Exercises: Present Perfect

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Form 6 Present perfect

Look at the sentences and put the verbs in brackets into the present perfect form.

1) My best friend and I __________ (know) each other for over ten years.

2) I __________ (not buy) anyone a present recently.

3) My father __________ (have) the same job for ages.

4) I __________ (live) in the same house since I was born.

5) My English teacher __________ (not work) at this school for very long.

6) I __________ (not spend) much money recently.

7) My partner __________ (be) at school today for longer than me.

8) I __________ (send) a few text messages today.

9) I __________ (not make) any new friends in the last few weeks.

10) Nobody in my family __________ (receive) good news recently.

11) I __________ (feel) happy since I woke up this morning.

12) I __________ (not see) a good film at the cinema for a long time.


1) have known 7) has been

2) haven’t bought 8) have / ‘ve sent

3) has had 9) haven’t made

4) have / ‘ve lived 10) has received

5) hasn’t worked 11) have / ‘ve felt

6) haven’t spent 12) haven’t seen

The passive

A Complete the sentences by using the verbs in the box in the present simple or past simple passive.

build choose encourage illustrate locate spend

teach not use wake write

1. The British Library __________ in St Pancras, London.

2. The students _________to use a monolingual dictionary in their English lessons.

3. Buckingham Palace __________ in the 18th century.

4. Many novels __________ because of the picture on the front cover.

5. Last year, the students __________ by Mrs Shipley.

6. A lot of money __________ every year on textbooks.

7. This morning, I __________ up at 5 a.m. by the neighbours’ baby.

8. __________ The Picture of Dorian Gray __________ by Oscar Wilde?

9. Sally has loads of cookbooks, but they __________ very often.

10. Who __________ these comics __________ by?

B Rewrite the sentences in the passive.

1. J.K.Rowling created Harry Potter.

2. Last night the police arrested lots of football hooligans.

3. British teenagers buy a lot of magazines and comics.

4. Pixie Lott sang Boys and Girls.

5. The bookshop puts on monthly poetry-reading evenings.

6. Fortunately, the lifeguard rescued the small boy, who was drowning.

7. On the train yesterday, someone stole my iPod from my bag.

8. A mechanic services my car twice a year.

9. People often tell me that I look like Keira Knightley.

10. The tour guide advised us to put on insect repellent before going into the forest.


1. is located 6. is spent

2. are encouraged 7. was woken

3. was built 8. Was, written

4. are chosen 9. aren’t used

5. were taught 10. were , illustrated


1. Harry Potter was created by J.K.Rowling.

2. Lots of football hooligans were arrested by the police last night.

3. A lot of magazines and comics are bought by British teenagers.

4. Boys and Girls was sung by Pixie Lott.

5. Monthly poetry-reading evenings are put on by the bookshop.

6. Fortunately, the small boy who was drowning was rescued by the lifeguard.

7. On the train yesterday, my iPod was stolen from my bag.

8. My car is serviced twice a year by a mechanic.

9. I am often told that I look like Keira Knightley.

10. We were advised by the tour guide to put on insect repellent before going into the forest.

1. Write 4 different types of film. _______ _______ _______ _______(4 points)

2. These adjectives can all be used to describe films. Fill in the missing letters. (6 points)

d _ _ _; _re_ _; c_ _ _le; v_ _l_ _ _; _ _ _w; g_ _pp_ _ _; _p_ct_ _ _la_

3. Write the comparative forms of these adjectives. (4 points – ½ point for each answer)

tall dangerous

fat bad

late far

ugly serious

4. Write the superlative forms of these adjectives. (4 points – ½ point for each answer)

good-looking popular

talented moving

scary short

long funny

5. Complete the sentences with one word. The first letter is given to help you! (6 points)

The first Oscars award c_______ happened in Hollywood in 1929.

When the Oscar winners accept their award, they usually make a s_______.

Sheila won the contest and received a p_______ of £1,000.

Sometimes it’s too expensive to shoot films on l____, so they are made in a film studio.

I’m really into science fiction films. I think the special e______ are fantastic!

I’m really not keen on martial arts films. I find all the fight s______ really boring.

6. Write 2 things a 15-year-old in your country is legally too young to do. (2 points)

7. Write 2 things which are small enough to fit in your pocket. (2 points)

8. Write 2 jobs which are as important as being a doctor. (2 points)

9. Write 2 activities you don’t have enough patience to do. (2 points)

10. Write 2 countries which aren’t as far away as England from where you are now.

_________ _________

11. Imagine you work in a theatre box office. A man phones to book tickets for a concert.

Use the prompts to write 3 questions you might ask him. (3 points)

How many / tickets? credit card / number? security code / back?




12. Write 3 types of TV programme. (3 points) _________ _________ _________

13. Complete the questions with one or two words. (5 points)

__________________ you got a cinema in your hometown?

__________________ times a month do you go to the theatre?

__________________ actors get paid too much money, in your opinion?

Who __________________ your favourite TV actress?

Do you think __________________ there too many trailers before the film starts?


1. horror, romantic comedy, science fiction, action film, animated film, drama, disaster film, thriller

2. dull, predictable, violent, slow, gripping, spectacular

3. taller, fatter, later, uglier, more dangerous, worse, farther / further, more serious

4. the best-looking, most talented, scariest, longest, most popular, most moving, shortest, funniest

5. ceremony, speech, prize, location, effects, scenes

6. drink alcohol, drive a car, ride a moped, vote, smoke

7. coins, keys, wallet, ticket

8. teacher, nurse, firefighter, police officer

9. make a model airplane, play chess, knit, paint a picture

10. Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Germany, Lithuania

11. How many tickets would you like?

Can you give me your credit card number, please?

What’s the three-digit security code on the back of the card?

12. cartoon, chat show, documentary, current affairs programme, the news, quiz show,

reality TV show, sitcom

13. Have, How many, Do, is, are

Cinema questionnaire:

1. Which _____ – watching films on DVD at home or going to the cinema? (you / prefer)

2. How many times ________ to the cinema last year? (you / go)

3. How much ________ in your hometown? (a cinema ticket / cost)

4. When ________ the last time you went to the cinema? (be)

Which film ________ ? (you / see)

5. Where ________ sitting at the cinema – at the front, in the middle, or at the back?

(you / like)

Where ________ last time? (you / sit)

6. ________ reviews before you decide to see a film? (you / read)

________ friends about it first? (you / ask)

7. ________ angry if people talk during the film? (you / get)

________ anything when people keep talking during the film? (you / say)

8. In your opinion, _______ it OK if people drink during the film? (be)

What about ________? (eat)

9. ________watching the trailers before the film? (you / enjoy)

________ there are too many adverts before the film begins? (you / think)

10. What kinds of films _____better to see on the big screen rather than at home? (be)

11. _____it embarrassing to cry at the cinema? (be)

When ________ during a film? (you / last cry)

12. How ________ about 3-D films? (you / feel)


1. Which do you prefer …?

2. How many times did you go …?

3. How much does a cinema ticket cost …?

4. When was the last time you went to the cinema? Which film did you see?

5. Where do you like sitting at the cinema …? Where did you sit last time?

6. Do you read reviews …? Do you ask friends about it first?

7. Do you get angry …? Do you say anything if people keep talking ...?

8. In your opinion, is it OK if …? What about eating?

9. Do you enjoy watching the trailers …? Do you think there are too many adverts …?

10. What kinds of films are better to see …?

11. Is it embarrassing to cry …? When did you last cry during a film?

12. How do you feel about …

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