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Брейн-ринг "Британська література", 10 клас

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Слайд № 1

Our lesson is dedicated to literature and culture of English-speaking countries British literature

Слайд № 2

Aim of the lesson Today we are going to: Enrich your vocabulary on the topic; Encourage your creative skills and responsibility; Cultivate your interest in learning about English-speaking countries; Check and sum up your knowledge about the English literature; Play a quiz game.

Слайд № 3

How are you today?

Слайд № 4

Expectations Describe your expectations from our lesson. Maybe you want to know something new, summarize your knowledge, get a good mark or just have a good time? Write down your expectations and stick them into our book.

Слайд № 5

Mark Twain, Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare Rules: the captain raises the hand if the team is ready to answer don’t interrupt each other if your answer is correct – get a point

Слайд № 6

Game 1. I’m the best speaker “There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island”. – Walt Disney page 86 “A book is a dream that you hold in your hands”. ― Neil Gaiman “There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written or badly written”. – Oscar Wilde

Слайд № 7

Genres and subgenres.

Слайд № 8

Game 2. Genres and subgenres In the classroom you can see some subgenres and you have to stick them to the appropriate genre. If you know the answer – raise your flag! Speaker chooses the next speaker.

Слайд № 9

Game 3. Lottery Exercise 1, page 86 You will choose some numbers as in the lottery, by guesswork. Numbers = Sentences’ numbers. If you are ready – raise your flag! Full answers

Слайд № 10

Exercise Stand up and have a rest!

Слайд № 11

Passive Voice Auxiliary verb + verb III Continuous +being Perfect + been I wrote a story. – A story was written by me.

Слайд № 12

Game 4. Passive Voice Exercise 6 at page 8 Famous English writer Stevenson wrote “The Treasure Island”. Nick won the competition. The librarian was looking for the book. Her new book was being discussed by her and editor. Vikings discovered America Admiral Horatio Nelson won Trafalgar Battle.

Слайд № 13

Game 5. Guess the subgenre Autobiography

Слайд № 14

Game 5. Guess the subgenre (Dramatic, play)

Слайд № 15

Game 5. Guess the subgenre (Newspaper)

Слайд № 16

Game 5. Guess the subgenre (Fairytale)

Слайд № 17

Game 6. Crossword

Слайд № 18

Summarizing Our points and marks Stick your mood into your book Home task

Слайд № 19

Remember! Reading is to the mind what exercise to the body! Thank you for your work! Have a nice day! Good bye!

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