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ІНТЕЛЕКТУАЛЬНИЙ БРЕЙН-РИНГ “BE THE CLEVEREST” МЕТА: навчити учнів сприймати та розуміти іншомовне мовлення на слух, розвивати вміння усного спілкування, розвивати мовну здогадку та логічне мислення учнів, виховувати розуміння важливості володіння іноземною мовою як засобу спілкування

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МЕТА: навчити учнів сприймати та розуміти іншомовне мовлення на слух, розвивати вміння усного спілкування, розвивати мовну здогадку та логічне мислення учнів, виховувати розуміння важливості володіння іноземною мовою як засобу спілкування

Вступне слово вчителя:

Good morning dear jury, our teams and guests. You’re welcome to the intellectual English contest “Brain – ring”. Our aim is to show students’ knowledge not only of English but Literature and Geography as well to widen outlook and encourage students to speak. Now I’d like to introduce our jury to you… I know they will judge our competition fairly

Привітання команд Конкурс «Do you know Britain?»

1 What is the official name of Britain? (the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

2 Where the United Kingdom situated? (on the British Isles)

3 What is the capital of Britain? (London)

4 What parts does the United Kingdom consist of? (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)

5 What part of London is the symbol of wealth and culture? (the West End)

6 What river does the British capital stand on? (the Thames)

7 What is the capital of Scotland? (Edinburgh)

8 What is the capital of Wales? (Cardiff)

9 When do British people celebrate Christmas? (on the 25th of December)

10 What mountain are there in England? (the Pennies Chain)

11 What is the highest peak of Great Britain? (Ben Nevis)

12 What is the longest river in Britain? (The Severn)

13 Why do the British people often talk about weather? (it’s changeable)

14 What is there in the center of Trafalgar Square? (Nelson’s Column)

Конкурс «Draw a picture»

T You’ll listen to a shot story and your task is to draw what’s the story about. Teams get paper and colored pencils

There is a big house in the middle of the picture. The house is yellow with red roof. There are two windows in the house and one door. To the left of the house there is a green tree. To the right of the house there are two flowers. One flower is red, the second flower is blue. Under the tree there is a black dog, on the tree there is a fat cat.

Конкурс «Pantomime»

T: The task for each team is to show the story they get to another team in miming. Another team has to guess what they show.

Task 1

You have a strong toothache, go to the dentist and ask for help

Task 2

You come to a shop and buy some bread

Конкурс «Speed»

T: You have to answer as many questions as you can in one minute


1 Where do kangaroos live? (In Australia)

2 Where is Chine situated? (in Asia)

3What is the national dish of the Ukrainians? (borch)

4 What is the official language of Canada? (English and French)

5 Name the fastest way of travelling? (by plane)

6 How many states are there in the USA? (50)

7Which is the largest ocean? (The Pacific Ocean)

8 Are the elephants good swimmers? (Yes)

9 Who wrote “Tom Sawyer” (M. Twain)

10 I have already cleaned my room. What’s the tense? ( Present Perfect)

11 Name the odd word: tree, flower, sun, grass(sun)

12 What’s the capital of the USA? (Washington)

13 What’s the British national drink? (tea)

14 Where is Hollywood situated? (Los Angels, USA)

15 What river does London stand on? (the Thames)

16 Who wrote “Jungle Book” (R. Kipling)

17 How many oceans are there in the world? (4)

18 Where was baseball invented? (the USA)

19 Who’s the first astronaut in the world? (Gagarin)

20 When is Christmas celebrated in Ukraine? (7th of January)

21Who discovered America? (Columbus)

22Sam is sleeping now. Name the tense (Present Continuous)

23 Which hero performs twelve heroic deeds? (Heracles)

24 Is an orange a vegetable or a fruit? (fruit)

25 What’s the symbol of Easter? ( an egg)

26 What days of the week children don’t go to school? (Saturday and Sunday)

Конкурс «Matching Words»

T: The next round is called “Matching Words”

Each team takes the envelope with matching words. I’ll give you a minute to match these words and then read

Black White

Bread Butter

Soap Water

Right Wrong

Boy Girl

Big Little

Hands Feet

Weak Strong

High Low

First Last

Hat Coat

Shoes Socks

Конкурс «Guess Riddles»

T: Our last round is called “Guess Riddles”

1 It can not talk but it can bark (a dog)

2 It can live without water for a long time (a camel)

3 I’m coloured, I’m bright I can walk run and fly. I cannot swim but I can sing usually in the morning (a cock)

4 What animals has long hair round it’s neck (a lion)

5 It is a domestic animals and it likes fish (cat)

6 It is a wild animals and it likes bananas (a monkey)

7 This animal likes grass. It is a domestic animals, it gives milk (a cow)

8 This animal lives at home or in the street, it is a man’s great friend (a dog)

Конкурс «English-speaking countries»

Multiple Choice Test on the USA.

1 .Who of the presidents fought for the abolition of slavery in the USA?

a) Lincoln. b) Jefferson. c) Washington.

2. What river is New York situated on?

a) The Mississippi. b) The Potomac. c) The Hudson.

3. What is the world's tallest stone structure situated in Washington?

a) Washington Monument. b)Lincoln Memorial, c) Palace of Justice.

4. Which kind of sport is a typical American invention?

a) Tennis. b) Baseball. c) Golf.

5. Which holiday is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November?

a) Halloween. b) Independence day. c) Thanksgiving Day.

6. Who of the musicians played the trumpet in jazz?

a) Wellington. b) Armstrong. c) Presley.

7. Who of the American scientists invented the telephone?

a) Alexander Bell. b) Henry Ford. c) Martin* King.

8. Who of the American writers wrote books under the name of Mark Twain?

a) Jack London. b) Samuel Clemens, c) John Grisham.

9. Which street in New York is called the home of theatres?

a) The 5th Avenue. b) Broadway. c) Fleet Street.

10. What is the traditional meal on Thanksgiving Day?

a) Fish. b) Pudding. c) Turkey.

Multiple Choice Test on New Zealand.

1. Which of the islands in New Zealand is the most popular?

a) North Island. b) Stuart Island. c) South Island.

2. What reptiles do not live in New Zealand?

a) Bears. b) Snakes. c) Wolves.

3. Which bird is apteryx in New Zealand?

a) Kiwi. b) Kakado parrot, c) Wfeka.

4. What is the nickname of New Zealanders?

a) Maori. b) Kiwi. c) Islanders.

5. What was the first capital of New Zealand?

a) Wellington. b) Dunedin. c) Auckland.

6. What are the two official languages in New Zealand?

a) English and b) English and c) English and

French. Maori. German.

7. How are Maori people characterized?

a) Warlike. b) Peaceful. c) Indifferent.

8. Whom is the Queen of England represented by in New Zealand?

a) Prince. b) Her Minister. c) Governor General.

9. What is the political structure of New Zealand?

a) Constitutional Monarchy. b) Parliamentary Republic. c) Socialist State.

10. When do children begin to go to school in New Zealand?

a) At the age of 7. b) At the age of 6. c) At the age of 5.

Додатковий конкурс

Awareness Quiz on Canada.

1. How many provinces are there in Canada?

2. What is the capital of Canada?

3. What is the symbol of Canada?

4. Who are the natives of Canada?

5. What languages do people speak in Canada?

6. What world's wonder is situated in Canada?

7. In what Canadian city did the Winter Olympic Games take place once?

8. What sport is extremely popular in Canada?

9. Who is at the head of the country?

10. What province is called "the Seat of French Culture"?

I. 10;

2. Ottawa;

3. Maple leaf;

4. Eskimos, Indians;

5. French and English;

6. The Niagara Falls;

7. Montreal;

8. Hockey;

9. The Queen of Britain;


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