Інтерактивна вправа з англійської мови на тему "Halloween" .

Опис документу:
Інтерактивна вправа з англійської мови на тему "Halloween" розрахована на учнів середніх класів для вивчення або закріплення лексичних одиниць з даної теми. Добре використовувати під час проведення тижня англійської мови.

Відображення документу є орієнтовним і призначене для ознайомлення із змістом, та може відрізнятися від вигляду завантаженого документу. Щоб завантажити документ, прогорніть сторінку до кінця

Отримати код

Odd One Out (also called Odd Man Out) is a great game for classrooms, though it can also be played alone or with a friend online. It can be played by children or adults, from beginners to advanced students, depending on the categories and words used.

In a classroom, divide students into groups of 2-4 or more, and distribute sheets with lists of four or five words per set and instructions to choose the word that is different, the “odd one.”

In the easiest version, players simply choose which word or thing (or person, country, etc.) is different from the others.

The ‘categories’ version gives more thinking-in-English practice. (It requires naming categories or explaining how words are related, not just recognizing that there is a difference.)

In it, players not only choose the odd or different one, but also explain why it is different. Depending on the things named, there may be more than one right answer. In this case the winner is the one his or her fellow players agree has the best explanation for his/her choice.

Remember, it’s only a game!  Helping students think about meanings and relations between words is more important than the number “correct.”

Odd One Out on EnglishHints

Questions usually concern the meanings and uses of academic words, not famous people, kinds of animals, or other more basic vocabulary. Often there is only one correct answer, but sometimes more than one is possible.

(The important thing is to try to explain-- at least in your own mind, and in English, as much as possible-- WHY you chose the one you did.)

(Correct answers give a smile face and the reason why the OOO is different. A few of these have more than one possible answer. In those cases, the 2nd correct answer you choose will not give a smiley face but will still give the explanation.

Incorrect answers have no explanations. Try to think of the reasons, and other possible answers, before you check your answer.)

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