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Вашій увазі пропонується план-конспект уроку по методиці Digital Escape Rooms. Ця методика використовує компетентнісно-орієнтований підхід до організації навчального процесу. Урок проводився в рамках впровадження геймифікації навчання. Навчики, які развиваються методами Digital Escape Rooms: продуктивні, евристичні, проблемні, інтерактивні. Digital Escape Rooms можуть бути використані під час звичайного навчального процесу та в режимі онлайн, під час дії карантинних обмежень.

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Teacher: Olha Kozachok

Class: 9C, group 1

Lesson 86. Technology changes the world


January 22nd, 2021


Laptop, speakers, google sites, discord, google forms, different websites


Improve critical thinking, practice listening skills, hone soft skills, assess knowledge acquired during distanced learning

Students will engage in:

Learning Stations, visuals, cooperative learning, hands on tasks, technology integration, simulations, whole group instruction, discussion questions.

Assessment for Learning:

observations, conversations

Assessment as Learning:


Assessment of Learning:



  1. Division into three teams, promoting three team captains

  2. Basic task instructions om Discord usage.

  3. Warm up (Interactive G-Pic task) – basic activity immersion


  1. Cryptogram sentence ( – theme review (unit 5)

  2. Word scramble (G-slides) – vocabulary review

  3. Jigsaw puzzle ( – soft skills & critical thinking practice

  4. Scavenger hunt ( – critical thinking development, vocabulary practice

  5. Sequencing task ( - development of thematic knowledge

  6. Intentional error (google form) - critical thinking development, reading practice, test practice

  7. Morse code challenge – listening practice, writing practice, soft skills development


  1. Endgame discussion in form of self-reflection.

Escape room method’s strong sides:

Lots of critical thinking

Working on soft skills

Way to assess the knowledge without phycological pressure

High engagement levels

Ultimately, when it’s done right, a digital escape room doesn’t compromise the skills or content that you’re trying to teach. Instead, it makes them more attractive, and thus, more memorable.

Escape room script:

Run, kids, Run! (Escape the Academic Lyceum “Spectrum”)

Hello dear friend,

You are about to enter a fascinating world of digital escape rooms. Proceed with caution and beware of challenges that lie ahead. If you’ve mastered your courage feel free to press the button below!

P.S. It is recommended that you open this escape room in a separate tab in your web browser so that you don't lose progress when clicking on necessary links.


One day you decided to stay behind after class and chill out with your classmates, eating pizza, playing games and talking. Time went by sooooo fast that… you’ve accidentally ended up locked inside the lyceum! Your only chance to avoid being scolded by your homeroom teacher Olga Yuryivna and your principal Tatiana Yevgenyivna is to escape the school building before you are found out by our watchman. Form a team to make use of your bonds, use your brain’s full potential, be agile and light fingered but don’t forget to act stealthily to make a perfect escape. And remember, no one is to be left behind!

Ready? Fill in your team's name and click next below to begin!


  1. Interactive G-Pic

You are locked inside our homeroom class, look around to find something to help you unlock the door with! Each clue you uncover will bring you one step closer to escaping the lyceum unnoticed!

Click around on the image. You never know where a clue could be found. But be careful not to attract attention.

(photo of our class with teacher’s desk clickable) False clues

  1. Cryptogram sentence (

Great start, you’ve found our homeroom class’s keys inside Olga Yuryivna’s desk, buuut what a bummer! The desk drawer is jammed. If you try to force open it, you’ll end up getting spotted by the watchman. In order to get to the keys quietly and free yourself you’ll need to unencrypt this sentence:

A tip:

Look for Common Letters. The first step is to realize that the most common letters in the English language are E, T, A, O, and N, with I and S a close second.

Solve the Short Words

The most common two letter words are: OF, TO, IN, IS, IT, AS, HE, BE, BY, ON, OR, and AT.

Look for the Pattern

It all comes down to making systematic educated guesses until the pattern emerges.

Click here whenever you are ready to start the first challenge!

( \ )

Enter 12 \ 13 numbers, separate by spaces: 1 24 2 9

Encrypted sentence: How tech-savvy are you? \ Humans are not too intelligent at times.

Key: 5 2 10 3 16 24 22 25 7 13 18 23 \ 23 8 14 25 12 1 11 21 9 6 10 24 26

2) Word scramble (G-slides)

Great, you did it! You have a key and now it’s high time to open the door that keeps you from escaping and run-run-run! But doing so from the inside is tricky, coz our cleaning lady left a bucket full of water right outside the door. Tipping it over will cause a commotion leading to you being caught. To make sure that you can maneuver properly while escaping – unscramble the words from this presentation.

Here comes a small tip: all of these words come from your dictation!

<iframe src=”” frameborder=”0” width=”960” height=”569” allowfullscreen=”true” mozallowfullscreen=”true” webkitallowfullscreen=”true”></iframe>

<iframe src=”” frameborder=”0” width=”960” height=”569” allowfullscreen=”true” mozallowfullscreen=”true” webkitallowfullscreen=”true”></iframe>





















3) Jigsaw puzzle (

You are out and about but the watchman is approaching. To find a perfect place to hide and wait for him to pass you have to solve this jigsaw puzzle.

Just a hint: there’s a word hidden in the picture. Read it clockwise!

staircase \ stairway

4) Scavenger hunt (

Huh, you’ve managed to barely escape the watchman, but it’s still too early to celebrate. The staircase is covered in debris. It’s impossible to pass through without attracting the watchman’s attention. But not all is lost. Complete this scavenger hunt to find an optimal route and safely get to the ground floor!

Insert the secret code that you’ll find after finishing the task (letters & numbers).

cre8 \ pa55w0rd

5) Sequencing task (

You have finally reached the ground floor and you did it as stealthily as possible, so great job you guys!

Oh-oh, apparently the watchman is taking the opposite staircase to reach this floor as well. But there is no going back, coz the staircase you came from is one big landmine. S-so what do you do? Of course, you need to hide and fast! There is only one unlocked classroom on this floor but checking them one by one is too much, in order to find out which one is the right one you have to complete the next task. Place the events in chronological order!

Use the first letters of the sentences to unlock this lock (10 letters, lowercase, no spaces)!

<iframe src=”” style=”position:relative;top:0;left:0;width:900px;height:650px;overflow:none;border:none”></iframe>


6) Intentional error (google form)

You are safe… at least for now. It’s high time to catch your breath. The exit is sooooo close it almost hurts. But making a run for it is not an option, at least not for now. You need to make absolutely sure that the watchman is gone by the time you decide to go back to the hallway. Taking a wild guess is not the best idea, so let’s make sure the way is clear before going out. Solving the next puzzle may have just help you accomplish that! There is a newspaper on the floor and it wasn’t placed there by accident. It holds the key to your escape.

Select the WRONG statements based on the reading attached.

Insert the key you’ll get at the end of this task into the main form to proceed (letters only).

pixels \ binary code

6.5) Interlude (ransomizer)

The road is clear, it’s now or never! Run for your life… er, I mean run so you won’t get dragged into your principal’s office!

(Read and press next to proceed.)

7) Morse code challenge

Shoot, the exit is locked as well! You need to do something fast so you won’t get caught! The lock is a little bit more complicated than a regular PIN number, this one requires that you put in the correct letter and sound relationship.

To learn of this relationship, you need to solve the last riddle. And it is in the Morse code. Listen to the audio. Use the key provided and uncypher the code!

reset \ paste

7.5) Finish line

The mystery of the lyceum

The watchman swears that there is a ghost at the lyceum opening all doors at night

Congrats, your escape was a huge success. You are a legend! And BTW you’ve made the news, GGWP =P

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