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Контроль говоріння 10 клас ІІ семестр

Англійська мова

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Опис документу:
Семестровий контроль говоріння з англійської мови для 10 класу за ІІ семестр. Контрольна робота містить теми пройдені теми за ІІ семестр та питання, які допоможуть учням зорієнтуватися під час підготовки повідомлення
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Grade 10th II Term

Speaking Test

I. Chose one of the topics below and make a talk about

1.Earth in danger

Which is more important, increasing people's standard of living, or protecting the environment?

Who do you think is more responsible for pollution, individual people or the government? Explain.

What preparations should you make before the earthquake hits?

Where is the best place to go during an earthquake?

Are you afraid to be living in an earthquake prone place?

What are you suppose to do when you know a tsunami is coming?

Why do people continue to live in tsunami areas?

How should countries respond to natural disasters?

What are some essential things that are needed after a natural disaster?


What do you think is the most popular sport in the world?

What do you think of pro wrestling? Thai kick boxing? Japanese sumo?

What do you think of women playing hockey professionally?

What do you think the top five most watched sports are in the world?

What is the most dangerous sport?What is the most expensive sport?

What is the most popular sport in your country?

What is your favorite summer sport?What is your favorite winter sport?

What new sports would you like to try?

What do you do to keep fit?

What are some of the benefits of sports? How are sports beneficial to you?

3. Painting

Do you like paintings?

What are some famous paintings that you like? You don't like?

Are you impressed with people who know how to paint?

Do you know Leonardo da Vinci and his paintings? Can you name some of his paintings?

Do have paintings at home for decoration?

If you could be given the talent to paint, what would you paint?

4. State system

Can you name the President of the United States?What do you think about him\her?

What is your opinion about actors or actresses who run for a position in politics?

Would you vote for an actor or actress who runs for a government office? Why or why not?

Is voting an important responsibility of a citizen?

Why do you think voting is important?

What can you say about the state system of the USA? state system of the Ukraine? state system of the Britain? Is there any similarities?

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