Контрольна робота для учнів 7 класу "Places of Interest"

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Контрольна робота для учнів 7 класу по темі "Places of Interest". Мета - перевірити рівень мовних та мовленнєвих навичок учнів по темі. Тест складається з 3 завдань: аудіювання (завдання з Britishcouncil), читання та письма.
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Test “Places of Interest” 7th Form

1. Listen and do the tasks.


1.1. Write a number (1-8) to put these places in order that the tour bus will visit them.

___ Oxford Street

___Madame Tussauds, Museum

___Tower of London

___London Eye

___Houses of Parliament

___Buckingham Palace

___Big Ben

___Tower Bridge

1.2. Circle the best word to complete these sentences.

1. The tour takes 2 / 3 / 4 hours.

2. At Madame Tussaud’s you can see maps of London / models of famous people / famous shops

3. Oxford Street is a famous street for drinking tea / eating / shopping .

4. The Queen lives at Buckingham Palace / the Tower of London / Tower Bridge .

5. Big Ben is a tour guide / clock / bridge .

6. You can see great views of London from Oxford Street / the Houses of Parliament / London Eye .

2. Read and put the correct number.

1. Westminster Abbey 5. London Bridge

2. Trafalgar Square 6. The Tower of London

3. The London Eye 7. Buckingham Palace

4. St. Paul’s Cathedral 8. Madam Tussaud’s Museum

___ It is the official home of the Royal Family. If the queen is at home the flag is up. The palace has 775 rooms and 78 bathrooms. There is a cinema and a swimming pool. It also has its own post office and police station. There are about 400 people working here. There are even 2 people who are responsible for the 300 clocks in the palace.

___ It is the biggest Ferris wheel in the world. It is by the river Thames in the middle of London. On the other side of the river lies the Houses of Parliament.

___ It was opened in 1894 by the Royal Family. The bridge goes over the river Thames. It is 244 metres long, 16 metres wide and weighs 11000 tonnes.

___ This is where the crown jewels are being held. The fortress has been used as a castle, a prison, and a place of execution. The guards of the Tower are called beefeaters. They live at the castle together with their families. About 100 people live here. The Tower has about 2,5 million visitors every year.

___ It is a very big church. The bishop of London works here. It is one of London’s most visited buildings.

___ It is a big square in the middle of London. Lord Nelson, a famous general, stands as a statue here, in front of the National Gallery. Every Christmas since 1947 a Norwegian Christmas tree stands here. It is a gift from the Norwegian state for all the help they got from the Brits during the Second World War.

___ It is a wax cabinet. Here you can see wax dolls of famous people. It is a very popular tourist attraction.

__ It is also a church. The queen was crowned here and many famous people are buried here. The royal weddings are held here. The church lies right behind the Houses of Parliament.

3. Write a postcard.

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