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Lesson Plan "Nature and Weather"

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План-конспект залікового уроку з англійської мови

для учнів 8 класу

на тему: Nature and Weather

Topic: Nature and Weather

Level: Elementary

Age group: 8th form

Time: 40 min

Aim: To enrich students’ vocabulary on the topic



  • To develop the students’ pair and group communicative skills;

  • To practice new words and expressions;


  • To develop creative way of speaking;

  • To teach students’ to be tolerant to other people’s opinions;

  • To enumerate the vocabulary, connected with this topic


  • To enrich students’ knowledge on the topical issues;

  • To broaden students’ outlook.


І. Warming up (8 хв.)

1. The teacher's greeting. Good morning, pupils! I’m glad to see you. How are you? Today we are going to discuss such interesting topics as natural phenomena. And in order to start our lesson in a vivid way, let’s learn a tongue twister.

2. Phonetic exercise

Pupils revise sound /b/. The twister is on the blackboard (or in the handouts):

I bought a bit of baking powder and baked a batch of biscuits.

3. Checking on homework

Pupils (selectively) present their works.

4. Game "What do you know about nature?"

The teacher works in the whole class. The teacher reads the statements, and the pupils have to choose the correct information.

  • Life on the Earth can / can’t exist without plants.

  • Plants and trees take in sunlight through their flowers / leaves.

  • Plants can / can’t live without sunlight.

  • A few / No plants eat animals.

  • More / less than a half of the Earth is covered with water.

ІІ. Основна частина

1. Introducing the topic (10 хв.)

To present the topic the teacher uses the text (ex. 1, p. 113) for lis­tening and computer presentation. Pupils listen to the text and complete it with the words from the boxes.


  1. Rainbows: 1 white; 2 different; 3 yellow; 4 violet.

  2. Lightning and Thunder: 1 white-yellow; 2 dangerous; 3 tall; 4 faster.

Then, in pairs, pupils answer and talk what the weather (natural)

phenomena they have listened (ex. 2, p. 114). The teacher has to pay pupils’ attention to the form of plural of the “phenomenon” and explain the cause of difference.

2. Relaxation

The teacher makes movements with the pupils. The teacher uses any rhyme for physical exercises. For example:

A fly at your nose,

You slap and it goes;

If it comes back again,

It will bring a good rain.

If bees stay at home,

Rain will soon come;

If they fly away,

Fine will be the day.

3. Reading (10 хв.)

Students read the text “The Adventure of Tom Sawyer” after Mark Twain (ex. 3, p. 114). Their task is to put the parts of the text in the correct order and answer the question Why was Tom the unhappiest boy in the village?

Answers: 1 C; 2 E; 3 A; 4 D; 5 B.

4. Post-reading. Students read the sentences (ex. 4, p. 114-115), choose the correct word and check their answers.

Answers: 1 a; 2 b; 3 c; 4 a; 5 b.

5. Speaking (8 хв.)

The teacher divides the pupils into pairs. The pupils have to read and act the situation (ex. 5, p. 115). Then present their dialogues to the class (selectively).

ІІІ. Заключна частина уроку

1. Homework (4 хв.)

At home you will have to find a picture which shows some bad weather in winter. Then, do exercise 6, p. 115 on the grounds of this picture.

2. Summary and feedback (5 хв.)

Why was the lesson useful to you? What have you learnt? What was the most interesting? Which assignment was the most difficult?

The teacher gives marks for the pupils’ work and comments on it in brief.

Список використаних джерел

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  2. Dictionary of Contemporary English. Pearson ESL, 2003.

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Lesson Plan "Nature and Weather"

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