Pre-Intermediate test

Запитання №1

If you don't know what the world mean, you can look it ______ in the dictionary.

Запитання №2

She came _____ this antic clock when she was cleaning the attic.

Запитання №3

The scientist _____ our a very dangerous experiment.

Запитання №4

Suddenly, I heard a _____ of thunder.

Запитання №5

This is a very well-____ script. That's why the film is so good.

Запитання №6

Why don't you apply _____ a new job if you don't like the one you have now.

Запитання №7

We couldn't sleep because the neighbor's dog was ______ all night.

Запитання №8

Do you know when the Second World War broke _____ ?

Запитання №9

Be careful. You'll _______ the house on fire.

Запитання №10

I strongly advise you _____ talk to your parents about it.

Запитання №11

Can you see that building ______ the distance?

Запитання №12

He owns a company. He doesn't have to ______ to anybody.

Запитання №13

Michael does the cooking in the house. Jane only cooks _____ fun.

Запитання №14

I think the film was a waste _____ time. It was really bad!

Запитання №15

Most people seem to be optimistic _______ the future.

Запитання №16

The teacher saw the crowd closing _____ him.

Запитання №17

She was young and full _____ hope.

Запитання №18

How will you loose weigh if you eat like a(n) ______ ?

Запитання №19

There was a _______ of sheep near the village.

Запитання №20

Jane's car ______ on the icy road.

Запитання №21

He's been ______ from the disease. He's perfectly fine now.

Запитання №22

She lost the control and the car ______ a tree.

Запитання №23

I didn't _______ to see you here. What a surprise!

Запитання №24

__________ me along! I don't want to see you.