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HS1 2019 unit8 p146 act11

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Тест містить питання скопійовані з: HS1 2b 03.12.
Запитання №1 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 8%

Decipher the words and write them down in the gaps.

1) scbl - ________

2) frgtfl - _________

3) dshnst - _________

4) mptnt - _________

5) dsgrbl - ____________

6) prsvrng - ___________

7) tlrnt - ________

8) snstv - _________

9) nslfsh - __________

10) ncnsdrt - ______________

11) nrlbl - ___________

12) nffctnt - _______________

Запитання №2 на встановлення відповідності Балів: 8%

Match the words with their meanings.






















not limited or controlled


rude and not showing respect, especially towards someone older or in a higher position than you


wanting a lot more food, money, etc. than you need


not thinking about or interested in someone or something


controlled, serious, and calm, and therefore deserving respect


deceiving people in a clever way in order to get what you want


unreasonably determined, especially to act in a particular way and not to change at all, despite what anyone else say


regularly working very hard


Someone who often forgets things or does not pay attention to what is happening near them because they are thinking about other things


friendly and easy to talk to

Запитання №3 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 8%

Correct the mistakes.

1) strykin - ________

2) complaxon - __________

3) kuticls - ________

4) cetifid - _________

5) to titen - __________

6) to shedule - ___________

7) itshy rach - __________

8) swelin - ________

9) permenant - _________

10) envestmant - __________

Запитання №4 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 8%

Write down the appropriate idiom.

1.відсталий, старомодний - _________________

2. пхає носа не в свої справи, надмірно цікавиться життям інших - ___________

3.зануда, людина, що псує всім настрій - ______________

4.людина слова - _________________

5. живчик, має вплив в певній галузі, допомагає всім - ___________________

6. підприємливий ділок, активний та амбіційний - ____________

7.домосід - _______________

8. той, хто дає поради, не маючи ніякого досвіду - ___________________

9. стурбований; той, що постійно хвилюється - ___________

10. приземлений - ______________

Запитання №5 з вибором правильної відповіді у тексті Балів: 8%

Use of English.

Choose the most appropriate word in the sentences. Each word you can use once.

A - job, occupation, work, employment, profession.

1.People in the medical __________ (Варіанти:job, occupation, work, employment, profession) work long hours.

2.In order to get a(n) __________ (Варіанти:job, occupation, work, employment, profession) as a computer analyst, you need a degree in computer science.

3.Betty has been out of __________ (Варіанти:job, occupation, work, employment, profession) since January.

4.__________ (Варіанти:Job, Occupation, Work, Employment, Profession) agencies help people find work in their field.

5.I was asked to write my present __________ (Варіанти:job, occupation, work, employment, profession) on the application form.

B - task, course, duty.

1.They were set the ______ (Варіанти:task, course, duty)of cleaning the room after the meeting.

2. It is a nurse's ______ (Варіанти:task, course, duty) to make the patients feel comfortable.

3. Her marks are quite high, so she can choose between a medical or a law ______ (Варіанти:task, course, duty) at university.

C - employer, employee, colleague, assistant , officer

1.The shop _________ (Варіанти:employer, employee, colleague, assistant, officer)helped me choose a jumper that suited me.

2. All __________ (Варіанти:employers, employees, colleagues, assistants, officers) are expected to be at work by 8.30. Our _________ (Варіанти:employer, employee, colleague, assistant, officer)insists on it.

3. All my __________ (Варіанти:employers, employees, colleagues, assistants, officers) at the office are friendly.

4.Bob is a senior _________ (Варіанти:employer, employee, colleague, assistant, officer)in the armed forces.

Запитання №6 на встановлення відповідності Балів: 8%

Match the tense and the sentence in the Passive Voice.


Present Simple


Past Simple


Future Simple


Present Continuous


Past Continuous


That persevering film director will be invited to the exhibition.


This autobiography was being discussed by our ambitious bookworms for more than three hours.


All pupils are supplied with textbooks, reference books and dictionaries.


This thrilling story is being translated into Ukrainian by our intelligent writer.


The casting director was taken to the hospital

Запитання №7 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 8%

Put the verbs into the correct form in the Passive Voice.

  1. He ___________(to offer) a ticket for the film of that famous film director.Its shooting was in California, and its release / screening was last week.

  2. This composer ____________(to pay) tomorrow. He hasn’t finished his work yet.

  3. She ________(to tell) to call the costume designer.He had to come three hours ago.

  4. She _________(to ask) to entertain these modest people yesterday.

  5. I _________(to ask) whether I borrowed this dictionary from the library.

  6. This famous poem __________________(to discuss) at the lesson now. The pupils liked it very much and they have much to say.

  7. Our reports ____________(to check) yesterday.All students ________(to put) good marks.

  8. The children ____________________(to look after) by reliable, trustful people tomorrow.

  9. These dishonest and irresponsible people _______________(to speak/much) about.

Запитання №8 з вибором правильної відповіді у тексті Балів: 8%

Use passive or active according to the context.

  1. When she heard that her dog __________ (Варіанти:killed, was killed), she burst into tears.

  2. We hope that the missing money _____________ (Варіанти:will find, will be found) soon.

  3. A new bridge ______________ (Варіанти:is building, is being built) at the moment.

  4. I didn’t go to the party because I ______________ (Варіанти:didn't invite, wasn't invited)

  5. When she discovered that Tom _________ (Варіанти:had eaten, was eaten) all the biscuits she got very angry.

  6. It’s no use trying. You __________ (Варіанти:waste, are wasted) your time.

  7. Shakespeare ___________ (Варіанти:wrote, was written) many other plays apart from Hamlet.

  8. A million people ___________ (Варіанти:visit, are visited) the cathedral every year.

  9. John Higgins ___________ (Варіанти:awarded, was awarded) a science prize last month.

  10. A lot of money _________ (Варіанти:spend, is spent, are spent, spends) on weapons nowadays.

  11. The President _____________ (Варіанти:will give, will be given) a speech next Monday.

Запитання №9 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 8%

Open the brackets.

  1. Jack is my classmate. He has short _________(світле волосся) , __________(карі очі) and ____________(кругле обличчя). Jack is a real __________(скупердяй). He doesn’t want to spend money even if ___________(він цього потребує).

  2. _____________(Кейт бачили) at the party yesterday. She is a real ________________(душа компанії). She has ___________________(довге руде кучеряве волосся) and an oval face.

  3. Sam is _____________(всезнайка). He has always what to say even if _______________________(ніхто не зацікавлений) it. He is thin , ____(високий) with grey eyes and curly brown hair. He is _____________(невідповідальний) but ______(чесний).

  4. His hair _____________(підстригли коротко). Now he __________(схожий на) bald Bruise Willis.

  5. My friend is ________________(добре складений чоловік) with fair hair and blue eyes. ______________(Його запросили) to Hollywood to shoot in the film.

  6. My aunt is a ______(повненка) woman with wavy, fair hair. ____________(Вона народилась) on the 20th of April 1979. She is ________(надійна), clever, and ________(толерантна). But she always worries.

  7. The test ________________(пишуть) now. Two _________(нечесних) students __________(попросили) to go out because they had tried to cheat.

Запитання №10 з вибором правильної відповіді у тексті Балів: 8%


Listen and choose.

6 Tips to boost your immune system

1. Eat _ (Варіанти:a, b, c) foods

a. Fast b.Low calorie c. Antioxidant

2. Take more _ (Варіанти:a, b, c)

a. Iron b.Selenium c. Zink

3._ (Варіанти:a, b, c) adequately

a.Eat b.Sleep c.Move

4. Get yourself out in the _ (Варіанти:a, b, c)

a. Sun b.Sea c.Air

5. Eat more_ (Варіанти:a, b, c)

a.Onions b.Parsley c.Garlic

6. Laugh with your_ (Варіанти:a, b, c)

a.Mouth b.Head c.Heart

Запитання №11 з вибором правильної відповіді у тексті Балів: 8%

Listening 2

Watch a video about Susan Bennett, the woman behind Siri, and for questions 1 to 7, choose the correct answer.

1.Susan got her first job as a voice actress _ (Варіанти:a, b, c)

a.through a friend.

b.after an audition.

c.by accident.

2.After that first job as a voice actress _ (Варіанти:a, b, c)

a.she has perfected her accent.

b.she has always worked as a voice actress.

c.she has worked as a voice coach.

3.Tillie the All-Time Teller was _ (Варіанти:a, b, c)

a.a character in a cartoon...

b.the voice that Susan recorded for a bank.

c.a popular children's song...

4. Susan found out that she was Siri _ (Варіанти:a, b, c)

a.when a friend called her.

b.through a colleague.

c.through a friend's iPhone.

5.How did Susan feel when she learned that she was Siri? _ (Варіанти:a, b, c)

a.She had some doubts.

b.She was incredibly excited.

c.She was angry.

6.For Susan, _ (Варіанти:a, b, c)

a.it's cool to be on people's phones.

b.being Siri has damaged her professional career.

c.it wasn't easy to accept that she was Siri.

7.Susan says that _ (Варіанти:a, b, c)

a.Siri has been more negative than positive.

b.her role as Siri has made her lose many jobs.

c.she gets a lot of work thanks to Siri.

Запитання №12 з вибором правильної відповіді у тексті Балів: 8%

Read the text and choose the correct heading to each paragraph. There are two choices you do not need.

The reason doesn't really matter, but maybe you need a little change in your life. If you're unhappy with your appearance and you want a new fit, follow these steps to a whole new you

1.______________________________ (Варіанти:A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H)

Make sure that you brush your teeth at least twice a day. Wash and condition your hair every other day. Your body makes good oils for your hair, so you don't want to wash them away every day. But if you have very oily skin or hair, six out of seven days per week.

2. _________________________ (Варіанти:A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H)

Wash your face in the morning and at night.Apply a face mask once a week.Apply hand cream whenever possible and stay well-moisturized.

3.__________________________ (Варіанти:A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H)

If you shower in the morning, use a tad bit of product and let your hair go natural. In a rush? Put it up. This can be beautiful, too. Ponytails and messy buns are great, and braids are back in style.

4. _________________________ (Варіанти:A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H)

Make sure you've got a couple of well-fitted, cool pairs of jeans. For surfer looks, go for lighter jeans or also jeans that are distressed. For classic looks, try indigo or black skinny jeans.

5. _________________ (Варіанти:A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H)

Jewelry is really important. You don't need to wear too much, but make sure you've got a couple of great pieces, because they'll round out the rest of your collection. Keep it simple.

6. _________________ (Варіанти:A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H)

Shoes are important, too. Shoes can really make or break your look, and they're the perfect accessory. Pay attention to what your feet get dressed in!

A Accessories.

G Find clothes at second-hand stores.

B Flatter your feet.

C Shake up your wardrobe.

H Let your shirts work their magic.

D Keep your new hairstyle looking great.

E Pamper your skin.

F Practice good hygiene.

Запитання №13 з вибором правильної відповіді у тексті Балів: 8%

GENERAL TEST 4 - unit 8

1. When did _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) come to the village?

a) electric b) electricity c) electrify d) electrified

2. He hoped the _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) agency would find him a job.

a) employer b) employee

c) employment d) employ

3. I’d like to show you my latest _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) called “Boats on a Lake”.

a) create b) creation

c) creative d) creatively

4. The doctor _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) daughter we saw yesterday is working at this hospital.

a) who b) whose c) whom d) which

5. Although Mr. Jackson is over 85, he is very _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) for his age.

a) tense b) nervous c) active d) uneasy

6. She’ll just _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) the fried eggs to see if it’s all right.

a) chew b) toast

c) taste d) cut

7. She was an _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) writer because she persuaded many people to see the truth of her ideas.

a) ordinary b) influential c) unlimited d) accurate

8. He’s got time for a very quick _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) before he goes.

a) snack b) barbecue c) feast d) picnic

9. Please, _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) the TV. It’s too noisy.

a) turn on b) turn in

c) turn up d) turn down

10. The village was very small. There were only _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) houses.

a) few b) a few c) little d) a little

11. The two brothers greatly _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) each other. They are exactly alike.

a) resemble b) look after

c) care of d) identify

12. I know for _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) why Betty handed in her resignation.

a) true b) certain c) right d) exact

13. I _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) a great fortune from my grandparents.

a) offered b) had c) inherited d) got up

14. Chris is not responsible. He’s _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) .

a) smart b) irresponsible c) careful d) calm

15. _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) if you take the map with you.

a) You will get lost b) You won’t get lost

c) You get lost d) You got lost

16. Would you mind showing me _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) ?

a) the way to the post-office

b) where is the post-office

c) to go to the post-office

d) how can I go to the post-office

17. How long have you known them? - _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) .

a) Since five years

b) For five years

c) Ever since five years

d) Five years

18. It _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) a long time since she last saw me.

a) is b) was c) will be d) has been

19. His uncle has just arrived _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) Paris.

a) at b) in c) for d) to

20. Could you hang _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) a minute? – I’ll be right back.

a) on b) in c) up d) out

21. In some vocational schools, the training quality is worse than _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) used to be.

a) they b) it c) them d) that

22. She _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) to take her neighbor to court if he didn’t stop making so much noise.

a) promised b) offered

c) threatened d) suggested

23. I’ll be very disappointed if you _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) the exam.

a) don’t pass b) won’t pass

c) aren’t passing d) wouldn’t pass

24. The government has promised to deal with the problem of _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) among young people.

a) employment b) employ

c) unemployment d) employer

25. Could you _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) me some money? – I’ll pay you back next week.

a) lend b) borrow c) give d) return

26. I was so much _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) by the documentary films.

a) interest b) interesting c) interested d) interests

27. He put two letters into the wrong envelopes _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) mistake.

a) on b) by c) with d) in

28. He has never had any accidents. He is a _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) driver.

a) care b) careful c) carefully d) careless

29. It’s nearly two years since I last _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) to Dalat..

a) have been going b) have gone

c) went d) had gone

30. These tiles are made for _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) purpose only.

a) decorate b) decoration

c) decorative d) decoratively

32. How often do you go to the cinema? - _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) .

a) No, I don’t often go to the cinema.

b) Yes, I sometimes go to the cinema.

c) I go to the cinema twice a week.

d) Yes, I often go to the cinema.

33. Mr. Green _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) his wife by three years.

a) lived outside

b) separated from

c) lived longer than

d) divorced

34. I am not ready, _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) .

a) and she isn’t too b) and neither is she

c) and so is she d) she is too

35. Laws restricting hunting and fishing to conserve _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) have been passed by many countries.

a) the natural environment b) fish

c) wild life d) the resources

36. He owes you a lot of money, _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) ?

a) isn’t it b) doesn’t he

c) hasn’t he d) has he

37. I … a Chinese course now. – How long … Chinese? – For 3 years now._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) am going / were you learning

b) am taking / had you been learning

c) have been taking / did you learn

d) am taking / have you been learning

38. We’ve been waiting for Jean. We wonder if he _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) his way.

a) would lose b) will lose

c) had lost d) has lost

39. Whose hat is it? – It’s my _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) .

a) sister b) sisters c) sister’s d) sisters’s

40. _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) your house painted last year?

a) Did b) Was c) Had d) Have

41. _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) he gets to the airport, they’ll check in his luggage.

a) Wherever b) However

c) Although d) As soon as

42. They have worked for the company _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) 20 years.

a) for b) until c) since d) more than

43. Why … an extra day in Tokyo? – I … tell you tomorrow, I am very busy now._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) do you stay / will

b) did you stay / will

c) have you stayed / would

d) had you stayed / would

44. I’ll recommend you a car with very low petrol consumption. It’s a very _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d) car to run.

a) fast b) expensive

c) economical d) cheap

45. I am so _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)that I must have a drink.

a) dirty b) hungry c) thirsty d) thirty

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