Computers in our life

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Цей урок допоможе: удосконавлювати навики аудiювання; продовжувати тренувати учнiв в читаннi; продовжувати формувати комунiкативнi навички учнiв; викоростовувати дiалогiчну мову; розширяти словниковий запас та розвивати образне мислення, активно використати граматичний матерiал; сприяти встановленню дружньої атмосфери i взаемозв’язкiв мiж учасниками спiлкування.

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Урок для учнiв 9 класу.

Тема: Computers in our life. ( slide1)


  • Удосконавлювати навики аудiювання;

  • продовжувати тренувати учнiв в читаннi;

  • продовжувати формувати комунiкативнi навички учнiв;

  • Викоростовувати дiалогiчну мову;

  • розширяти словниковий запас та розвивати образне мислення, активно використати граматичний матерiал;

  • Сприяти встановленню дружньої атмосфери i взаемозв’язкiв мiж учасниками спiлкування.

Обладнання: комп’ютер, зошити, роздатнiй матерiал, пiдручник, картки для роботи в групах (НО1), для самостiйноi роботи (НО2), презентація.

Хiд уроку.

I.Пiдготовка до сприйняття iншомовного мовлення.

a).Greeting. Good morning everybody. I am so glad to see you. How are you?

b).Aim. We are to speak about Communication Technology. Today we will know more interesting things on our topic and check up our skills.

c).Check up the Homework. Complete the dialogue with the replies (A-E).

  • so there must be something wrong with your connection.

  • – They should be there in an hour.

  • – What’s wrong with it?

  • –Could you send someone to fix it today?

  • –It hasn’t been working the past few days.

-I need somebody to come over and fix my Internet.


-For some reason it’s just not connecting.

-How long have you been having this problem?


-Does the Internet come up at all?

-It does, but it won’t connect to anything.

-Well, the Internet isn’t down, 3)___________


-I’ll send somebody over right away to fix it.

-When will they be here?


d).Warming up. Game ’’Guess the world’’. Make up riddles with the words: ’’communicate, web, computer, Internet, technology, phones.

II. Work on the topic of the lesson.

a).Listening Comprehension. Now I’ll read you the text twice. You are to listen to it very attentively, try to understand the main idea of it and then do the task.


Computers have had a great impact on society. Today computers are constantly becoming a part of everyday life. Computers are used in everything from the home PC or laptop to appliances such as microwaves and even our cars. Not only have computers had a great impact on our everyday life, but also on education and the workplace. Computers are used in our appliances, mobile phones, entertainment devices (such as DVD players) and others. It is almost impossible to get through one day without having some form of interaction with computers.

The Internet has had a huge impact on society. It provides information and services, as well as the ability to communicate people all around the world in variety of ways. These range from bulletin boards and chat rooms to voice conversations and video conferencing.

Around the world, the Internet is available to millions of people. Those who don’t have computer or access to the Internet at home will often have access at work or school, or even at the local library. Another added bonus of the Internet is that the majority of the information and services available are free.

The use of computers for educational purposes has been highly beneficial for those involved. From a primary school level, children are taught the basics of computer use, including the Internet. At high school, this continues as children become more and more proficient in using the computer.

It is a tertiary level though, that computers really come into use. News, assignments, tests, lecture notes etc. can be placed on the Internet for stu-

dents who live in remote areas and cannot travel to and from university or other tertiary institution each day. The idea of remote learning can also be applied to a primary school level.

Computers impact every part of our lives. From the home, to the workplace and in education, computers aid us to do what we want. In general, computers are beneficial to the tasks they are applied to. Although computers can cause some problems, such as unemployment and computer viruses, these are far outweighed by the benefits computers provide. Because of this, computers and technology will continue to have an increasing effect on society.

Mark the following statements (1-12) true (T) or false (F).

Work on cards individually.

True or false:

1) Society is much influenced by computers at present time.

2) You can find computers everywhere, even in your car.

3) Computers can be operated by microwaves.

4) DVD player is an entertainment device.

5) The Internet is a source of information only.

6) You can’t watch people and hear their voices trough the Internet.

7) You can get access to the Internet at the local library.

8) Not all the information and services available are free.

9) Children are taught the basics of computer use at a primary school level.

10) Computers can be used in education at a distance.

11) The biggest problem with the computer is poor eyesight.

12) There are more advantages then disadvantages with computers.

b).Reading. Read the text and complete it with the words: online, mobile-learning, digitize, tablets, the Internet, technology.

The World’s First “Smart Education” System.

Work in groups with the cards. Fill in the gapes with the proper words .

South Korea’s government has announced ambitious plans to revolutionize school classrooms and provide the world’s first “smart education” system. It intends to1)________all textbooks in all schools by 2015.This means bulky, paper-based books are out and handheld data2)________________________and e-readers are in .First in line to go digital are elementary schools, which will switch to3)__.____________devices by 2014.South Korea’ s Ministry of education says it will invest $2.4 billion to create and deliver the e-learning and4)________________materials. In addition to digital content in the classroom, the Ministry is also hoping to make online classes available for students who miss lessons. South Korea is well known for its embrace of5)________________________and high-speed 6)_____________________.A Ministry official stated: ”Korean students have ranked first in terms of digital literacy among developed nations. That’s why Korean students, who are already full prepared for digital society, need a major shift in education.”

Presenting Grammar. Let’s revise prepositions. For each item (1-4) choose the correct variant(A,B or C).

1) The searchers at last picked…a signal from the crashed yacht.

A) out;

B) up;

C) in.

2) I shall just print this…and put it in the post.

A) off;

B) into;

C) out.

3) Brian keyed…his personal code.

A) in;

B) to;

C) on.

4) If someone hacks…a computer system, they break into the system, especially in order to get secret information.

A) into;

B) onto;

C) to.

Speaking. Describe your favorite Internet site.

Writing. Write a short e-mail to your pen-friend about your new smart phone.

Homework. Revise the words on the topic in your vocabularies.

Summarizing. What facts surprised you at the lesson today? What information seemed to be the most interesting to you?

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