Reading 'Britney Spears' з додаванням тестових завдань.

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Пропоную вам текст з читання 'Britney Spears' з додаванням тестових завдань. 4 завдання. I. Fill in the gaps in the following sentences. Change the verb forms it necessary. II. Which of the statements are true? True/false/I don’t know. III. Answer the questions. IV. Complete the sentences:

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Britney Spears form 8

Britney Spears was born on December 2nd of 1981 in a very small town in Louisiana, USA. She has a younger sister named Jamie Lynn and an older brother, Bryan. As a young girl she loved to entertain house guests and always loved to perform for people. One of her childhood dreams was to become a great performer. She could never know it would come true. Britney took dance classes at the age of 3, which helped her a lot in her career.

As a teenager, Britney got accepted into the Mickey Mouse Club (MMC). It was a group for young actors and singers. When Britney had got out of the MMC, she was noticed by Jive Records and at the age of 15 began recording her first album. In October 1998 the single ‘Baby One More Time” was released. It was an instant hit, kids sang it and teenagers also loved it. When ‘Baby One More Time’ hit number 1 on the charts, Britney knew she needed her second single to be a big success, too. Nigel Dick, the director of most of Britney’s videos, helped her again, and ‘Sometimes’ was a huge hit. For the second time, Britney was number 1. But her debut album had sold 10 million copies, she started recording her next album in Sweden. Britney relied on many of the same writers who wrote the majority of her previous songs. Her second album titled ‘Oops!...I Did It Again’ was a futuristic video with Mars and won numerous awards.

Britney doesn’t exactly love the little girl’s image that ‘Baby One More Time’ gave her. On November 6th, 2001, Britney’s third album ‘Britney’ came out. It contains the hit

I Am a Slave For You’. In this album Britney is more grown up. She is just trying to prove she is now a fully grown woman and deserves to be respected like one.

What else will this pop queen do? Soon her first movie, ‘Crossroads’, is going to released. Britney is also expected to come out in a new video game for the Playstation 2.

  1. Fill in the gaps in the following sentences. Change the verb forms it necessary.

To entertain, to perform, to come true, to release, instant, to film, to rely on , image

  1. Her first album was _...____________in 1999.

  2. You can __...__________ me to keep your secret.

  3. They will _...___________his play in the theatre tonight.

  4. They are _..._______a new comedy.

  5. A new book was an _...________success.

  6. He __...______us for hours with his stories and jokes.

  7. Britney doesn’t like the __...________of a little girl.

  8. I am sure my dream will__..._________.

  1. Which of the statements are true? True/false/I don’t know

  1. Britney wanted to become an actress or singer in her childhood.

  2. Britney always knew that she would become famous.

  3. Britney began recording her first album when she was a MMC member.

  4. She hurt her knee while working on her second hit ‘Sometimes’.

  5. In all her albums Britney has the image of a little girl.

  6. Britney’s next album ‘Crossroads’ is going t be released.

  1. Answer the questions.

  1. When and where was Britney Spears born?

  2. At what age did she begin recording her first album?

  3. What was the name of her first single?

  4. How many copies had her debut album sold?

  5. How was her second album named?

  6. When did her third album come out?

  1. Complete the sentences:

  1. Britney could never know that her childhood dreams …(came true).

  2. She worked with … who wrote her previous songs. (the same writers)

  3. Her first single was released in ….( In October 1998)

  4. Her second album won …(the first place.)

  5. Britney’s first movie…(‘Crossroads’) is going to released.

  6. At the age of 3 she took …( dance classes) which helped her in her career.

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