Great Britain: London

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Great Britain: London

1. a) Listen and repeat. Which of these places have you read about?

Trafalgar Square • Tower Bridge • Buckingham Palace • St. Paul’s Cathedral • Nelson’s Column • the London Eye • the Globe Theatre • the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben • Madame Tussauds Museum •

b) Look at the photos. Which is a palace? a bridge? a cathedral? a theatre? a park? Match them to the list of landmarks in Ex. 1a. Where can you see these places of interest?


There is a bridge in Photo 1. There are no other bridges in the photos. I think it’s Tower Bridge.

Read and complete the sentences.

Use the adjectives from the box given below.

exciting • lovely • wonderful • interesting • amazing • historical • beautiful • nice • famous •

1.  London is ..  for its parks and gardens.

2.  You can learn many. things while visiting  places of interest in London.

3.  Madame Tussauds Museum can tell you a lot of ....  stories about the people of the UK.

4.  There are many ...... tours around London.   The   best way   to travel is by double-decker.

5.  You can spend a few days in London. Your time there will be full of...  trips and  impressions.

6.  We were in London last summer. We had a lot of excursions and a boat trip along the Thames River. We saw Big Ben.

Read and act out the situation.

Pupil A. You are in London. Now you’re talking with your friend via Skype. Read your role card and be ready to answer the questions.

You’re in London for a week. You’re interested in history, so you want to see famous museums.

You have been to the Tower of London and had a walk along Tower Bridge.

You have seen Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square.

You’re going to Madame Tussauds Museum tomorrow. You want to take photos with the British kings and queens.

Pupil B: One of your friends is in London now. You’re talking with him / her via Skype. Ask questions to get more information about his / her trip.

Listen, read and find the places on the map.

the River Thames • the National Gallery the Houses of Parliament • Westminster Abbey • the British Museum • Trafalgar Square •

Work in groups. Play a game. A leader says two or three sentences about one of the places on the map. The others must guess what place it is.


A leader: This is a bridge across the Thames River. It is behind the Houses of Parliament.

Student: It’s Westminster Bridge.


Work in pairs. Talk with your friend about the places you would like to visit in London.


A: I think London is a fantastic city. Those who are fond of history can visit the Tower of London and Madame Tussauds Museum. Those who are interested in art can go to the National Gallery. Personally, I would like to have a ride on the London Eye.

B: London is the city where ancient and modern live side by side.

I would like to have a boat tour along the Thames River. It is exciting!

Read the text and match the paragraphs (1-3) with the headings (A-C).

A Buckingham Palace В St. Paul’s Cathedral С Westminster Abbey

1. It is a royal church. It is more than 900 years old. It is situated not far from the Houses of Parliament. It was founded in 1050 as a monastery, but later it was rebuilt. There are tombs of nearly all the kings and queens of Britain there. The Abbey is the symbol of English traditions. One of the treasures of the Abbey is the ancient Coronation Chair.

2. This cathedral is the most famous of all English architecture. It dates back to the 17th century. It has the second largest ring of bells in the world. Inside the cathedral you can see many monuments to generals and admirals. The cathedral is famous for its Whispering Gallery.

3.  The palace is the official London residence of the Queen and her family. Above the State Entrance is the central balcony where the Royal Family appear on occasions of national holidays. The palace is like a small town with a police station, two post offices, a hospital, two sports clubs, a cinema and a swimming pool.


Listen and read. Which fact about the Tower of London do you find the most interesting?

The Tower of London

In the past the Tower of London served as a royal palace, a fortress and a prison. Today it is a wonderful museum.

Black ravens meet tourists there. They have lived here for centuries. The Raven Master takes care of the ravens. He gives them meat in the morning and in the evening. The old legend says that if the ravens are lost or fly away, the Crown will fall and Britain with it.

You can also see “Beefeaters” in their traditional Tudor uniforms in the Tower of London. They usually tell the visitors a lot of interesting things about the Tower of London.

Read and complete Ann’s letter to Jane. Put the words in brackets into the Past Simple Tense.

Dear Jane,

I (1) .........  (to have) a wonderful trip to London last summer. It (2)… (to be) fantastic! I (3)… (to go) on an excursion to St. Paul’s Cathedral. I (4)… (to hear) my friend in the Whispering Gallery. He (5)… (to be) 100 feet away! I also (6)…(to go) to Madame Tussauds Waxworks Museum. I (7)… (to see) Madame Tussauds portrait. She (8)… (to make) it before her death. Sometimes I (9)… (to feel) uncomfortable in the company of wax models. In the Globe Theatre I (10)… (to discover) amazing facts about William Shakespeare.

Write me soon and tell me all your news.

Best wishes,


Read and order the paragraphs to build a text.

The English Parks

A In March and April there are a lot of flowers in the parks. English people like roses, daffodils and tulips a lot. The rose is the symbol of England. The daffodil is the symbol of Wales.

В In Hyde Park, people like to sit on the grass or to read books on the benches under the trees. They also like to visit the beautiful rose garden there and go boating on the lake.

С There are many parks in London as well as in other cities and towns in England. The most famous London parks are Hyde Park, St. James’s Park and Green Park.

D Green Park is a quiet place with a lot of beautiful trees. Green Park has no lakes, no buildings and few monuments. The only flowers are daffodils.

E In St. James’s Park you can sit by the lake and watch swans, geese, ducks and other birds which live there.

Regent’s Park                          Green Park

Answer the questions:

1. Are there many parks in England?

2. What London parks do you know?

3. Why is spring a lovely season in England?

4. Are there many flowers in the English parks?

5. What do people like to do in Hyde Park?

6. What birds can you see on the lake in St. James’s Park?


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