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Individual Reading Portfolio

by Evgenia Striuk

About author

Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer's life changed dramatically on June 2, 2003. The stay-at-home mother of three young sons woke up from a dream featuring seemingly real characters that she could not get out of her head.

"Though I had a million things to do, I stayed in bed, thinking about the dream. Unwillingly, I eventually got up and did the immediate necessities, and then put everything that I possibly could on the back burner and sat down at the computer to write—something I hadn't done in so long that I wondered why I was bothering."

Meyer invented the plot during the day through swim lessons and potty training, and wrote it out late at night when the house was quiet. Three months later she finished her first novel, Twilight. With encouragement from her older sister (the only other person who knew she had written a book), Meyer submitted her manuscript to various literary agencies. Twilight was picked out of a slush pile at Writer's House and eventually made its way to the publishing company Little, Brown where everyone fell immediately in love with the gripping, star-crossed lovers.

Twilight was one of 2005's most talked about novels and within weeks of its release the book debuted on The New York Times bestseller list.

Interesting Words

allure – the quality of being attractive and exciting; syn. charm, fascination – очарование

angular – (of a person) thin and without much flesh so that the bones are noticeable: an angular face, a tall angular men; syn. thin, lean, meager, spare – худой, костлявый

attempt – an act of trying to do sth, especially sth difficult, often with no success; I passed my driving test at the first attempt. syn. try, effort, endeavor, trial, shot – попытка

awkward – making you feel embarrassed; syn. clumsy, uneasy, ungainly, gauche, maladroit – неловкий

bewilder – to confuse sb; syn. confuse, baffle, perplex, obfuscate, mislead – сбивать с толку

beyond – on or to the further side of sth; syn. over, past – по ту сторону

billow – to fill with air and swell out; The curtains billowed in the breeze.вздыматься волнами

bizarre – very unusual and strange: His increasingly bizarre behavior is starting to worry me. syn. strange, funny, peculiar, curious, mysterious, odd, weird, eccentric – причудливый

bloodstream – the blood flowing through the body; syn. blood flow; They injected the drug directly into her bloodstream.кровоток

candid – saying what you think openly and honestly; not hiding your thoughts; To be candid, I can't stand her. syn. sincere, genuine, frank, honest, true – искренний

canopy – a cover that is fixed or hangs above a bed, seat, etc. as a shelter or decoration; syn. shed, awning, overhang, tent, sunshade – навес

carving – an object or a pattern made by cutting away material from wood or stone; syn. thread, screw-thread, imagery, toreutics; There is some fine carving on the facade.резьба

cautious – being careful about what you say or do, especially to avoid danger or mistakes; not taking any risks; syn. careful, wary, discreet, prudent, guarded; The government has been cautious in its response to the report. They've taken a very cautious approach.осторожный

convoluted – extremely complicated and difficult to follow; syn. winding, tortuous, sinuous, meandering, serpentine – извилистый

coward – a person, who is not brave or who does not have a courage to do things that other people do not think are especially difficult: You coward! What are you afraid of? syn. coward, chicken, poltroon, craven, capon, patsy – трус

craggy – having many crags; syn. rocky, iron-bound, rock-ribbed – скалистый

crooked – not in a straight line; bent or twisted; syn. wry, bent, one-eyed, awry, hooked; Your glasses are on crooked.кривой

daze – in a confused state: I’ve been in a complete daze since hearing the news; syn. amazement, astonishment, wonder, wonderment, bewilderment – изумление

doodle – to draw lines, shapes, etc., especially when you are bored or thinking about sth else; I often doodle when I’m on the phone.бессмысленный рисунок

elbow – the joint between the upper and lower parts of the arm where it bends in the middle; syn. cubit; She jabbed him with her elbow.локоть

evident – clear; easily seen; It has now become evident to us that a mistake has been made. The growing interest in history is clearly evident in the number of people visiting museums and country houses. syn. obvious, apparent, clear, evident, visible, demonstrable – очевидный

flurry – an occasion when there is a lot of activity, interest, excitement, etc. within short period of time; syn. flurry, squall, tornado, flaw, scud – шквал

gauge – (often in compounds) an instrument for measuring the amount or level of sth; syn. meter, measurer – измеритель

glitch - a small problem or fault that stops sth working successfully - неожиданная поломка

gloomy – nearly dark, or badly lit in a way that makes you feel sad; syn. depressing, glum – мрачно

gory – involving a lot of blood or violence; showing or describing blood and violence; syn. bloody – окровавленный

grateful – feeling or showing thanks because sb has done sth kind for you or has done as you asked; I am extremely grateful to all the teachers for their help. syn. thankful, appreciative – благодарный

grocery – a shop/store that sells food and other things used in the home. In American English ‘ grocery store ’ is often used to mean ‘supermarket’ – бакалея

guttural – (of a sound) made or seeming to be made at the back of the throat; syn. throaty – гортанный

halo – (in paintings, etc.) a circle of light shown around or above the head of a holy person. She played the part of an angel, complete with wings and a halo. syn. aureole, nimbus, glory, gloriole – ореол

haste – speed in doing sth, especially because you do not have enough time; syn. hurry, rush, time pressure, press, skiffle – спешка

hollow – having a hole or empty space inside; syn. echoing, resounding, loud; The tree trunk was hollow inside. Her stomach felt hollow with fear.гулкий

icy – very cold; syn. glacial, ice-cold, freezing, frosty – ледяной

incredibly – extremely; syn. unbelievably – невероятно

injudicious – not sensible or wise; not appropriate in a particular situation; syn. unreasonable, unwise, irrational, silly, impolitic – неразумный

jealous – feeling angry or unhappy because sb you like or love is showing interest in sb else; He is only talking to her to make you jealous.ревнивый

lasagne – large flat pieces of pasta – лазанья

lavender – a garden plant or bush with bunches of purple flowers with a sweet smell – лаванда

lengthways – in the same direction as the longest side of sth; syn. along, lengthwise, up, endlong, endwise; Cut the banana in half lengthways.вдоль

luscious – having a strong pleasant taste; syn. delightful, delicious, lovely, delectable, adorable – восхитительный

moisture – very small drops of water that are present in the air, on a surface or in a substance; syn. humidity, damp, dampness, wetness, wet – влажность

nameplate – a sign on the door or the wall of a building showing the name of a company or the name of a person who is living or working there – табличка

oblivious – not aware of sth; He drove off, oblivious of the damage he had caused.непомнящий

oddly – in a strange or unusual way; syn. strangely, curiously, peculiarly, queerly; She's been behaving very oddly lately. He looked at her in a way she found oddly disturbing.странно

ogle – to look hard at sb in an offensive way, usually showing sexual interest; He was not in the habit of ogling women.влюбленный взгляд

opaque – not clear enough to see through or allow light through; syn. cloudy, dense, muddy, clouded – непрозрачный

pedestrian – a person walking in the street and not travelling in a vehicle; Two pedestrians were injured when the car skidded. syn. foot-slogger, footer – пешеход

posture – the position in which you hold your body when standing or sitting; syn. pose, position, attitude, stance, plant; Good posture is essential when working at the computer.поза

promptly – without delay; She deals with all the correspondence promptly and efficiently. syn. quickly, fast, quick, soon, speedily – быстро

random – done, chosen, etc. without sb deciding in advance what is going to happen, or without any regular pattern; syn. casual, accidental, incidental, occasional, chance; She dodged the random items that were on the concrete floor. He grabbed a pair of random jeans and an old red shirt. I find and play a lot of random stuff – Bach, blues, bebop.случайный

repentant – feeling or showing that you are sorry for sth wrong that you have done; syn. contrite, remorseful; She was not in the least repentant. His words left us all feeling suitably repentant.кающийся

reverie – a state of thinking about pleasant things, almost as though you are dreaming; syn. daydream, cloud-castle; She was jolted out of her reverie as the door opened.мечты

ribbon – a narrow strip of material, used to tie things or for decoration; She was wearing two blue silk ribbons in her hair. ленточка

secure – feeling happy and confident about yourself or a particular situation; syn. safe, foolproof, fail-safe, sure, healthy; At last they were able to feel secure about the future. She finished the match, secure in the knowledge that she was through to the next round.безопасный

sepia – a brown substance used in inks and paints and used in the past for printing photographs – сепия

silence – a complete lack of noise or sound; syn. quiet, peace, calm, quietness, hush; Their footsteps echoed in the silence. A scream broke the silence of the night. I need absolute silence when I'm working.тишина

silky – soft, smooth and shiny like silk; syn. silken, satiny, flossy, sericeous – шелковистый

sketch – a simple picture that is drawn quickly and does not have many details; syn. outline, draft, drawing, rough draft; The artist is making sketches for his next painting.набросок

slit – a long narrow cut or opening; His eyes narrowed into slits. syn. gap, slot, crack, cleft, crevice – щель

soggy – wet and soft, usually in a way that is unpleasant; We squelched over the soggy ground. syn. wet, dripping, sloppy, sopping, watery – мокрый

spikes – shoes fitted with these metal spikes, used for running – шипы

spruce – an evergreen forest tree with leaves like needles; syn. fir, fir-tree – ель

stride - to walk with quick long steps: He strode across the room. syn. stride, coarse pitch – большой шаг

subdued – unusually quiet, and possibly unhappy; He seemed a bit subdued to me. She was in a subdued mood. The reception was a subdued affair. syn. depressed, crushed, repressed, despondent, downcastподавленный

subtle – not very noticeable or obvious; syn. subtile – трудноуловимый

tantrum – a sudden short period of angry, unreasonable behaviour, especially in a child; syn. passion, gush of anger, blow-up, blowout, huff – вспышка гнева

threshold – the floor or ground at the bottom of a doorway, considered as the entrance to a building or room; She stood hesitating on the threshold. He stepped across the threshold. syn. doorstep, sill, step, boundary, riffle – порог

to acquire – to gain sth by your own efforts, ability or behaviour; syn. purchase, buy, get, obtain, gain – приобретать

to aggravate – to make an illness or a bad or unpleasant situation worse; Military intervention will only aggravate the conflict even further. syn. worsen, impair, deteriorate, make worse, deprave – ухудшать

to alert – to warn sb about a dangerous or urgent situation; Neighbours quickly alerted the emergency services. Alerted by a noise downstairs, he sat up and turned on the light. предупреждать об опасности

to dazzle – if a strong light dazzles you, it is so bright that you cannot see for a short time; syn. blind – ослеплять

to eavesdrop – to listen secretly to what other people are saying; syn. overhear, bug; We caught him eavesdropping outside the window.подслушивать

to flicker – (of an emotion, a thought, etc.) to be expressed or appear somewhere for a short time: Anger flickered in his eyes. syn. blink, twinkle, shimmer, gleam, glimmer – мерцать

to flit – to move lightly and quickly from one place or thin to another; syn. flitter, play; Butterflies flitted from flower to flower.порхать

to fumble - to try to hold, move, or find something with your hands in an awkward way; syn. grope, fumble, feel about – нащупывать

to gaze – to look steadily at sb/sth for a long time, either because you are very interested or surprised, or because you are thinking of sth else; syn. stare – пристально смотреть

to grin – to smile widely; syn. sneer – усмехаться

to incapacitate – to make sb/sth unable to live or work normally; He was incapacitated by old age and sickness. syn. wreck, derange, lay out, scupper – выводить из строя

to moan – (of a person) to make a long deep sound, usually expressing unhappiness, suffering or sexual pleasure; syn. groan, howl; The injured man was lying on the ground, moaning.стонать

to mock - to laugh at someone or something and try to make him, her, or it seem stupid, especially by copying his, her, or its actions or speech: Wilson mocked Joe’s southern accent. Are you mocking me? syn. scoff, ride, flout, roast, guy – издеваться

to muffle – to wrap or cover sb/sth in order to keep them/it warm; She muffled the child up in a blanket. syn. wrap, enshroud, wrap up, envelop, swathe – закутывать

to mumble – to speak or say sth and quiet voice in a way that is not clear; syn. mutter, murmur, babble, burble, jabber – бормотать

to nauseate – to make sb feel that they want to vomit; to make sb feel disgusted; syn. revolt, sicken – тошнить

to pounce – to move suddenly forwards in order to attack or catch sb/sth; syn. lash out, attack, pounce, come down, wade into, raven; The lion crouched ready to pounce.набрасываться

to reassemble – to meet together again as a group after a break; The class reassembled after lunch. – собрать

to reassess - to think again about sth to decide if you need to change your opinion of it; After reassessing the situation, she decided to do nothing. syn. reappraise, overestimate, re-evaluate, overrate, overvalue, revalue – переоценивать

to reconcile – to find an acceptable way of dealing with two or more ideas, needs, etc. that seem to be opposed to each other; syn. conform, quadrate; It was hard to reconcile his career ambitions with the needs of his children.согласовать

to respond – to give a spoken or written answer to sb/sth; syn. answer, meet, reply, satisfy, account; I asked him his name, but he didn't respond. отвечать

to rip – to tear sth or to become torn, often suddenly or violently; I ripped my jeans on the fence. The flags had been ripped in two. The nail ripped a hole in my jacket. syn. tear, break, rip, pick, pull, puke – рвать

to scowl – to look at sb/sth in an angry or annoyed way; syn. glower; The receptionist scowled at me.сердито смотреть

to snarl – (of dogs, etc.) to show the teeth and make a deep angry noise in the throat; syn. growl, roar; The dog snarled at us.рычать

to squeeze – to press sth firmly, especially with your fingers; syn. squeeze out, wring, press, extract, wring out; Just take hold of the tube and squeeze.выжимать

to stun – to make a person or an animal unconscious for a short time, especially by hitting them on the head; The fall stunned me for a moment. The animals are stunned before slaughter. syn. knock out, deafen, din, knock senseless, devocalize – оглушать

to veer – (especially of a vehicle) to change direction suddenly; The bus veered onto the wrong side of the road. It is still not clear why the missile veered off course. syn. swerve – отклоняться

to wobble – to move from side to side in an unsteady way; to make sth do this; This chair wobbles.шататься

to yearn – to want sth very much, especially when it is very difficult to get; syn. long, pine, languish, be sick at heart, sigh; There was a yearning look in his eyes. The people yearned for peace.тосковать

treacherous – that cannot be trusted; intending to harm you; syn. telltale, traitorous, perfidious, renegade, deceitful; He was weak, cowardly and treacherous.предательский

unaware – not knowing or realizing that sth is happening or that sth exists; syn. not aware, ignorant, unfamiliar, unacquainted, nescient; He was completely unaware of the whole affair. She was unaware that I could see her. не знающий о

weird - very strange or unusual and difficult to explain; syn. strange, odd, bizarre, queer, peculiar; She's a really weird girl. He's got some weird ideas. It's really weird seeing yourself on television.странный

wheel – one of the round objects under a car, bicycle, bus, etc. that turns when it moves; syn. truck; He braked suddenly, causing the front wheels to skid. One of the boys was pushing the other along in a little box on wheels. She was killed when she was crushed under the wheels of a bus.колесо

Content Review: Twilight

The only reason I decided to read the Twilight saga, even though it is a book clearly geared towards the female audience, is because it was recently made into a motion picture and I like reading the books before I watch the film.

At the heart of it, Twilight is a story of forbidden love, this fact is reinforced by the image of an apple on the cover of the first book. The story revolves around Bella, a self-sacrificing young girl with a penchant for getting into dangerous situations and being clumsy. Bella moves to Forks to be with her dad, because she wanted to give her mum and her new boyfriend some space (told you she was self-sacrificing). While in Forks, she meets and falls in love with a vampire (Edward Cullen) and as if that was not bad enough, she also becomes friends with a werewolf (Jacob Black who we find out.

The Cullen family, of which Edward is a part, are a family of vampires who have decided not too drink human blood and instead feed on animal blood, jokingly referring to themselves as vegetarians. Edward, who also falls in love with Bella, has to learn to balance the his desire for her blood with his desire for her; a job not made easier by the fact that Bella seems to seemingly have no regard whatsoever for her own safety.

There is some debate as to the morality and appropriateness of the book. Some reviewers believe the book teaches abstinence as Edward insists on no sex till they are married. While others feel their young daughters should not be reading books about love affairs between vampires and humans, and no matter how 'good' Edward might be, he is inherently evil by nature.

In my humble opinion, I feel that reviewers that are debating the morality of a girl dating a vampire are all being pretty narrow minded and should all get over themselves. It is a fantasy fiction book for heaven’s sake and I am pretty sure the books fan base know this as well. In my opinion, what makes the book a must read is the fact that is a story of a love that is not meant to work out. Everything seems to be working against them from the start; Edward being a vampire, Bella being a human, Bella's best friend being the mortal enemy of vampires.... yet inspite of all this, they still find a way to make it work. Maybe it is the hopeless romantic in me this appeals to, but it does, so there you go.

The main characters

Bella Swan

Full Name: Isabella Marie Swan;

Nickname: Bell, Bells;

View: human;

Gender: Male;

Date of Birth: 13 September 1987;

Occupation: Student;

Place of Birth: Forks, Washington, USA;

Family: Charlie Swan (father) Renée Dwyer (mother) Phil Dwyer (stepfather);

The facts:

Bella ivory skin, long, straight, dark brown hair, chocolate-brown eyes. At hand is a crescent-shaped scar (from the bite of James). Extremely clumsy, intelligent, understanding, caring, with a bad sense of humor. Hates makeup and stylish clothes. Does not know how to lie.

Carlisle Cullen

Full Name: Carlisle Cullen;

Species: Vampire;

Gender: Male;

Date of Birth: 1640s;

Job Title: Physician;

Place of birth: London, England;

Family: Carlisle – head of the family Cullen

Relationship: spouse – Esme Cullen;


Carlisle Cullen (from the genus Stregoni Benefici (Stregoni beneficiaries)) – Esme's husband and the adoptive father of Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice and Jasper. For the first time the character appeared in "Twilight." His physical age – 23 years.

Carlisle is described as a young man like a model – his blond hair, - 6 feet 2 inches, thin, with a sporty physique. According to the theory of Carlisle, when a man turns into a vampire, then that ability, which was particularly manifest in the period of human life becomes even stronger in the guise of a vampire. He believes that his demonstrated ability – the ability to compassion. Carlisle had left hundreds of years to develop their medical talents that made him a brilliant doctor. Unlike most vampires, it does not offend the smell of human blood, so he was able to more than three hundred years, to refrain from the temptation.

Carlisle Cullen was the son of a minister, and was born in the 1640th year, London, England, during the religious revolution. His father and other pastors hunted creatures such as witches, werewolves, and vampires, often confusing them with ordinary people. Because his father was old, Carlisle had to perform his duties. One night, he was bitten by a vampire and left to die in the street. Knowing that the public will not accept it in the vampire guise, Carlisle hid, and where no one could see was a painful transformation into a vampire. Experiencing the horror of their condition, many times in different ways tried to kill himself, but nothing helped, because it was too strong. Once his hunger became unbearable and to quench it, he rent a herd of young deer. Understanding that it can exist without killing people, and his talent to resist the thirst of blood made him an excellent doctor.

A while Carlisle lived with the Volturi, but then left them and went on a journey to the New World. Treating the patients with Spanish girl he met a woman who begged him to do everything possible to save the life of her son, Edward. Because of loneliness Carlisle turned him into a vampire, and Edward became his companion. Soon after, in 1921, Carlisle moved to Wisconsin, where he tried to save the life of Esme, after a failed suicide attempt, the cause of which was sorrow for those who died as an infant son. Carlisle felt compelled to save her life and turned her into a vampire, subsequently falling in love with Esme and marrying her. Carlisle then transformed into a vampire Rosalie Hale, a young girl, who was almost killed by her drunken fiancé and his friends in Rochester, New York, who left her to die in the street. Later, hunting Rosalie found a young man named Emmett who had been mauled by a bear. She carried it out for yourself over 100 miles to Carlisle. Carlisle turned into a vampire Emmett, Rosalie, because she was afraid to do so because of rhinestones that blood lust possess her. After Carlisle turned Emmett, their whole family moved to Hoquiam, Washington, where they signed an agreement with the Quileute Indian tribe, which says that the Quileutes are not touched by the Cullens, if they do not kill people, and will not cross the border kvilet’s land. Cullens accept this agreement, lived there in relative peace and quiet, until they decided to move again. Between the first and second visit Cullens in Forks, to their family, finding Carlisle, Alice and Jasper joined. In all the books "Twilight" saga Dr. Carlisle works, acting leader of the clan.

Esme Cullen

Full Name: Esme Anne Platt Evenson Cullen;

Species: Vampire;

Gender: Male;

Date of birth: the end of the 19th century;

Occupation: fond restoration of buildings;

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio, USA;

Marital status: Spouse – Carlisle Cullen;


Esme Cullen – the wife of Carlisle and adoptive mother of Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice and Jasper.

She is interested in the restoration of buildings, its physical age – 26 years. She has no special talent, but her love for her family knows no bounds. Esme rise 1.7 m with hair the color of caramel, and her heart-shaped face with dimples, her slender, but slightly rounded shape.

Esme was born in the late 19th century, and was living in Columbus, Ohio, where she first met with Carlisle at the age of 16 years, after the broken leg after falling from a tree. She married Charles Evenson, but her husband treated her badly. Upon learning of her pregnancy, she ran away and gave birth to a son, who died a few days later. Struck by grief at the death of his son, Esme attempted to kill herself by jumping off a cliff. Believing that Esme had died, she was sent to the morgue. Carlisle, do not forget it, I heard the beating of her heart and turned her into a vampire. Esme fell in love and married Carlisle soon after. She loves her adoptive children as well as would have loved his son, but, nevertheless, she still regrets because he could not have children.

Esme appears in the whole saga, telling about his past to Bella during a baseball game Cullen in "Twilight." Esme Bella takes as his own daughter, supporting her in the difficult times for Bella.

Edward Cullen

Full Name: Edward Anthony Mason (human name);

Species: Vampire;

Gender: Male;

Date of birth: June 20, 1901;

Date of death: 1918 (as a human);

Job Title: High School;

Place of birth: Chicago, Illinois, USA;

Family: Edward Mason (biological father), Elizabeth Mason (biological mother), Carlisle Cullen (father), Esme Cullen (mother), Alice Cullen and Rosalie Hale (sister), Jasper Hale and Emmett Cullen (brothers);

Relationship: girlfriend – Bella Swan;

The facts:

Bella finds it incredibly beautiful, and compares with the mythical god - Adonis.

Edward was very pale, his skin is cold as ice, which the sun casts a glare. Hair color Bronze (like the biological mother), topaz-colored eyes (change hue depending on thirst).

Features: strength, speed, agility, endurance and beauty. Charming, polite, determined, and very stubborn.

Very fond of music. Masterfully plays the piano and composes songs. He likes classical music, jazz, progressive metal, alternative rock, punk rock, but do not like country music. Collecting cars.

Talent: able to read the minds of other people (the only exception – Bella).


Vampire Edward Cullen, was thanks to Dr. Carlisle Cullen. Edward and his parents died of influenza (Spanish flu). Edward's father died first, Edward was a lot worse. His mother claimed to save his son and soon died too. Edward was alone. Carlisle took pity on him and decided to exploit his part. He bit Edward and was afraid that he could not stop. He could not. But with great difficulty. Every drop of human blood can reduce vampire crazy. Edward was the son of Carlisle. Then to the "family" joined Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice and Jasper. They have become "family" Edward. Carlisle instilled in the family tend not to drink human blood and hunt only on animals. Edward became the subject of hunting cougars. Edward and his family lived in Alaska, but then conditions (they could not ever live in Alaska, because the whole family is not matured) forced them to move to Forks (Washington). Edward and his family was seen as very strange. Carlisle felt pimp (Rosalie and Emmett, Alice and Jasper – all pairs). Edward in the school Forks nobody interested. He has long lived a loner, by the rules of any vampire in their family. He did not want to expose the family in danger, and communicate with any of the students at the school and classmates. But soon it appeared in Forks – Bella Swan, Edward and peaceful life came to an end. At first, he felt terribly bad one its beautiful smell. But soon had to get used to ...

Emmett Cullen

Full Name: Emmett McCarty Cullen;

Nickname: Em;

Species: Vampire;

Gender: Male;

Date of birth: 1915;

Date of death: 1935 (as a human);

Job Title: High School;

Place of birth: Tennessee, USA;

Family: Carlisle Cullen (father), Esme Cullen (mother), Alice Cullen (sister), Edward Cullen and Jasper Hale (brother);

Relationship: spouse – Rosalie Hale;

The facts:

Hobbies: competition in any form.

Emmett is doing everything to be happy Rosalie. Sometimes they live separately.

Has curly dark and short hair, and golden eyes ..

Very strong and muscular (even for a vampire).


In 1935, Emmett was hunting in the mountains of Tennessee, where he was attacked by a bear. He was almost dead when Rosalie found him and brought to Carlisle. Emmett describes his salvation as the advent of the angel who carried it to God. After transformation, Rosalie and Carlisle explained the situation to him, but to their surprise it was not destroyed by the news that he's a vampire. His words were: "But if Carlisle and Rosalie, my angel, vampires, how bad can it be?" In the beginning he had a few problems with the rules and he drank human blood. Emmett would do anything for Rosalie, and because she liked the ceremony they were married again in a few years. Often they live alone, like a couple of newlyweds.

Rosalie Hale

Full Name: Rosalie Lillian Hale;

Nickname: Rose, Rose, Barbie, Crazy blonde;

Species: Vampire;

Gender: Male;

Date of birth: 1915;

Date of death: 1933 (as a human);

Occupation: Student;

Place of Birth: New York, USA;

Family: Carlisle Cullen (father), Esme Cullen (mother), Alice Cullen (sister), Edward Cullen and Jasper Hale (brother);

Marital status: Spouse – Emmett Cullen;

The facts:

Hobbies: loves cars, a fine musician (the second in the family after Edward.) Very similar to the model, an incredibly beautiful (even for a vampire), has wavy blond hair, golden eyes.

She married Emmett several times because he loves the ceremony and be the center of attention.

Really wants children. For this she refused to even its beauty.


Rosalie is described as the most beautiful woman on earth, even in the guise of a vampire, she tall, slim, and has long, wavy blonde hair. In his human life Rosalie was described as a beautiful, elegant woman from a wealthy family, with eyes the color violet. Royce King II Rosalie became interested and soon they made their engagement. Rosalie is very jealous of her good friend Vera and her young son, and occasionally visiting them, she realized that such a pure relationship with Vera with her husband, Royce King Rosalie never will. Reflecting this, Rosalie walking home drunk met Royce and his friends. Royce bragged about his beautiful bride, and it all came in that a girl was beaten, apparently raped and left for dead in the street. Carlisle, having found it, he decided to turn her into a vampire. After becoming a vampire, Rosalie find his killers, including ex-fiance, and severely punish them, but their blood did not drink.

Jasper Hale

Full Name: Jasper Hale Viltok;

Nickname: Jazz;

Species: Vampire;

Gender: Male;

Date of birth: 1843;

Date of death: 1863 (as a human);

Job Title: High School;

Place of birth: Texas, USA;

Family: Carlisle Cullen (father), Esme Cullen (mother), Rosalie Hale (sister), Edward Cullen and Emmett Cullen (brother);

Relationship: spouse – Alice Cullen;

The facts:

Hobbies: interested in scientific research.

Honey blond with golden eyes.

During the Civil War he was a major. Possess analytical and military mindset.

His body is covered with scars crescent-shaped because of the many years of fighting and training newborn vampires.

Jasper Hale took the name because people believed that he and Rosalie – twins.

Talent: can manipulate the emotions of others.


He was born in Texas and joined the Confederate Army in 1861, to participate in the Civil War. Because of his charisma and talent, he quickly rose through the service. Jasper was turned into a vampire in 1863 by a vampire Mary, when he was 20 years old. In the guise of a vampire, he gained the ability to manage emotions all around. Attracted by his high rank in the army, Maria decided to turn him into a vampire, so that he could help her on her land in Monterrey. Jasper was engaged in training newborn vampires, and then when they become useless, he had to destroy them (about a year after their transformation when their power disappears.)

At the end of the century, tired of such an existence, Jasper joined his old friend, Peter, and his partner, Charlotte. In the end, left Jasper and because they do not wish to kill any more people, because he could feel all the emotions of the victim while she was dying. Alice, foreseeing that they would be together, met him in Philadelphia, and together they began to look for the Cullen family. Because of his past, where he was killing people whenever he was overcome by thirst, Jasper experiencing strong lack of self-management.

Alice Cullen

Full Name: Mary Alice Brandon Cullen;

Nickname: Shorty;

Species: Vampire;

Gender: Male;

Date of birth: 1901;

Date of death: 1920 (as a human);

Occupation: Student;

Place of Birth: Biloxi, Mississippi, USA;

Family: Carlisle Cullen (father), Esme Cullen (mother), Rosalie Hale (sister), Edward Cullen and Emmett Cullen (brothers);

Marital status: Spouse – Jasper Hale;

The facts:

Hobbies: shopping.

Best friend – Bella.

Unlike the rest of the family, she does not remember his past life.

Features: strength, speed, agility, endurance and beauty.

Flexible and graceful, like a sprite.

Gifted with short black hair and golden eyes.

Talent: he sees the future, although it is very abstract.


Back when she was a person, Alice had seen the future and for that her gift was sent to a psychiatric hospital, where she became interested in one vampire James. He decided to kill her simply because another vampire interested in it. But hearing that Alice was in danger, the vampire decided to let it go and do a vampire, for which he was killed by James. Alice remembers nothing of her human life, and as a vampire was left to itself. After a while in one of his visions Alice saw Jasper, who was looking for the unknown. It helps in the search for Jasper. So in 1948 they met, and in 1950 joined the Cullen family. Alice and Jasper officially married, but they, unlike Rosalie and Emmett had once.

James – sharply negative character. Gorgeous "bloodhound", preying on people or animals for sport. Unlike Cullen feeds exclusively on human blood.

Laurent – another member of the James gang. He left it when James started to hunt Bella.

Victoria – a negative character. For many years, Viktor is murder, roaming all over the country, so was pretty wild. But one day, on her way met a vampire who managed to tame it. James – beloved Victoria, who became once and for all the love of her life was as a nomad, as she did. They united later joined another vampire – Laurent.

It was pretty cool, but nothing can last forever: in a very silly battle between vampires, James was killed by Edward Cullen.

Since all of its existence turned into goal: revenge! A couple of times she was able to deal with Cullen, but she thought it was too easy for him punishment. The real aim was her, love Edward – Bella Swan.


Jacob (Jake) Black – best friend Bella. He Quil Native American, and the werewolf, which may itself change shape. In love with Bella.

Sam Adly – the clan leader La Push. Blames himself for what he did once evil. The largest wolf. He was subsequently replaced by Jacob. Emily drew. In the guise of a werewolf has jet-black hair.

Quil Ateara – member of the clan of werewolves and the "slave" Jacob. Unlike the other was happy to become a werewolf. A wolf chocolate brown I hide.

Embry Call – Another "slave" Jacob. Half-brother of Jacob Black and Sam Uley. He has gray fur with black spots on the back.

Paul – a temper and it makes his jibe at the wolf. One of the best wolves. Does not like Bella. One of the five wolf packs, contact person. Dark gray skin.

Jared – The second force against the head of the pack. One of the five other wolves who were able to pay.

Leah Clearwater – The first and only female werewolf in the history of Kviluets. Sam met as long as he did not pay her cousin Emily. He likes to swear with almost the entire pack.

Seth Clearwater – 15 years. Leah's younger brother and a member of the La Push pack. Very similar to Bella Jacob, and is his right hand. only one of the werewolves is comfortable with the Cullens. A close friend of Edward. Sandy-brown skin.

Brady – The youngest member of the pack. Was converted at the age of 13th years.

Colleen – The youngest member of the pack. Was converted at the age of 13th years.

Relationship Characters

Family relationships



Family relationships, but not friendly

My Reading Log

He knows what is in the darkness, but the light dwelled with him. (Edward Cullen)

Probably, it is difficult to be a father and live in constant fear that one day your daughter met a guy of your dreams. Or, conversely, never one to fall in love. (Bella Swan)

Fortunately for me the motor wound up quickly, but with a deafening roar. Well, in such an old pickup truck to be disadvantages. Earned even older radio. A trifle, but nice. (Bella Swan)

We're like sharks ... Once tasted blood, ready to do anything to feel again its salty taste. (Alice Cullen)

Death - part of who we are, it leads us. It shapes us. It leads to madness. You cannot be human if you have no mortal end. (Edward Cullen)

In the lives of ordinary people is much less trouble and accidents! (Edward Cullen)

Now you are my life ... (Edward Cullen)

As a child, when I came to visit, my father always took out the cartridges, and hid the gun. Obviously, now he thinks I'm old enough to accidentally shoot yourself in the head, and are intelligent enough to not do it on purpose. (Bella Swan)

Give his life for another man, and even more loved, no doubt worth it. (Bella Swan)

We're just a wonderful couple, one thinks how would inadvertently kill the second faints from kissing. We can only ironic grin. And not to us, but the fate which brought us together. (Bella Swan)

Euphoria – the flip side of hysteria. (Bella Swan)

I bit my lip, hoping that the physical pain drown heart. (Bella Swan)

- Please, could you anticipate before you decide again I did not notice? It is very easier for me life. (Bella Swan)

I gave you the air. And you spent it on a moment to meet him, depriving me of oxygen. (Jacob Black)

I wish a lot more time we could spend together. (Bella Swan)

- How old are you?

- Seventeen.

- How long have you been seventeen?

- A while ...

(Bella Swan and Edward Cullen)

Hope shy snowdrops blooming in my heart. (Bella Swan)

If the creature automatically saves the lives of others, it cannot be evil. (Bella Swan)

I want to be with you! I'd never forget! Remember that for you I am have more dangerous than anyone else. (Edward Cullen)

I'm scared ... because chances are we cannot be together. And I'm afraid that this is what I want more than anything else. (Bella Swan)

He smiled, and for a moment my heart stopped beating. Perhaps even in heaven you will not find more beautiful angel! (Bella Swan)

Each time his cold beauty with a sharp knife pierced my heart. (Bella Swan)

Hell is not so bad if you have your own personal angel. (Emmett Cullen)

If I could not sleep, my dreams would be about you. (Edward Cullen)

Bloody vampire, he's driving me crazy! (Bella Swan)

Sometimes time is running out, and the events are merged into a blur, and sometimes goes on, and every word or deed clearly imprinted in the memory. (Bella Swan)

Homework is done – the result of sluggish personal life. (Bella Swan)

Girls also like to save the world! (Bella Swan)

There is nothing that prevents sleep at night, as a mystery. (Bella Swan)

A bargain is a bargain, even if the deal is with his own conscience. (Bella Swan)

Twilight. The best time of day and the most peaceful. Although it is most sad, because it means the end of the day, and the approach of night. (Edward Cullen)

- I want to confess something ... I'm dying. This became known long before I arrived in Forks.

Edward obviously waited, and his face turn reflected disbelief, confusion, and ... the horror. He opened his mouth to speak but still did not dare.

- The disease is incurable, - answered the unspoken question me.

Blackened eyes studied my face, trying desperately to find at least something that indicates that I am lying or poorly kidding.

- And Charlie knows?

- Of course. We just try not to think about ...

Edward's mouth fell open again limp, but then he caught himself. His face is a mask.

- And what is this disease?

I watched him with awe. To say that it was cancer, he did not stop until he finds a cure. And will for sure.

- It's called ... death – finally I said.

(Bella Swan and Edward Cullen)

When most cherished dreams come true, we should expect that sooner or later fate produces you score.

When life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it's not reasonable to grieve when it comes to an end.

You're intoxicated by my presence. (Edward Cullen)


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