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Read the article and decide if the staterments below are True, False or NOT mentioned.


Many years ago man lived in harmony with nature. Today the situation in Ukraine is quite different. The intensive development of industry reaults in air pollution, land pollution, water pollution.

Many parts of our country are overcrowded. People of many cities suffer from factories, plants and electric stations. Much of dangerous waste goes into the air and is carried by winds for great distances. We pollute air with smoke and gases, water - with industrial waste, soil - with chemicals. Now we don't know the virgin nature. A lot of people suffer from many dangerous diseases.

Fish dies in the lakes, rivers and seas. Forests are dissppearing and this upsets the oxygen balance. The pollution of air, rivers, seas and lakes could lead our planet to a global catastrophe.

The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power station in April 1986 inflmenced greatly the environment in Ukraine and other countries. Soil, water and plants were polluted with radio nuclides. The explosion at the nuclear power station was a real tragedy for the Ukrainian nation.

Environmental protection is a great concern of the Ukrainian Government. Many decisions and laws on the protection of environment were adopted in Ukraine. The Ministry of Environment was founded in Ukraine. Its task is to control the state of environment and the sources of pollution, to protect the water resources of seas, rivers and lakes.

Public organizations and individuals support environmental protection campaigns. Earth is our only home, so we must care of it, for ourselves and for the next generations.

True, False or NOT mentioned.

1. Many years ago and nowadays the environmental situation in Ukraine is similar.

2. Quite few people live in our country for such a territory.

3. The intensive development of industry, forests disappearing, bad oxygen balance, and overpopulation could lead our planet to a global catastrophe.

4. The Chernobyl nuclear power station accident in April 1986 influenced greatly the environment in Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Russia and some other countries.

5. The Ministry of Environment controls and protects public organizations, environmental protection campaigns and individuals.

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