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Добірка вправ з граматики. Present Perfect Continuous

Відображення документу є орієнтовним і призначене для ознайомлення із змістом, та може відрізнятися від вигляду завантаженого документу

Отримати код Поділитися

Present Perfect Continuous

I. Match the sentences from the two columns.

He has got a walkman.

The street is wet.

Ann’s holding a cell phone.

Jamie and his friends are on the beach.

My friends are in the park.

He’s got a pencil in his hand.

The teacher’s got a chalk in her hand.

They have been playing football.

She has been sending messages.

It has been raining.

He has been listening to music.

He has been doing a crossword.

She has been writing on he blackboard .

They have been sunbathing.

II. Complete the letter with the Present Perfect Continuous of the verbs in brackets.

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

I’m sorry I haven’t written sooner. I … …. …. (study) very hard. There’s so much to do. I’m playing in a concert with the school orchestra next Sunday and we … … … (practice) a lot. The house is in an awful state. Dad … … … (paint) the doors and Stevie … … … (help). You should see it! I can’t tell who … …. … (make) a bigger mess. You can imagine what mum ... … … (do). Thank you very much for the computer game you sent me. I haven’t got much time to play it, so Ann … … … (win). I … … … (think) of you a lot. Hope you can come and visit us soon.

Love, Jamie.

III. Complete the sentences with the Present Perfect Continuous of he verbs in brackets.

1. They ... ... ... (travel) around the world for 3months.

2. Tanya ... ... ... (play) the piano since she started school.

3. We ... ... ... (study) history for two hours.

4. I ... ... ... (wait) for a bus for half an hour.

5. Patrick and Lisa ... ... ... (live) in London since June.

6. they ... ... ... (make) sandwiches since 2 o’clock.

7. He ... ... ... ( paint) this picture for a year.

IV. Fill in the sentences with SINCE or FOR

1. I have been living at my present address ...a month.

2. Tim has been learning French ... three years.

3. They have been playing football ... two hours.

4. Liz has been studying history ... 9 o’clock.

5. She hasn’t been talking to him ... he moved to Germany.

6. They haven’t been sleeping ... the baby was born.

7. The builders have been working on the house ... weeks.

8. Bruno has been training at water polo ... he started school.

V. Write questions using the Present Perfect Continuous

1. She has been trying to pass her driving test since the beginning of the year.

2. They’ve been building the house for 3 years.

3. She‘s been collecting stamps since 1932.

4. I’ve been studying English for 5 years.

5. She’s been working on this exercise for 5 minutes.

6. They’ve been living at their present address for 5 years.

Опис документу:
Добірка вправ з граматики. Present Perfect Continuous. Тренувальні вправи для розвитку граматичних навичок. 5 завдань: 1. з'єднати 2 частини речення; 2-3. вставити Present Perfect Continuous ; 4. since/for; 5. написати запитання у Present Perfect Continuous .

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