Is it easy to be young?

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Завдання проблемного характеру , у яких міститься практична чи теоретична трудність, яка потребує дослідницької активності. Саме проблемна ситуація допомагає викликати пізнавальну потребу в учнів, тим самим створити умови для засвоєння нового матеріалу.

Відображення документу є орієнтовним і призначене для ознайомлення із змістом, та може відрізнятися від вигляду завантаженого документу. Щоб завантажити документ, прогорніть сторінку до кінця

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Is it easy to be young?


вчителя англійської мови

Благовіщенської ЗОШ І-ІІІ ступенів

Комиш-Зорянської селищної ради

Більмацького району

Мозгової Л.М.

1. Greeting

Good morning, dear friends, dear guests! How are you?


T: Never mind what opinion you have. Lets hope for the best. Your success in life depends greatly on your ability to be in a good mood, to be happy to greet people and to give compliments to them!

-Give a compliment to your friend. Prove that it is true.

  1. Presentation of the topic. Motto.

T.First of all,my dears ,I want to tell you that we are happy, because we all are healthy and we live in its wonderful world. But have you ever thought what the life is ,what the values of life are?

So, the topic of our today’s lesson is “Is it easy to be young?” and I want to suggest you such an optimistic motto of our lesson.

We are too young to see only bad sides of life”

During the Middle Ages W. Shakespeare divided the human life into 7 periods. And in what way can we divide a human life nowadays?

A famous cartoonist Ch. Bidstrup depicted the human life in a series of pictures. Will you match the pictures to the age groups?

P. (childhood, the teenage years, adulthood, middle-age, old age)

A typical Ukrainian teenager

  1. Now read a poem and try to guess whom it is about:

He is not the best

He is not the worst

He is not the last

He is not the first

He is not in the middle

He is not between

He is not too old

He is just 16. P.: It is about us, teenagers.

T. What is typical teenager?

  1. Atypical teenager is…(creasy about computers, telephones, listens to rock and pop-music, smokes, takes drugs, drinkes of beer, reads of magazines, goes to discos, dreams to be independent)

T. Look at the photo of this young girl. How do you think how old is she? What is she?..

-Dear friends!

Many years ago I was 16 too. The life seemed very easy for me: a wonderful school, university, the first love,good friends. But it was 20years ago.The life changed very much.I want you to share your feelings and say if life seems easy to you.

P1:In my opinion this period of our life is often associated with stress,intolerance and negativism.

P2: As for me we as teenagers learn to think abstractly and to imagine. Webegin tosearch for our self-identity.

P3: On the one hand this is the time of the first love whith awakes devotion and loyalty.

P4: On the other hand, the teenage world is a place of extremes. We are also great experimenters.We experiment with our hairstyles, music,diet,part-time relationships.

T: As far as we understood, this period has its advantages and disadvantages. Lets try to define them.

A teenager…

- has all parents love and attention;

-does not have a lot of responsibilities;

-has a boy- or a girl-friend;

-does not have many health problems;

- can play loud music;

-has plenty of free time;

-can have a pet;

-can have a part-time job;

-can have a mobile telephone;

-can’t drive a car until 18;

-has reduced fee in transport;

-can’t drink in pubs;

-wears whatever clothes he likes;

-can’t have own property

Aquarium “

T: Divide into 3 groups.

Lets play the game “Aquarium”. I give you cards with tasks.

you must choose in your groups a speaker,a secretary, a time-keeper,a reporter.

Be attentive and use the rules of work in group.

(cards for groups 1-2)

T: (to group 3):

Now I’d like to listen to 2 letters and discuss them, help teenagers.

  1. written by a boy teenager;

  2. written by a girl teenager. Give your answers and advice.

(answers to first letter)

*try to speak with your parents and explain them everything

*parents know better

*you have aproblem because you are the only child in the family

*your surname is Smelaya.In English it sounds “brave”. Be brave!

(answers to second letter)_

*Denis!Don’t trouble until trouble troubles you.

*you are handsome, we know it exactly

*many girlsdream to be your girlfriend

*repeat every day “I’m a good boy. I’m a clever boy.I’m a talented boy.I’m a fantastic boy.

T:Let’s listen to the ideas of two groups.Read your situation loudly.

But what are the reasons for these problems?

Why do they happen? Let’s turn another page of our discussion.

Put the strips in the correct order, make up and dramatize the dialogues.

(… … …)

T: Have you recognized yourselves? Can you define the problem now?

P1: I think that we should work out a list of fundamentals of parents-children relashionship.

P2: I fully agree with you. To my mind, every teenager has his or her personal views on different problems.

P3: In my opinion our parents don’t trust us entirely.

P4: I don’t agree with you. Freedom is a good thing but we should learn how to use it in a proper way.

P5: I agree with you but, on the other hand, we should not be commanded by our parents.

P6: To sum up, I should say that both our parents and we, teenagers, should understand, respect and love each other.

T: Those were your opinions. I take all your opinions especially about parents.

Do you know what the Bible says about the relations between parents and children?

( As far as I know it says…” Honour your father and mother”

You are right. Though your parents make mistakes they are wiser and they know better what is the best for you.

So, you must respect them. Because they love you!

T: Let’s see some parts films…Try to prove the importance of the main values of life.

P1: I think that good health is a great blessing. ”Good health is above wealth”

Every day people invent things which may be harmful to our health.

P2: I’m agree with the words of Dostoyevsky” Happieness does not lie in happieness itself but in the achievement of it”. Happieness depends upon ourselves.

P3: I know the richest people in the world are not those with the most money, but those with close friends. Sincere friendship is truly a priceless gift.

P4: I think that love is the highest value of life. We can’t be happy without love to our parents, friends or without love to a person. Love makes our life complete and full of sense.

T: We gave the answer to the question: Is it easy to be young?

Is it good to be young?

PS: Yes, it is. It goes without saying.

Summarizing. Marks.

1)Thank youvery much for your work, enthusiasm,original ideas.

The most of you were at the top of the class. Some of you were rather quiet today.

2) Our today’s lesson comes to an end.You have to think how to live your life. There are people whose life is devoted to service to mankind.I suppose you’ve heard about Maria Theresa.

All her life she was helping everyone, who was ill,poor,message for you.

-Life is a beauty, admire it!

-Life is a dream, realize it!

-Life is a game, play it!

-Life is a love, enjoy it!

-Life is a song, sing it!

-Life is a tragedy, confront it!

-Life is life, fight for it!

Home task “A message to future”

T: I hope you learnt many useful things from Mother’s Theresa’s message.

Try to live full interesting life. You are school leavers so try to send your message to the pupils of the future.

Our lesson finishes. Enjoy every moment of your life.

Remember “The world is filled with beauty when your heart is filled with love!”

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