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Розробка відкритого уроку у 7 класі по темі "Tour around London"

Англійська мова

Для кого: 7 Клас





Опис документу:
Мета - ознайомити з визначними місцями Лондона; практикувати навички пошукового читання; формувати навички аудіювання та говоріння; розширювати уявлення учнів про Лондон та його памятки; виховувати інтерес до культури Англії. Конспект містить різні форми роботи- у парі, у групах. Також на уроці використовуються ІКТ.
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Topic: Tour around London

Aim: to identify places of interests in London;

to develop Ps’ listening and speaking skills;

to practice reading skills;

Materials: copybooks, flashcards, handouts, TV.

Outcomes: By the end of the lesson pupils will be able to identify the places of interest in London and tell about them.



  1. Greeting

T: Good morning students, how are you?

Today we have guests on our lesson, turn back please and greet them.

  1. Warm up.

- What season is it now?

- What month is it now?

- What day is it today?

- What date is it today?

- Do you like travelling?

- What means of transport can you travel by?

  1. Aim

T: Today we’ll have tour around one of the most famous city in the world. What is it? Try to guess. Look at the screen and decode the name of this place.

















T: Our topic is “Tour around London”. We’ll get acquainted with the most famous sightseeing in London and practice our listening and speaking skills. After each completed task I’ll stick on the blackboard one piece of something and at the end of the lesson you’ll say what it is.

  1. Lead –in

T: But what we know about London and its country. Answer the questions and improve our cross-cultures knowledge.

Magic Box” – choose the question from the box, read it and answer. (Додаток 1)

  • What’s the capital of the UK? (London)

  • What is the full name of the UK? (The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

  • How many parts does the UK consist of? What are they? (4, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)

  • Who is the head of the UK? (Queen Elizabeth II)

  • What is the symbol of England? (rose)

  • What river does London stand on? (the Thames)

  • What is the population of London? (approximately 9 mln)

  • What is the population of the UK? (approximately 67 mln)

  • What is the most famous proverb about London’s weather? (There is no climate just a weather.)

II. The Main part

  1. Presentation and Practice Vocabulary

    1. Watching video “Top 10 London sights”. Pair work.


Match the words with the pictures.

(Учні працюють в парах, одна пара – біля дошки.)

    1. Game “Domino”. Individual work.

Stick on the blackboard word according to the picture.

(Учням роздаються картки і вони складають доміно)


2. Sing song “London Bridge is falling down”


3. Reading and Speaking.

3.1 Group work. (Додаток 2)

Т: Read the texts into the groups and other groups must guess what sight is described?

Group 1. Read the text and put the excerpts into the correct order.

Westminster Abbey

According to the ancient tradition, the church was founded by St. Peter 900 years ago. Later it was rebuilt during the reign of Henry III. The church is very high and has a magnificent exterior.

It is a place where all English kings and queens were crowned and Royal wedding ceremonies took place. In addition, many royalties and great people are buried there:  Queen Elizabeth I, William Shakespeare, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, Bernard Show, Lord Byron, Walter Scott and many others.

Every year the church attracts millions of people who come there to see it and visit the famous Poet’s corner. You can admire the glory of the church and see the tombs of outstanding people there.

were crowned – були короновані

Royal wedding – королівське весілля

are buried – поховані

church – церква

reign – правління

glory – слава

tomb - гробниця

Group 2. Read the text and fill in the gaps.

The House of Parliaments

A. a large bag of wool covered with red cloth.

B. listen to the debates.

C. who visit it

D. by all the members

E. The members of the House of Commons

F. also known as the Palace of Westminster

It in London, ___(1) , is the place where members of Parliament gather to make laws.

The Palace of Westminster stands on the riverside near Westminster Abbey. Tourists always go to see them. Those ___(2) may sit in the Strangers' Gallery looking down into the House of Commons and ___(3). The members of each House meet in sessions which begin at the end of October and last for about one hundred and sixty days.

___ (4) sit on two sides of the hall. The Speaker is the chairperson and this duty is to keep order. The Speaker is elected ___ (5) of the House of Commons.

The chairperson of the House of Lords is Lord Chancellor. He sits on the Woolsack, ___ (6) It shows that wool made England rich.

Group 3. Read the text and unscramble the given words in the text.

Buckingham Palace

It has served as the official London residence of the UK’s sovereigns since 1837 and today is the administrative headquarters of the Monarch.

The Queen and the Royal f_______(a y f i l m) stay at the Palace on weekdays. When the Queen is s____________ (t s a i g n y) the Royal Standard flag is flown above the central b________(y b a l k o n). The Queen has an office where she u________ (s s u a l y l u) works.

However before becoming the a________________(d m a i s t a i v e n r t i) headquarters of the Monarch it was bought by George III in 1761 for his wife.

Today it is a working b_____________(u i l i g n b d ) where official meetings, royal events and different ceremonies take place. Each year the Palace is visited by more than 50.000 p___________(e o p p e l) who come to the State banquets, lunches and dinners. It is a home of the Queen Elizabeth II.

Residence – резиденція

Sovereigns – суверенний

Headquarters – штаб

Monarch – монарх

Group 4. Read the text and correct the underlined words in the text.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

It is in the zentre of London and is considered to be an architectural masterpiece.

After the Great Hire the City had to be built again. The commission of six architects was urganized for the rebuilding and Sir Christopher Wren was the most falented of them. It was forbidden to build wooden houces in the City of London.

It was the greatest work of Sir Christopher Wren. It is one of the largest shurches in the world. Sir Wren was building it for 35 years, completed it in 1711, and his aim was to build a church that could lival the great St. Peter Basilica in Rome.

On top of it is a high home, which contains the Whispering Gallery, where whisper can be heard at a great distance.

masterpiece – шедевр

church – церква

was forbidden – було заборонено

rival – конкурувати

dome – купол

3.3 Tell about other sightseeing in London.

(Учні самостійно розповідають про визначні місця Лондона)


4.Listening practice

    1. Watch the video and do the task on your sheets of paper (Додаток 3)


  1. Put the sights from 1- 9 according to their mention in the video.

__ Tower Bridge __ The British Museum

__ Regents Park __ The Houses of Parliament

__ London Eye __ Buckingham Palace

__ Trafalgar Square __ St. Paul’s Cathedral

__ Big Ben

  1. Complete the sentences.

  1. The London Eye has …. Glass capsules.

a) 33 b) 32 c) 34

2. In the Regents Park you can’t ….

a) relax and walk b) run c) cycle

3. The Millennium Bridge was closed because….

a) it was moving b) it was broken c) doesn’t say

4. Changing of the Guard takes place….

a) inside the grounds of the Houses of Parliament

b) inside the grounds of the Westminster Abbey

c) inside the grounds of the Buckingham Palace

5. All the car traffic stops on the London Bridge for about … minutes.

a) 5 b) 15 c) 50

6. There are a lot of big offices and expensive apartments.

a) Docklands area b) East End c) Piccadilly Circus

Map 3


Т: Listen to the definitions and write down into your copybooks what places of interest I describe.

  1. The most famous clock in London. (Big Ben)

  2. The residence of the queen Elizabeth II. (Buckingham Palace)

  3. The most famous attraction in the city from which tourist can see all London (London Eye)

  4. It’s a big historical museum, it was a fortress, a prison and a palace of execution. (Tower of London)

  5. It is a famous square in London. On the column in the center there is a statues of great seaman. (Trafalgar Square)

  6. It is a famous museum with the wax statues of the well-known people.

(The Madam Tussauds Museum)

Map 4

III. Ending

  1. Summarizing

Look at the blackboard and say what is it? Yes, it’s a map of London.

Did you like our lesson?

What task was the most interesting for you? What was the most boring?

Thank you for the lesson. Goodbye!

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