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Narrator: Long, long ago a rich widower married a widow. She was very wicked . Her two daughters were lazy and bad-tempered as their mother. But the widower had his own daughter who was tender and kind. The stepmother hated her stepdaughter since the moment she had seen her. The stepmother ordered the girl to do the dirtiest work in the house. The wicked woman pitied her daughters. They did nothing, only slept and showed themselves in their gorgeous evening- gowns. Their stepsister wore rags, she could rest only near the fireplace on the ashes. That was why the girl was called “ Cinderella”.

( Сinderella is sweeping the floor. Stepmother and daughters appear on the stage)

Stepmother: My sweet daughters, did you sleep well at night? What were your dreams about?

First daughter: Wow, I slept very well! If I didn’t want to eat, I would never get up!

Second daughter: I slept very well too! I dreamt about a handsome prince who would marry me some day!

First daughter: I also dreamt about a handsome prince, and he was more handsome than yours!

Second daughter: Mine was more handsome!

First daughter: No, he wasn’t! Mine was the best!

Second daughter: Mine!!!

Stepmother: My dear daughters, come down! Both of you deserve the most handsome prince! You are such beautiful and well –bred girls ! You ‘ll find the best princes ! Where can one meet more educated girls? You study at the most expensive school of our Kingdom! Show me your results after the first term!

( Daughters give the results; stepmother is reading)

Stepmother: Fans -12

French bows-12

Air kiss -12


Cooking 2

Washing clothes -2

Ironing- 2

Sewing- 2

  • Girls, what terrible marks you have got!

First daughter: The curriculum is so difficult nowadays!

Second daughter: We can’t think about everything!

First daughter: We have learnt the most important things!

Second daughter: Besides, we have got a lot of servants to do the dirtiest work .

Stepmother: That is right. I haven’t thought about our servants.

Minister: Attention! Attention! In our Kingdom the great ball will take place! Everybody is invited!

First daughter: Oh, god! We’ll meet princes there!

Second daughter: And they will marry us!

Stepmother: Clever girls! You are exactly like your mother! Hurry up! Make your preparations for the ball! Сinderella!!! Сinderella!!!

Сinderella: What ‘s up, mom?

Stepmother: Haven’t you heard about the royal ball?

Сinderella: Yes, I have heard about it and have been dreaming about it for a long time!

Stepmother: You , silly girl! You aren’t going to the ball! You’ve got a lot of work to do. You have to prepare evening-gowns for my dearest daughters, to make their hair-do, to take care about me! Is it understood?

Сinderella: Yes, mom…

Narrator: Сinderella was working the whole night before the ball. She was washing clothes, was ironing, was starching collars, was helping their sisters to get dressed for the ball. She was giving good advice and making the hair-do. At last everything was ready…

Stepmother: My beauties, you are like real top-models! Are you ready to go?

First daughter: Of course, we are ready!

Second daughter: To have fun is my favourite thing!

Stepmother: Go ahead! Сinderella!!!

Сinderella: What ‘s up, mom?

Stepmother: While we are having fun at the royal palace, your task will be to tidy up our house, to scrub frying-pans and casseroles, to wash up ! And these are two sacks of multicoloured beans. Divide them into two bags: red beans and white ones. Is it understood?

Сinderella: Yes, mom…

Stepmother: Go ahead ! Follow me, my little daughters!

Сinderella: I have so much work to do! My dream is to go to the royal ball…

(Сinderella is singing )

Fairy: Good evening, my dear god- daughter!

Сinderella: Oh, good evening! I didn’t hear you were coming in…

Fairy: You ‘ll never hear my steps because I am a fairy. I will always be there where you need my help.

Would you like to dance at the ball?

Сinderella: I am eager to go, but I have so much work to do and have no evening –gown.

Fairy: I’ll take care about your work. And we’ll go to “ MAGI-CENTRE” and choose an evening –gown for you. Besides, I have organized your visit to the hairdresser’s ( your hair-do, manicure, pedicure, masks….)

Сinderella: I am so happy! Thank you very much, god-mother!

Fairy: Hurry up!

( The royal ball)

Narrator: The fairy helped Сinderella to make all the necessary preparations. Gorgeous and happy,

Сinderella went to the ball. The prince was told that some unknown beautiful princess had come to the ball. He fell in love with Сinderella at once. They were dancing together the whole evening .

Prince: Oh, my mysterious unknown princess, I am so happy to see you here!

Сinderella: I am happy that I am here. I have never been to such balls.

Prince: That is the best ball for me because I have met you… Do you like ice-cream?

Сinderella: I like it very much.

Prince: In that case I’ll invite you to have a snack . There are 100 kinds of ice-cream there.

( The king, the queen and all the guests appear)

Queen: Such a lovely ball ! I love having fun!

King: I agree with you . And I am so happy for our son. Have a look at him, dear. He was dancing the whole evening with the same girl.

Queen: I see. This is great. She is very good-looking. Oh, look there, what is going on?

( The stepmother’s daughters have caught some foreign princes and are holding them by hand very tightly. The princes are making hopeless attempts to free themselves)

First daughter: You won’t leave me! Stand quietly!

Second daughter: I have found you! Stand by my side! We ‘ll sing for you…

Princes ( groaning) : No, please, stop singing!..

Narrator: Stop! It’s not my fairy-tale! Cinderella has to lose her shoe , the prince will look for her among all the girls. This is the right scenario!

Fairy: Look at them! They are happy now, without your scenario.

Prince: Would you marry me ?

Сinderella: Yes!!! Now I’ll sing for you because my dreams are coming true…

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