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Lesson "My Family" 5 Form

Англійська мова

Для кого: 5 Клас





Опис документу:

The lesson "My Family" is composed for the pupils of the 5th form. The aim of the lesson is to achieve the highest level of pupils' interest to the topic. It contains different forms of teaching English: individual tasks, pair work, group work. There are lot's visual aids : maltimedia presentation, audio, music and songs, placards and pictures. It will help the pupils to master the material better because the lesson is interesting.

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Objectives: By the end of the lesson students should :

  • revise vocabulary;

  • to revise grammar material “Adjectives. Comparison of Adjectives”;

  • be able to interview their friends;

  • talk about the family;

  • Be able to work in pairs, individually and in groups.


    • multimedia presentation;

    • tasks for groups and pairs;

    • pictures on the topic “Family” ;

    • crossword ;

    • audio, music.

Type of the lesson: a combined lesson with the elements of role-play.


    1. Introduction.

  1. Greeting.

T: Good morning, my darlings!

Ch: Good morning L.M.

T: I am glad to see you.

Ch: We are glad to see you, too.

T: Today we have a lot of guests. Let us greet them.

Ch: Good morning, good morning, good morning to you

Good morning, good morning, we glad to see you

T: Sit down, please.

  1. Warming up.

T: What date is it today?

P1: Today is Monday, the twelfth of November.

T: What was your home task for today?

P2: To speak about my family and to make a project.

T: Ok. How are you today, Alina?

P3: I am fine, thank you.

T: How are you today, Allia?

P4: I’m OK. (I’m fine, thanks)

T: If you are fine, let’s begin our work.

    1. The main part of the lesson.

1. Let’s have some Phonetic drills:

[ æ ] - cat, fat, have, family

[ θ ] – three, thin, thick, thank you

[ ð ] – this, that, they, father, mother

Telling the topic and the aims of the lesson.

T: Dear children, let’s try to guess the topic of our lesson.

Look at the screen! Here you can see a crossword puzzle.

It you guess the words correctly you’ll be able to name the topic.

Listen attentively, please. Work in pairs.

  1. He is the father of your father.

  2. She is the sister of your father.

  3. She is the mother or your sister.

  4. She is the daughter of your mother.

  5. He is the brother of your mother.

Slide 1

Slide 2

T: Have you guessed all the words. Right you are. This is “Family” So, today we are going to speak about “Family”, you and your families, the members of your family. Slide 3, Slide4, Slide 5.

We’ll revise grammar material “Adjectives. Comparison of Adjectives”. You’ll learn how to interview your friends and, of course, we’ll recite poems and play games so we’ll communicate a lot. Don’t forget to take smiles for your answers, please. One smile costs two balls.

2. Warming-up.

T: Children, do you remember any poems about family?

P1: Yes.

T: Please, Annia.

P1: Mother and Father

Mother is the dearest.

Of all the friends I know.

She helps me work and helps me play.

That’s why I love her so.

Father is the kindest

Of all the friends I know.

He likes to take me out with him.

That’s why I love him so.

T: Thanks, Anna. Who can recite any more poems? Please, Allia.

A happy Family

I love mother, she loves me.

We love daddy, yes siree;

He loves us and so you see,

We are a happy family.

I love sister, she loves me.

We love brother, yes siree;

He loves us and so you see,

We are a happy family.

  1. Revision of the vocabulary on the topic “Family”

T: Let’s revise the vocabulary on the topic. Look at the screen.

Slides 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.

  1. Developing pupils writing skills. Group work. (Slide 16)

T: Who do your associate your family with? What are your family members like? Let’s fill in the Mind maps. Work in groups of four. You must write down the members of the family together with the adjectives. You have two minutes.

T: Ready? Read, please. Slide 17

5. Developing pupils’ listening habits. Slide 18

T: Listen to the song and pick out the adjectives.

“The Family Song”

Uncle Paul is young and tall

A, E, I, O, U.

Aunt Eileen is old and thin

A, E, I, O, U.

Young and tall Uncle Paul

Old and thin Aunt Eileen.

Cousin Kate is short and fat

A, E, I, O U.

And Ail dad is big and sad

A, E, I, O, U.

Short and fat cousin Kate

Big and sad Ail dad

And cousin Dade is plain.

T: What adjectives have you heard?

P1: young, big, old

P2: tall, thin, sad

P3: short, fat, plain.

    1. 6. Grammar Revision. Slide 19

T: Let’s revise the rules about the Comparison of adjectives

T: How many degrees do they have?

P1: Three.

T: Yes. They are: the positive, the comparative and the superlative.

What suffixes do we add?

P2: -er, -est. tall – taller – the tallest

T: Do all the adjectives belong to this rule?

P3: No, they do not.

T: Let’s take the word:

“interesting” - more interesting - the most interesting

“beautiful” - more beautiful – the most beautiful

T: What adjectives must we remember?

good – better – the best

bad –worse – the worst

many – more – the most

much – more – the most

little – less – the least

    1. 7. Pair work

T: Let’s play the game “Who knows adjectives best”. There are three teams. I need one pupil from each team. The first pupil names the adjectives. The second makes the degrees of comparison. If he answers correctly he may tell the next word. The third pupil answers. If he doesn’t answer he loses the game. You have cards on your desks. Revise the adjectives we’ll start the game.

T: One pupil will go to the blackboard. Two will have individual cards.


the …


the …


the …


the …


the …


the …


the …


the …

7a. Individual task on the blackboard.

Match the opposites:











7b. Individual cards.

Make up the Past Simple:

to be

to go

to come

to take

to speak

to get

to have

to give

to make

to see

T: Let us check your tasks.

    1. 8. Developing reading habits. ( Slide 20)

T: Look at the picture and complete the story:

This is the Browns family. They are English. They live in London. Mr. Brown is 32. He works in the bank. He is ___________(розумний) and ___________ (бадьорий). Mrs Brown is 30. She is a very busy person. Mrs Brown is helpful and ________ (працьовита). She works in the office. Their son Peter and their daughter Kate are ________ (гарні) children. But sometimes they are very ________ (шумливі). Kate is the ________ (найшумливіша). Grandma Polly is the eldest and ________ (найдобріша) in the family. She likes knitting. The Brown’s like to spend time together. They think they are the ________ (найщасливіша) family in the world.

T: Open your copybooks, please.

8a. Agree or disagree. Check your answers. Slide 21, 22.

  1. The father is clever and cheerful.(T)

  2. Mrs Brown works in the bank.(F)

  3. Kate is the most helpful. (F)

  4. The Browns are English.(T)

  5. This family is the happiest in the world. (F)

  6. The Browns like to spend time together. (T)

T: Well done.

9. A minute for relax.

T: I think you are very tired. Let’s Relax. I want Alina to show you some exercises.

P: Stand up, please.

Hands up.

Hands down.

Hands on your hips.

Bend left, bend right,

Bend left, bend right.

Hands aside.

One, two, three, hop.

One, two, three, stop.

Touch your shoulders,

Touch your nose.

Touch your ears,

Touch your toes.

Hands up, hands down,

Hands on your hips and sit down.

10. Role Play “At the Greenwoods Summer Camp”

T: Dear children, let’s imagine that we are at the Greenwoods summer camp. It is the Rest camp for children in Germany. OK? Many children come to this camp in summer to rest. They come from Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, the USA and Ukraine. You are boys and girls from these countries. I am your organizer. As far as I know, you like to play games and to guess riddles. We’ll play a little bit later. First I want to get some information about you. Fill in the forms, please.

10a. Fill in the forms. Slide 23

11. The game “Microphone”

Organizer: Let me introduce myself. My name is Liudmyla. I am from Ukraine, Malynivka. I am your organizer. I am not young. I have a family. It is small.

I have a husband and a daughter. My hobby is English. My favourite sport is swimming.

T: Now I’d like to take an interview.

  1. What is your name, please?

  2. Where are you from?

  3. Have you got a family? Tell me about it, please.

  4. How old are you?

  5. What is your hobby? What are your favourite subjects?

  6. What is your favourite sport?

  7. Whom do you look like?

  8. Have you got a family? Tell me about please. You may use a project work.

  9. Tell me, please about yourself.

T: Who wants to be the interviewer? You may walk around the classroom and ask your classmates questions like these.

12. Pair work.

T: I want you to get acquainted with each other and to tell about yourselves and your families. Use your project works.

My name is …. I am 10. I go to the Gymnasium of Malynivka. I am in the fifth form. I am different from someone else in the class. I am tall. I nave got long fair hair. I am right handed. I have got a sister. I am kind- hearted and helpful. I am sociable and friendly. My favourite film star is Brad Pitt. My favourite TV show is “The Simpsons” I think I am unique.

P2: I’d like to to tell you about my family.

My name is …. I am from Malynivka, Ukraine. We live in the house (flat).

My mother’s name is…. She is 32. My mum is the best mum in the world. She helps me to work and helps me to play. That’s why I love her. My mum likes cooking. My dad is great. He is the kindest of all the men. His hobby is chess.

My brother is a little boy. His name is… We are a friendly family.

13. Game “Who am I?”

T: I’ll start and you will continue.

  1. I have a sister. Who am I? (a brother)

  2. I have a mother. Who am I? (daughter, son)

  3. I have grandpa and grandma. Who am I? (grandson, granddaughter)

  4. I have a grandson. Who am ?(Grandma, grandpa)

  5. I am a little girl. I live with my mother. I have a grandmother. She does not live with us. She is ill now. I have a red hat. Who am I? (Little Red Riding Hood)

  1. Game “Guess the word”

Mr. Hall is very tall

Mr. Cort is very … (short).

Mr. Prick is very thick.

Mr. Lynn is very…( thin).

Who is tall? Mr. Hall.

Who is short?... ( Mr. Cort).

Who is thick? Mr. Prick.

Who is thin? Mr. Lynn.

15. Pair Work.

T: Children, let’s imagine that one of your friends is going to have a birthday. You are discussing your friend’s birthday with your friend.


Ann: Jane, Molly will have a birthday party next week. Do you want to do a play for her.?

Jane: Sure, that’s a good idea.

Ann: I think, I will be an ugly witch who wants to steal Molly’s presents. You can be a beautiful princess. Steve will be a big tall monster. I’ll fight with him.

Jane: Great. I think I look like a fairy princess. I have got long hair.

Ann: I will paint my face and put on a costume to look old.

Jane: Steve is too handsome to be a monster. He must wear a mask on his face.

Ann: Do you think Molly will be scared?

Jane: I think she will laugh at our funny costumes.

Ann: It will be a great fun.

T: Excellent. Dear, I think you sometimes miss your parents staying here at the rest camp. You will be glad to listen to your poems and songs.

Poem “My Mother”

Who said me “Good night”

When I was a child?

My mother.

Who dressed my dolls in clothes so gay?

And showed me often how to play?

My mother.

Who ran to help me when I fell?

And who could funny stories tell?

My mother.

Who sits at my head?

When I am in bed?

My mother.

Who is so nice, who is so kind

Another so dear you’ll never find?

My mother.

T: Thank you, very much. And now a song “English Language”

P: I have father and mother,

I have sister and brother.

I have also a number of friends.

I am fond of my music

I am crazy of dancing

Happily learning

My English again.

English language

English language

We are speaking once again.

It’s a pity

It’s a pity

Many years we’ve spent in vain.

    1. Summarizing

1. Hometask: To make up a story “My friend’s Family” using the adjectives and to compose 3 riddles.

2. T: Dear children, our lesson is coming to the end. Let’s summarize our work. What did we do at the lesson? We spoke about families; we played a lot of games, guessed the riddles, solved the crossword, recited poems and listened to the songs.

What did you like best?

You worked very well; you were very active and hardworking. Thank you for your work. How many smiles have you got? Who has got 6 or more smiles? Well done. Your marks will be 12. You were nice. Slide 24

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