival. Goodbye for now.

P1: We begin our traditional Halloween Party! We have two teams which are going to have a contest tonight. Welcome the team "Bloody Oranges"... and another team is called "Witches"... Now let me introduce our jury...

P2: Let us start our Halloween competition. The first contest is Halloween Theatre. The team "Bloody Oranges" has prepared a play which is called "Bloody Oranges".

"Bloody Oranges"

Pupil 1: Once upon a time there was a family. There were four of them: a mother, father, a son and a daughter. They were having dinner on the 31-st of October. They had already eaten their dinner but suddenly mother realized that she had forgotten to put oranges on the table.

Mother: Oh, dear! Where are the oranges? I think they are in the cellar. Jane, go to the cellar and bring the oranges.

Pupil 2: Jane goes to the cellar, opens the door and has the feeling that there is somebody in the room, but she does not see anybody. On the shelf she sees the oranges.

Jane: Ah! Here are the oranges!

Pupil 1: But when she wants to take the oranges she hears a strange voice.

Voice: Do not take my bloody oranges! Go away!

Pupil 2: Jane is frightened and she runs up to the dinning room.

Jane: I could not find the oranges. Ask Max to bring them!

Mother: Max, go to the cellar and bring the oranges, please.

Max: Of course, Мама. Only those silly girls cannot find the oranges!

Pupil 1: He goes downstairs opens the door and on the shelf he sees the oranges. He wants to take them.

Pupil 2: But he hears the same strange voice.

Voice: Voice: Do not take my bloody oranges! Go away!

Pupil 1: Max is scared too and he runs upstairs out of the cellar.

Max: I have not brought the oranges. Let father go there!

Mother: My darling, will you go to the cellar and bring those oranges, please?

Father: OK

Pupil 1 He goes downstairs opens the door and on the shelf he sees the oranges. He wants to take them. But he hears the same strange voice.

Voice: Do not take my bloody oranges! Go away!

Father: I am not afraid of you! I need these oranges and I will take them!

Pupil 2: Fifteen minutes passed but nobody came back. Mother, Jane and Max went to the cellar together. They opened the door and on the floor they saw their dead father with bloody oranges around him.

Voice: Ha! Ha! Ha!

Pupil 1: Thank you, "Bloody Oranges"! Your Halloween play was really horrible Пор now it is "Witches"' turn to act out their play which is called "A little witch"

"A little witch"

Prince Henry: I do not want to hurt your feelings, Merlin, but I am tired of wizards. I want to invite a Witch for a change.

Wizard: When do you want to make a change?

Prince Henry: On Halloween, of courses. Could you find me a witch?

Wizard: Certainly, I know a lot of witches

Prince Henry: Great! Get me a Witch today and you can leave. Wait, I will bring you a purse of gold.

Prince goes out

Wizard: That is gratitude!

Prince returns with a purse of gold.

King Henry Here you are, Merlin, your gold. But do not forget-before you go find me a witch

Wizard: I have already found you a witch, Sire. You should only cast a magic spell.

King Henry: Oh! I love magic spells!

Wizard: Repeat after me three times:

Abracadabra bow-wow

Tadpoles and lizards

Instead of wizards

I want a witch!

Wizard goes out. A very big witch appears.

A big witch; Hello! I am your court witch.

Prince Henry: Oh! You are too big!

A big witch: You do not like big witches, do you? Then say a spell again.

Prince Henry:

Abracadabra bow-wow

Tadpoles and lizards

Instead of a big witch

I want a smaller one!

A middle size witch appears.

A middle size witch: Do you call me? I am at your service!

Prince Henry: But you are not much smaller than the first one.

A middle size witch: You do not like middle size witches, do you? Then cast a spell again.

Prince Henry:

Abracadabra bow-wow

Tadpoles and lizards

Instead of middle size witch

I want a little one.

A little witch appears

A little witch: Will I do? Now it is my turn to cast a spell.

Abracadabra bow-wow

Tadpoles and lizards

Instead of a prince

I want a dog.

Prince turns into a dog

Prince - dog: Bow wow, bow-wow. I want to be a prince. Turn me back!

Three witches: Ha! Ha! Ha!

Pupil 1: Thank you, Witches! Your Halloween play was also horrible and at the same time it was funny. And we continue our party. While the jury is counting the points let us play our favourite game "Bobbing for the apples". Stand in two lines and when I say "Go!" one by one run to the bowls with water and apples and try to take the apple out of the water. Don't use your hands! You can only bite the apples. Those who will manage to get the apples out of the water first will be the winners. One, two, three...go!

Well done! The winners are....

Pupil 2: And now it is time for a poem contest. The more poems about Halloween you have learnt the better for your team. But you should start with an action rhyme about Halloween.

Pupils from the team "Bloody Oranges":

Halloween action poem 1

Flap your wings like a big black bat,

(pupils wave their hands)

Arch your back like a witches' cat,

(pupils arch their backs)

Prowl around like a goblin in a town,

(pupils prowl around)

Dance on tiptoes like a clown,

(pupils dance on tiptoes)

Float through the air like a ghost all about,

(pupils float about)

Now everyone together, let me hear you shout:

pupils shout:

Happy Halloween!

Pupils from the team "Witches":

Halloween action poem 2

I am a pumpkin big and round,

( pupils show size with their arms)

Once upon a time I росло on the ground

(pupils point to the ground)

Now I have a mouth, two eyes, and a nose.

( pupils point to their mouths, eyes and noses )

What are they for, do you suppose?

(pupils shrug their shoulders)

Pupil one from the team “Bloody Oranges":

A Halloween rhyme1

The духів are out tonight!

The духів are out tonight!

They will grab your nose,

And bite your toes.

The духів are out tonight

Pupil one from the team "Witches":

A Halloween rhyme2

You'd better watch out on a Halloween night,

Because the witches are out tonight,

They are a terrible sight,

Hide under a chair and lock your door tight,

Because the witches are out tonight.

Pupil 1: It was marvelous! Let us play again! The game is called "Collect a skeleton". Which team will manage to collect a skeleton quicker? Throw the dice and stick the part of skeleton's body on the board with the help of magnets. Each skeleton's bone has a number. A “1" is needed to start because number “1" is a skeleton's body. The first team-go! Your time is It is Witches' turn now.

The winners are...

Pupil 2: Another competition is called: "Wrap up like a mummy". Use toilet paper and wrap one or two members of your team in it. Whose mummies will be better? You have 10 minutes for this task.

Time is up. The jury should decide whose mummy is better.

Pupil 1: Finally you are to cut out Jack-o-Lanterns out of pumpkins. Don't forget to cut out a nose and a mouth and eyes. Make Jack-o-Lanterns and light them: put an electric torch into the pumpkin. These Jack-o - Lanterns will save your houses from ghosts tonight. Take the pumpkins. Be careful with knives. Our jury will say whose Jack-o - Lanterns will be more frightening.

Pupil 2: And now the teams are welcome to sing a song Halloween

"This is Halloween".

One little skeleton hopping up and down,

Hopping up and down, hopping up and down,

One little skeleton hopping up and down.

For this is Halloween!


Two little witches flying through the air,

Flying through the air, flying through the air,

Two little witches flying through the air.

For this is Halloween!


Three black cats are walking on a fence,

Walking on a fence, walking on a fence,

Three black cats are walking on a fence.

For this is Halloween!


Four plump pumpkins bouncing down the road,

Bouncing down the road bouncing down the road,

Four plump pumpkins bouncing down the road.

For this is Halloween!


Five white goblins skipping round the house,

Skipping round the house, skipping round the house,

Five white goblins skipping round the house.

For this is Halloween!

Pupil 6: Our party has come to its end. Let us listen to the jury. So the winners of our Halloween contest are...

Pupil 7: I hope you have had great fun tonight. I'm sure you have learnt a lot about Halloween traditions and symbols and practiced in English speaking.

Receive your presents. Happy Halloween! Thank you. Goodbye.

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