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Запитання №1 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 12%

Translate the words into English, mind the ARTICLES and PARTICLE TO where necessary.

коротко ________

дозволяти ________

прогульщик ________

директор ____________

семестр ______

відставати ______________

плата за навчання _________

ліцей ________

Наука _______

провалити іспит _______________

відноситись до ___________

скарга ___________

Запитання №2 на встановлення відповідності Балів: 12%

"Where is the ball?"

Match the pictures with the correct prepositions
































in front of

















Запитання №3 з вибором правильної відповіді у тексті Балів: 12%

Choose the correct preposition:

1 Did you hear the storm _______ (Варіанти:while, during, between) the night?

2 Yesterday he couldn’t remember where the front ____ (Варіанти:of, from, by) his report was.

3 Yesterday I heard the interview with the Prince of Wales ____ (Варіанти:from, on, at)the radio this morning?

4 They are moving to a new comfortable office now. There are four rooms in it. It is located __ (Варіанти:on, in, at)the seventh floor of the building.

5 Last winter, temperature was 20 degrees ______ (Варіанти:under, below, behind)zero.

6 The librarian ran ______ (Варіанти:down, in, across) the stairs.

7 We were standing _____ (Варіанти:at, in, along) a queue for half an hour and at last we got into the cinema.

8 They drove ______________ (Варіанти:on, at the back of, through) a 250-metre-long tunnel, turned right and stopped the car at/in/on the end of the street.

9 Nursery and elementary schools are usually free __ (Варіанти:of, in, -) charge.

10 __ (Варіанти:on, in, at)short, the report says that more money should be spent on education.

11 Their neighbour called in the police as he heard the strange noise _____ (Варіанти:at, in, while) the night.

12 ____ (Варіанти:from, by, over) 200 000 tourists come to this monumentThe British Museum, the Tate Gallery every year.

13 I want to show you something interesting. There is my family __ (Варіанти:on, in, at)the picture.

14 Can you see a plane up _____ (Варіанти:in, on, along)the sky?

15 You can see the authors of the stories __ (Варіанти:in, on, at)the bottom of the page.

Запитання №4 з вибором правильної відповіді у тексті Балів: 12%

Fill in the gaps with the correct articles.

___ (Варіанти:the, -)Plaza Hotel.

___ (Варіанти:the, -)Europe of ___ (Варіанти:the, -)Middle Ages

___ (Варіанти:the, -)St James’s Park

___ (Варіанти:the, -)Netherlands

At ___ (Варіанти:the, -)first sight

___ (Варіанти:the, -)blind

___ (Варіанти:the, -)Police

Ask ___ (Варіанти:the, -) permission

___ (Варіанти:the, -)nineties

Go to___ (Варіанти:the, -) college

___ (Варіанти:the, -)University of Virginia

___ (Варіанти:the, -)Classic (cinema)

____ (Варіанти:the, -) Earth

out of ___ (Варіанти:the, -)question

___ (Варіанти:the, -)St.Paul's Cathedral

___ (Варіанти:the, -)guitar

___ (Варіанти:the, -)Philippines

Запитання №5 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 12%

Fill in the gaps with the words from the box. Mind the grammar tense.

secondary and higher education

to be fluent in his subject

to assign

a school-leaving party

a truant

to browse

optional subjects

school curriculum

to pass the exams

free of charge

to fail the exam

by mistake

half an hour

extracurricular activities


in the original

to include


1 If school-leavers _____________, they won`t go to ______________________.

2 They worked for ____________ and then began to read а historical novel.

3 Our class teacher often ________us some extra tasks that’s why we _________________________.

4 ______________________________ in our country is mostly ______________. I don`t pay the ___ at all.

5 Betty ____________ The Daily Telegraph in the Internet the whole evening yesterday.

6 Jack is a real ______. He has skipped a lot of lessons this term.

7 The headmaster wanted to read that book _______________ but he took the wrong one __________.

8 What __________________________ are there in this term? They _______arts, athletics, clubs and doing them is __________.

9 Our _________________gives us an opportunity to ______________ successfully without any tutors.

10 Lambton college has a lot of _________________. So, not everyone can study there.

Запитання №6 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 12%

Open the brackets and put the verbs into the correct form (Mind the special cases of usage of Present Simple and Present Continuous):

  1. Today more and more people (to graduate) ______________ from different universities.

  2. He (not to pay) ___________ for his extracurricular activities last month.

  3. I won’t be here tomorrow. I (to take) _________ an exam.

  4. All her peers (to choose) ___________ higher educational establishments already.

  5. Because of your busy schedule, you always (to fall) ___________behind.

  6. I hope our teacher (not to assign) _______________ us any task in Physics.

  7. The principle (not to hire) _____________ a new Biology teacher yet.

  8. Sally always (to complain) ______________about her head teacher.

  9. That truant (to browse)____________ the books while his friends (to look)____________ on the people in the park.

  10. Primary education (to be) __ going to be compulsory soon.

  11. (Rob/to attend) ______________his school-leaving party last week? – No, he _______.

  12. The term in primary school (to end) ____ in May.

Запитання №7 з вибором правильної відповіді у тексті Балів: 12%


Task 1. Read the texts below. Match choices (A–H) to (1–5). There are three choices you do not need to use.

0201a01g-0309-296x245.png_ (Варіанти:A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H)

0201a01r-d532-358x290.png_ (Варіанти:A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H)

0201a02a-d341-359x295.png_ (Варіанти:A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H)

0201a02b-69b6-352x295.png_ (Варіанти:A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H)

0201a02e-f812-356x313.png_ (Варіанти:A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H)

Which advertisement is about_____?

A on-road assistance

B car racing

C a literary festival

D information service

E a hiking tour

F a guest house

G a private collection

H a telecom provider

Task 2. Read the texts below. For question (6–12) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

Tesla and SpaceX founder’s Schedule

Elon Musk rises at about 7 a.m. He usually skips breakfast. (6) _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) he’s up, Musk launches into a blistering schedule that breaks his time into a series of five-minute slots, 80% of which is spent on (7) _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) and design.

To keep his work day on track, Musk gives up (8) _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) phone calls. He usually takes his lunch during a meeting. He ends up getting his calories later in the day. (9) _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) his busy life, he also carves out enough time to read.

Late bedtime isn’t (10) _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) surprising for a man who’s busy (11) _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) to do things like revolutionize the way we drive and send humans (12) _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)Mars.


A when

B but

C and

D till


A engine

B engineer

C engineered

D engineering


A the most

B more

C most

D most of


A In spite of

B Except

C Through

D Though


A either

B neither

C too

D to


A try

B to try

C tried

D trying


A in

B to

C over

D of

Task 3. Read the text below. Choose from (A-H) the one which best fits each space (1-6). There are two choices you do not need to use.


"Prom" is the name for a special dance held at the end of the high school academic year. Traditionally the prom is a special night for the junior and senior classes. Younger guests may go to the prom only (1)_ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h) . Prom is a memorable and important night for most high school students. Some feel that it is the most romantic night of their lives and the highlight of their senior year!

Shopping for the prom dress (2) _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h). Both girls and boys wear formal. Sometimes there is a prom theme and couples dress according to the theme . The prom festivities generally include dinner and a dance. The prom is often held at the school; (3)_ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h) or - more unusual venues such as a cruise boat to host prom night. A prom king and queen are announced and crowned during the night. Traditionally the prom queen and king are chosen by their fellow students. Campaigns are held in the weeks before the prom and cast votes for (4) _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h). The king and the queen are crowned and dance together to celebrate their election.

Homecoming is another annual academic tradition that happens in high 11 and colleges. Homecoming is largely associated with football. People, towns, high schools and colleges come together, usually in late September or October, (5) _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h). The activities consist of a football game played on the school's football field, activities for students and alumni, (6)_ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h) , and the coronation of a homecoming queen and king, similar to the prom queen and king.

A to celebrate the romantic event
В however, some schools rent ballrooms
C to welcome back alumni
D can be an event of its own
E a parade featuring the school's marching band
F who they want to be king and queen
G who they invite to the prom
H if their date is a junior or a senior

Запитання №8 з вибором правильної відповіді у тексті Балів: 12%


Task 1.Listen to the text and put the following sentences into the correct order.

a. It’s a shame that in many rich countries, many children don’t want to learn.

b. An education can bring us knowledge and make us rich.

c. It’s sad that in many parts of the world, children want to learn but can’t.

d. Education is one of the most important things in our lives.

e. Education is the key to a better future.

f. In Japan, children start learning from a very young age.

1 _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d, e, f)

2 _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d, e, f)

3 _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d, e, f)

4 _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d, e, f)

5 _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d, e, f)

6 _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d, e, f)

Task 2. You will hear five conversations. For each question choose A, B or C.

0201a05j-3046-883x270.png_ (Варіанти:a, b, c)

0201a05m-f711-879x272.png_ (Варіанти:a, b, c)

0201a05p-70bf-940x294.png_ (Варіанти:a, b, c)

0201a05r-d0b2-940x327.png_ (Варіанти:a, b, c)

0201a05t-82b1-940x277.png_ (Варіанти:a, b, c)

Task 3. Listen to Pete talking to a friend about his holiday. What was the weather like each day?


A cloud B cold C fog D rain E snow F sun G warm H wind

6 Tuesday _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h)

7 Wednesday _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h)

8 Thursday _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h)

9 Friday _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h)

10 Saturday _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h)

Task 4. Listen to Michael talking to Marina about a new sports centre. For each question, choose A, B or C.

0201a06j-5f44-650x113.png_ (Варіанти:a, b, c)

0201a06l-d84c-639x113.png_ (Варіанти:a, b, c)

0201a06m-8b35-644x113.png_ (Варіанти:a, b, c)

0201a06n-67e8-644x110.png_ (Варіанти:a, b, c)

0201a06o-41dd-644x117.png_ (Варіанти:a, b, c)

Task 5. You will hear a conversation about a flat for rent. For each quesion, choose the correct variant.

Flat for rent in : Putney

16 Number of bedrooms _ (Варіанти:1, 2, 3)

17 Cost ___ (Варіанти:240, 420, 440) a month

18 Address: 27 _______ (Варіанти:Earley, Earsley, Earleys) Street

19 When see flat : Tuesday at ____ (Варіанти:5:30, 6:30, 4:30)

20 Free from : 1st _____ (Варіанти:March, April, May)

Task 6. You will hear a tour guide talking about a day trip. For each question, choose the correct variant.

Trip to Chester

Coach leaves : 9:15 a.m.

21 Arrives Chester _____ (Варіанти:10:45, 11:00, 11:15)

22 Morning visit _____________ (Варіанти:park, castle, souvenir shop)

23 Price of family ticket __ (Варіанти:12, 18, 8)

24 Lunch in ______ (Варіанти:park, castle, cafe)

25 Afternoon visit __________ (Варіанти:shop, market, restaurant)

Рефлексія від 12 учнів


12 0


9 3

Потрібні роз'яснення

10 2