Vasilyuk O.M. Characteristics and traits. Part II. For 10-th year pupils (According to I. Fomina and L. Fomina).

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Запитання №1

1.Find the synonyms or similiar items.

·   contented

·   delighted

·   funny

Запитання №2

2.Find the opposite items

·    pleased/complaining

·     decisive/helpless

·    calm, quiet/hysterical

·    patient/moody

·    funny/not funny

·    optimistic/pessimistic

Запитання №3

3.Find the opposite items

·   to admire/can't bear, can't stand

·   beloved/to hate

·   to care for/not to worry

·   enchanted/disappointed

·   enjoying/to detest

·   to fall in love/to fell aversion to

·   to fell affection/to dislike

Запитання №4

4.Find the opposite items

·   satisfied/dissatisfied

·   thrilling/composed

·   benevolent/jealous, selfish

·   to worship/to neglect

·   to proud of/to ridicule

·   calm, free from anxiety, not worried/worried, anxious, concerned

·   comfortable/confused

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