Mid-year test for elementary students

Опис документу:
Тест охоплює перевірку лексики, граматики, сприймання мови на слух,навичок вдумливого читання та вміння письмово висловлювати свої думки. Можна застосовувати для учнів 6-8 класів, в залежності від їх рівня володіння англійською мовою.

Відображення документу є орієнтовним і призначене для ознайомлення із змістом, та може відрізнятися від вигляду завантаженого документу. Щоб завантажити документ, прогорніть сторінку до кінця

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  1. Match the words to make Collocations:

Have TV

Get To music

Watch Hall

Play Station

Listen Up

Feel Some music

Police Sick

Town Some potatoes

Boil Games

Download Breakfast

  1. Put the words in a correct group.

Trousers, apples, pears, grapes, sweater, bath, living room, kitchen, cousin, Math, History, wife, tissues, uncle, dress, purse, ICT, keys.

  1. Relatives:

  2. School subject:

  3. Things in your bag:

  4. Rooms:

  5. Fruit:

  6. Clothes:

  1. Choose the correct option a, b, c to complete the sentences

  1. Where is ____ hairbrush?

  1. Me b) my c) mine

  1. What’s your_______ name?

  1. Mother b) mother’s c)mothers’

  1. I can’t walk. I’ve got _____

  1. A cough b) an earache c) a pain in my knee.

  1. My two brothers sleep upstairs. They’ve got a big _______

  1. Bedroom b) living room c)bathroom

  1. Robert ____ judo twice a week.

  1. Goes B)does c) plays.

  1. My sister plays ___ piano.

  1. A b) the c)---

  1. I don’t like ___ Math.

  1. A b) the c) ---

  1. There isn’t ___ space in my room.

  1. Many b) much c) a

  1. Drive ____! There is ice on the road.

  1. Safety b) Badly c) fast.

  1. She ___ swimming twice a week.

  1. Goes b) plays c) does

  1. Put the words in the correct order to make Questions.

  1. Like/sport/does/Nick/?

  2. There/lamp/is/desk/Jason’s/on/a/?

  3. Swimming/can/where/we/go/?

  4. Any/got/apples/we/have/?

  5. Much/there/space/my/isn’t/in/room/?

  6. Sing/Mary/loudly/can/very/?

  1. Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

Polly usually _goes_(go) shopping on Friday, but today she ___(have) dinner at her uncle and aunt’s house in Spain. They ____ (eat) a special Spanish dinner. Polly ____(sit) near her uncle. She ___(talk) to him. Her uncle and aunt usually _____(speak) Spanish but today the ____(speak) in English.

  1. Translate into English.

  1. Що ти зараз робиш?

  2. Чи люблять твої друзі грати в футбол?

  3. Діма може бігати дуже швидко.

  4. Аня ходить на дзюдо двічі на тиждень.

  5. У мене болить живіт і я не хочу їсти.

  6. Я не люблю жувальну гумку (жвачку).

  1. Reading.

I love my job. I like working with young people and I love preparing food. I cook lunch every day in the school canteen and I also help to serve the food. Then I clean up. I work with seven others dinner ladies because there are about 1,400 students at our school and that is a lot of meals.

My job is sometimes difficult. We try to cook healthy meals and to teach students to eat healthy but some students don’t always listen.

There isn’t any junk food in the school canteen and there aren’t any ready meals. We use fresh ingredients for all our meals. I think the perfect healthy meal is meat or fish with vegetables and rice or potatoes and fresh fruit for dessert.

In the break students often eat crisps or chocolate and fizzy drinks, so now we give the students free fruit and milk so they can have a healthy snack.

I think that a lot of students’ favourite meal is pizza and ice-cream for dessert. I like that, too but you can’t eat it every day. My favourite meal is lasagna and salad and my favourite dessert is chocolate cake but don’t tell the students.

  1. Tick true or cross false.

  1. She doesn’t like her job.

  2. There are 1,400 students at school.

  3. Not all students love healthy food.

  4. They sometimes cook junk food at the school.

  1. Answer the questions.

  1. How many dinner ladies are there?

  2. What does she think is the perfect healthy meal?

  3. How much do the students pay for fruit at break?

  1. Listening

Listen to the Laura asking for directions. How can she get to the post office? Complete the sentences with one word or number.

  1. Take the _____ left.

  2. Go _______ on, past a hospital.

  3. Turn _ __into Bridge street.

  4. The is a sport centre with a swimming pool on the ________.

  5. The post office is on the _____, next to the fire station.

  1. Writing

Write a short story about:

  • Things in your table at home.

  • Your best friend.

  • My ideal home.

  • Recipe of your favourite dish.

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